Burn the ICE 1

To Trump's Little Pathetic Immigration army; yeah fuck you ICE; you have no right to deport people and tear families apart all because your Boss is nothing more than a racist, sexist, xenophobic prick. Guess what I say is I saw Ice Agents trying to remove someone from this Country I would have a Flamethrower ready to burn their asses. Also I think the Head of ICE should be doused with Gasoline and set on fire along with his army of terrorists; I say Set FIRE to ICE and BURN the ICE until it melts and also I pray that Trump and Pence both get assassinated and for all of these inbreds along with the pencil neck fake man who runs this site all suffer for their choices

*Note from Anger Central
Well, I see we have a second posting from the Progressive haters of the Globalist Society here.
Everything you said is wrong, but being a  Liberal Progressive Moonbat, you don't see it.
If you bother to dig through the site, you will know the Webmaster has dealt with Immigration in the past, working to bring someone lawfully into the country.
People like you? You hate this country and everything it stands for, but are to cowardly to leave and go somewhere that is more aligned to what passes for your world view.
Well, on to the other rants you sent in. We're very entertained at your blistering stupidity.

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