Department of Labor 1

I am so fucking tired of working my ass off for the company that I own. I have zero employees. I have independent contractors that help out when they want to work. But yet, I am told that I fucking owe back unemployment taxes all the way back to 2006. The Department of Labor has a lien out on my fucking company, they wiped out my bank account several times and now they say they have a lien out on me. Good luck with that shit cause I own zero! My car is in my mothers name and I no longer have a personal bank account because the Department of Labor took that shit too. What pisses me off so damn much is the fact that I am behind on my car note now because I have nothing left as far as money. And they take my fucking money that I worked so hard for and they are giving it all to worthless piece of shits out there that are too fucking lazy to work! And get this shit, the lady at the Department of Labor actually told me that I could fire myself and get unemployment. Now that shit is fucked up, but at this point I might have no fucking choice but to do that just so I can get something. The U.S. is a fucked up place. The Government is fucked up! And The Department of Labor can go suck a fucking dick if they think they will get one more dime out of me. My plan is to bankrupt the company and just run my business under my personal name and not have to pay any fucking taxes in the future. My advice to others thinking about starting their own business, watch out for the Department of Labor they will suck every fucking dime out of your account when they want to.

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