Gun Control

I've never understood how disarming innocent people is supposed to help innocent people. Statistics make it blatantly obvious: As more concealed carry permits are issued, crime rates go down. Then there's England, where handguns have been banned, and gun crime is going through the roof. Their cops are virtually useless, as they are unarmed, so criminals can pretty much laugh in their faces. Of course when you present these facts to a gun control supporter, they will be entirely overlooked and you will promptly be deemed a "simple-minded redneck bigot" because DARED to disagree.

Oh yeah, and as for the bullshit argument that even normal people "become violent in the presence of guns", if that's the case, why do you never hear about mass killings at gun shows?

*Note from Anger Central
We are firm believers in gun control here at Anger Central. We firmly believe that you MUST use two hands when aiming to insure the correct placement of your bullets into a criminal or terrorists body. :)

Gun Control Laws 2

I'm pissed off and sick of the retarded gun control activists. "Guns make people violent and want to shoot others!" According to your logic, eating good tasting food would want to make people be a master chef. Doesn't make any sense does it?

"Criminals won't be able to get guns and kill people if there are gun control laws!" Right, of course, because a FUCKING PSYCHOPATHIC SERIAL KILLER IS GOING TO GIVE HALF A RAT'S ASS ABOUT SOME INK ON A PIECE OF PAPER. Know what third-world militant ruled countries are? It's not hard at all to get a full auto AK-47, hell, Pakistan got theirs by reverse engineering. And ever thought they could stab people? Yeah, it's SO hard to figure out.

"Guns are weapons and can kill people." So are knives, anything made of metal, anything hard, etc, etc. So let's see...we need to ban knives, anything blunt, rope, gravity, water, plants, air, and hmm...we need to ban HUMANS too, because you can use your body to kill people! That will make the world so much safer!

"People will be safer without guns." I like to see how the fuck you came up with that. One easy example.

A: You are a burglar, and are going to sneak into someone's house at night. You have a gun in your holster. Now, the person you are robbing may have a gun on their bedside table loaded or under their pillow, ready to blow your brains out at a second's notice before you can even draw YOUR gun.


B: You are going to rob someone's house. You know they can't possibly have a gun to defend themselves with.

Going with those 2 examples, what situation do you think robbers would prefer? And if you honestly think lawbreakers would abide by the law, you should be dragged out on the street and shot because you are obviously worthless in every aspect and it's a wonder you can even breathe correctly.

But of course, the shit-for-brains activists MUST be right because of course, they always are and you are not entitled to any opinion because anyone that disagrees with them is clearly uneducated and stupid.

Gun Control 3

My second rant of the day, because I've been perpetually pissed off for weeks now over this.

I have always been responsible with my firearms. I keep them safely put away unless I'm ready to go shooting, I keep them clean, I never leave my weapon loaded unless there's an emergency or I'm about to open fire. So let me explain something to you gun-control advocates.

A firearm is an inanimate object. A firearm will not jump up off of a shelf, load itself with live ammunition, cycle the bolt or otherwise prime itself to fire, and it will certainly not aim and pull the trigger on it's own. Contrary to popular opinion, a firearm is not some magical death-machine. It is a mechanical object which requires human involvement to do anything at all. Just like all inanimate objects.

A firearm is a tool. It can put food on the table, defend your home and family and yourself, it can even be used as a conduit for a hobby. It can also potentially be used for evil. Just like a shovel, or a knife, or the human fist.

But it requires an evil, bat-shit insane person to use it for evil. A criminal or an otherwise malcontent person who has nothing to lose. The firearm itself will not manage to do this.

So please, when I am cleaning my rifle, or carrying it, do not act like it's going to suddenly explode. It will not. This is a Mosin-Nagant. It is 50-60 years older than you and if it hasn't exploded in 70 odd years, I'd say it won't now either. Please also refrain from looking at me like I am the next Eric Harris. I have never aimed my weapon at another human-being, and I hope that I never have to.

This is exactly what the government wants, and you're playing right into their hands by advocating gun control. They do not want a populace capable of defending themselves from a common enemy, as the natural enemy of the citizenry at the moment, is in fact, the government.

