I "am angry with" (read: hate the) army because it is a stupid organization filled to the brim with stupid people who joined because the pay is better than welfare. I "am angry with" the army because they don't give a damn about my health. your promotions are based on your ability to shine boots, answer questions that no one in their right mind should actually know the answer to, how short your hair is, the quantity of push-ups you can do, and how pretty you are and not on how well you know your job or your ability to perform it. I "am angry with" the army because nothing makes sense in the army.

Army Reserves 2

I am in the Army Reserves in Iraq. I naively joined the Reserves to make a couple extra bucks, build some leadership skills, and help out my country if they really need me. Now, predictably, I'm stuck in Iraq, waking up each day wondering if our unit will draw the lottery for a mortar attack or a suicide bombing. Super.

But I digress. Here is the gist of my rant: The Army, and especially the Army Reserves, is full of idiots. There are so many people who will never succeed in business or life because they have no concept of serving a customer or filling a need. Nobody in my "work group" (for lack of a better term) will do anything unless someone orders them to do it. They are experts at getting out of tasks and shuffling the blame onto someone else. They are so lazy, they make me want to puke on the floor of my office right in front of them. If someone comes in with a request that is not exactly what this office was set-up to do, then they won't help. I do whatever it takes to help out -- because we're in a war and that's what we should do.

No one in the Army Reserve is here to serve their country. The active component is different and better - some of them are true professionals. The Army Reservists are here because they have no civilian careers and they are trying to get something, make some "connection" for after their deployment. So they take some cushy position with Brown & Root or some other contractor. Most of the idiot reservists I work with are broke-dick cops or broke-dick public administrators or some other government bull shit job. Many of them are fat slobs. I get my living support from my headquarters company -- they are staffed with two stupid women. One is a teacher the other is a junior high school guidance counselor. And they decide where I sleep; if I can have a vehicle or not; what equipment I am issued. They have no clue how to do my job and they couldn't do 10% of what I do. FUCK!

By the way, for those of you who know the Army. All of these idiots are Civil Affairs Officers. That whole branch needs to be shut down. It has way too many slots for high-ranking officers and it is way too easy to get ahead. I cannot wait to go home and get the hell away from these idiots.

Army Reserves 3

I am sick to death of idiots like you who were more than happy to join the military for money and other gains and as soon as you were fucking asked to do something with the training you bitch and fucking whine that you shouldn't have to do it! Of course if there is any military action you were going to be called up, were you too stupid to read the bloody fine print! I hate to point it out to you as you sound as naive as a 5 year old but any bureaucratic department is full of idiots... perhaps you should make your position a career, sounds like you would fit in well!!

Army Recruiters 4

First of all, I have nothing against those who serve in the military. The men in my family for many generations have served in the military and my uncle died fighting for this country, but what I hate is when these recruiters go to the high schools to recruit these young kids by selling the idea of getting a free college education. I wonder how many of those who died in this current war only joined because of the free education. There were reports that some did. Damn, my son had a recruiter hounding him to join. I was totally against it because 1. he had no real desire to do so. 2. Bush was just about ready to start sending troops over to Iraq. This recruiter totally denied this and tried to convince my son that he wouldn't be sent. Yeah, right. This guy was so pushy and aggressive that my son felt that the only way that he could get out of it was to fail the test on purpose. HE DIDN'T WANT TO GO, damn. When there is the slightest hint that someone does not want to join, STOP CALLING AND KNOCKING ON THE DOOR!

The military... oh so great. 5


I wasn't actually told I was too fat... but that for my height, I'm too overweight.

Ok, for starters... basic training, it's required for all new recruits. Isn't the point of this basic training to get recruits into shape? I know that during the times of war in the not so recent times (or even in times of no war), men and women who were bone thin and very round would be accepted.

Someone once told me that they don't accept overweight recruits "because they need to be able to handle the basic training." My response is, "WHAT THE HELL?"

In many branches of the military, being very in shape at all is completely unnecessary for starters, and even so, basic training shouldn't have to be some exclusive club rule-out device.

To further complicate matters, the military will not even accept openly homosexual, bisexual, or any other kind of alternative person into the ranks. Why? You think that because someone is gay, it is a risk to the government that could leak information? Women can't serve on the front lines. Why? You think that the American people are not ready to see a woman tortured in combat? (Note: That was actually told to me by an army recruit doing a presentation.)

If this army thing is supposed to be so great like the TV ads try to tell us, they first need to get their shit out of the way.

Either make the girls shave their heads, too, or let both men and women keep their hair and beautification products. Let men and women serve not just together, but also in every part of the military. Let homosexuals and bisexuals (and the others) be open about who they are in the military. Let overweight people join the military so they can serve their country. Stop screwing over the people already enlisted.


*Note from Anger Central
First, good for you for trying to enlist.
Now, allow us to explain a few things.
Every single recruit goes through basic training, no matter what branch. The purpose of this is to break down the civilian thought processes, (Which you have ably demonstrated in this post), and train you to perform certain actions without thinking about it. You also have to be physically strong enough to handle carrying weapons, body armor, and other equipment. You may be called upon to carry an injured person to safety. You may be called upon to march 20 miles non-stop. If you are to fat to move, you endanger yourself and others.

Also there is your attitude that they owe you something. WRONG! They owe you nothing. This is not a conscript military and you are volunteering. If you aren't what they need, they can and will turn you down. The recruiter probably picked up on your attitude and saw that there was no way you would make it through basic. Basic Training isn't just physical, there is a lot of mental training involved as well.

Remember the first, primary job of a member of the military. That job is to kill people and blow things up. You could be called on to look through the sights of a rifle, pull the trigger and kill someone, because if you don't, that someone may kill you and your friends. It doesn't matter what branch of the military you are in, you have to be ready physically and mentally to drive a bayonet into someone's stomach and twist the blade.

Now, if you have read this and actually comprehended it, go see a doctor about your weight. Get to a gym and start exercising. After about 6 months, if you work very hard, you will have little trouble getting through the physical parts of basic training. Then go back to the recruiting office and present yourself. They will see that you were determined and got yourself into shape and will take you in.

Living spaces 6

im pissed because i work for the military who doesnt care wether i get cancer or not...the force me to live in there old, rusty, smelly, asbestos filled barracks. im pissed because when i inform my command that the barracks im living in are not santitary and it will effect my health they look at me and laugh...they tell me to not be so dramatic. they get to go to sleep at night in a home! im still stuck on base at the end of the night. they dont understand. im only 19 years old and am as depressed as my 51 year old father! i dont get any respect from my superiors, half the nation who is against the war (NEWS FLASH: I JOINED THE NAVY SO I COULD GO TO COLLEGE...I HATE THE WAR TO! SO GET OFF MY BACK...I KNOW I MADE A MISTAKE BUT THEY WONT LET ME LEAVE SO LIKE AN ADULT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH MY MISTAKE) there are so many problems within the military and so much under handing! i get paid shit and i am on call 24/7 by the military, im in a job i hate and the schooling they gave me is no help to me in greater understanding of my job. some of the things they require of me for my job should give me a much higher pay due to the fact that a civilian with the same job would get paid a good 6 figures. they always tell me that, "well hey at least you get medical"  not true the medical here is horrible...half of the people there also hate there job, they are very short tempered and the only medication they give you no matter how extreme your pain you are prescribed TYLONAL!!!! im only a kid and have not yet to even began my life but i already want it to end.

*Note from Anger Central
You must have missed the YouTube video shot by a soldiers father. The barracks he was forced to stay in was uninhabitable. Congress has started looking into this mess.

Navy 7

I feel I was lied to, and I have been both depressed and angry at the military for as long as I have been in it, which is about 6 months now. I feel like I never had any control of my life, except for that choice to join the military (which i did as an idiotic high school student who was scared to face the real world), and I have only found misery in my "job". The part that makes me angriest is i'm caught in a vise; on the one hand I want to quit and take control of my life again, but on the other, I can't just "quit" or I'll get a dishonorable discharge and basically screw myself over for the rest of my life. I'm even angrier when I found out I could have gotten out by saying "i can't adapt to the military" before 5 months, and that I was never told such a thing had existed. When I heard it was too late to do this, I kinda just gave up my last hope. My anger, I fear, has turned to hatred, but I shall respect the wishes of the webmaster and say only that I am angry at the Navy/military for outright lying to me. Screw the Navy. They ruined my life, in a sense, but the irony here is that it is yet another self-inflicted torture I have created by yet again trying to make the right choice and instead making only the wrong one.

The Military 8

OK so my rant is not about the military so much as it is all the people in my unit that sit around, spend drill weekend fucking off and then they wonder why their evals are poor and why they are not advancing in paygrade!! I know they are going to be giving me and the other guy that just made E5 the evil eye because we are the only two that made it. Well guess what. The minute I sew on my E5 I am going to be tapping YOU on the shoulder and giving YOU something to do and EXPECTING it to be done. I made E5 my first time up with NOTHING OTHER THAN MY TEST SCORES because I actually cracked open the fucking books in my spare time!!!!! That's right I didn't get a NAM just for typing, I still have the same two ribbons I got from bootcamp... its because I WORKED FOR IT. I will be Tapping YOU!!!!!! I will give you ALL the things you need but I cant make you put the information into your brain YOU have to do that. You are all on Uncle Sam's time so put down the fucking newspaper and come with me and lets get some work done because NOW YOU'RE MINE!