*Note from Anger Central
There are three types of people who support some form of gun control.
1. Those who are utterly terrified of pretty much everything and expect the Government to take care of them. They are more commonly known as "Sheep."
2. Those who want to rule over people. The understand on an instinctual level that an armed population will shoot them eventually.
3. The final group are those who believe the best form of gun control is to use two hands. This is to aid in accurate placement of projectiles into criminals and corrupt, power mad politicians which was the intention of the authors of the Second Amendment. The entire staff of Anger Central are in the third group. ;)

Gun Control Advocates 4

So, once again, some mentally deranged fuckwit decided to buy a gun and go shoot a bunch of people at a school. And once again, as always happens, the media is right on the fucking case. If it bleeds, it leads, right? I'm certain if they were allowed to do so, every media outlet would have been in that school before the bodies were even cold, taking pictures and video and shoving microphones into people's faces to ask them how bad guns are. Think they're trying to inform you? Fuck no, it's all about the ratings. Oh, and bullshit political agendas that they try to shove down your throat as well.

So now we have these high school kids trying to tell us what we should do. They're proudly up on the soapbox sanctimoniously proclaiming their righteousness and how their molly-coddled pussified generation is going to be the one end gun violence. Marching to the capitol to beg Daddy Government to please take their rights away. "Please daddy gubment, take away our rights so we can be SAFE!"

Well, guess what, junior? There are a hell of a lot of guns out there. As we've learned from Prohibition in the early 20th century, and as we've learned from the failed War on Drugs, making something illegal does not make that thing disappear. It also doesn't stop people from obtaining that thing. Only difference is, once it's illegal, the cartels and gangs can make money hand over fist by providing a black market for whatever it is that's illegal.

Plus, how many gun owners, should a law be passed to make firearms illegal, are going to turn in their guns? Maybe a handful of dumbfuck law-abiding John Q. Publics will go do it, but the vast majority of gun owners WILL NOT. Myself included. And any means to attempt to confiscate these firearms, through force or otherwise, will likely be met with resistance and violence. Who the hell is going to sign up to go confiscate the guns? Are you pussified little shits going to go do it? How about the politicians who wrote and passed the law? Are they going to do it? Put your money where your mouth is, you want people to give up their guns and remove an essential liberty from them? Go do it yourself. See how far you get. Go on, I'll wait. Maybe if you ask nicely and you're polite...

Nope. Not going to happen. Never going to happen. You know why? Because it's a fundamental right that is present in this country's founding document. The founding fathers saw fit to include it because they thought it was IMPORTANT. And it is. They did that, likely, so that a bunch of reactionary whiny chattering fucking monkeys like yourselves couldn't start passing a bunch of laws willy-nilly without fear of the public retaliating for it.

Quit marching, quit acting like cunts, quit getting on TV and bitching about it, quit whining and go the fuck back to school. Go do your fucking chores or get a part-time job somewhere. Do something productive and useful. Why the fuck should we take political advice from a bunch of morons that eat laundry soap and play with fidget spinners?

You're not actually concentrated on solving the problem. You're not looking for a solution. You're just going through the same fucking cyclical debate that we have every goddamned time some fuckstick takes a rifle into a school. There are already plenty of things in place to prevent people from obtaining firearms. You know what the solution to this problem is? Invest more in mental health services and tell fucking law enforcement to do their fucking jobs. The shithead in Parkland was reported something like 20-30 times to local police, he was also reported to the FBI. But they apparently didn't have the time or will to do anything to prevent this. The school resource officer had an opportunity to go in and stop the threat and prevent anyone else being shot, but he didn't. If law enforcement had been doing their fucking job in the first place, this wouldn't have happened and you fucking idiots wouldn't have the chance to hop on TV and bitch about guns. The next generation truly is fucked.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Ben Franklin

*Note from Anger Central
Just prior to this rant coming in, yet another judicial tyrant decided the 2nd Amendment doesn't mean what it says.
The Webmaster is considering writing about it on the blog. He does have something in the wings that you will definitely like.
Finally, if you think the time has come to "Bury your guns," Then it's actually time to start using them.
We're afriad to say it, but Civil War is closer now then ever. We don't blame President Trump. He may have actually pushed the start date back.
Felonia von Pantsuit? If she had won the election, the shooting would have already started by now.

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