Thanks for listening to me rant and STAY ANGRY!!!!

*Note from Anger Central
Thank you for protecting our collective asses from the scum and villainy threatening our great nation.

Navy Reserves 9

The Navy Reserves blows goats!!!!

We are fixing to ship out to (name of base deleted) this spring to carry out a two week training exercise. I am an E5 in Alfa Co. Talked to an E6 in Bravo Co. He says "So did you get the email from CWO5 I'mthelifeoftheparty about the field exercise?" And I say no, I'm Alfa Co, he is the platoon commander for Bravo, why should he give two rats asses about what goes on in Alfa Co. as long as he looks good????" And it was "Well I think you should put in for the delayed party." I say "Well I will end up wherever they eventually decide to put me." Not to mention I am working on my warfare qualification and can potentially get a shitload of signatures toward that end, from being in the main body. Sorry Petty Officer but I have to use my chain of command no matter how fucked up they might be. And he's like hmph. Well excuse the hell out of ME????!?!?! for thinking only of training for war and wanting to come home ALIVE, not wanting to treat this as a all-expenses paid government vacation, which I could use a vacation don't get me wrong, but its not all fun and games.

BTW I still haven't been paid for the four days I froze my ass off during the LAST training exercise, I only asked four times for a travel claim form HELLO. Because our reserve center now has all new admin staff and half of them do not know WTF they are doing. I just want to take a couple Navy pencils and run around with them sticking out of my ears so I cannot hear it when I get a Chief bitching at me about someone else's oversight. >:)

Naval Base Ventura County Mess Hall 10

Anyone on the Navy Base in Ventura County should AVOID this so-called eating establishment LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Keep in mind these are the anger issues of one enlisted service member and do not in any way shape or form, constitute the basis for any court martial, non-judicial punishment, captains' mast, NCIS inquiry or lawsuit. This is simply one person's hot button. </disclaimer> :)

I will now tackle the biggest problems with this dining establishment and work my way down. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent, and the guilty.

  1. SERVICE. Every single one of the staff members there is RUDE, CONDESCENDING, and does NOTHING but COP ATTITUDE. I do not lie about this. The personnel on watch as well as reservists are treated with unparalleled disdain, so if you are unlucky enough to stand a Duty Master at Arms watch, and have not had the chance to get to a cash machine, you are out of luck. They will not let you eat. Not even if you pull rank, scream, cry, threaten to get your chain involved etc. Not even if you offer to bring in the money later in the day. Not even if you are a four star admiral and (for some unknown reason since admirals make FAR more than we do) are coming in to check out the place but are broke. They won't even let you have a cup of coffee.

  2. Cleanliness. This area of the critique is, in and of itself, marginal at best. While I haven't seen any rodents or bugs or their droppings in either the facility or its food, the staff COULD do more in cleaning up the tables where people had previously eaten. Expect to find water dribbles still on the tables and perhaps a few crumbs. Someone needs to vacuum. Expect to find silverware less than pristine. Water glasses are optional.

  3. General atmosphere. One of HOSTILITY, ANGER, AND YOU BETTER NOT BREAK OUR RULES OR ELSE....!!!! Walk in wearing a Navy sweatshirt with jeans. You'd think that you had walked in with nothing but a thong g-string and high heels. They react with OUTRAGE. OMG. God forbid we have anyone wearing PT Gear. I would much rather go to a pizza parlor or a McDonald's where the employees don't give a shit WHAT you wear.

  4. Every Day is Slow and Stupid day at Port Hueneme galley. From the cashiers all the way down to the guy who cooks the garbage omelets. Every single one of them does their thing but does it sloooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... especially when there is a line and it is as long as King Kong's tallywhacker. And they make the extra special effort to go out of their way to be slow JUST FOR YOU when you have something important to do and can't wait.

  5. Last but not least, everyone's favorite topic... The FOOD. Everyone hates it. The higher ups make two claims. One, they are doing something about it. Two, nothing can be done about it. Who in the hell serves MEAT and RICE with every meal??? Today's dinner? LEFTOVERS FROM LUNCH. That mystery meat that they serve? Maybe its better not to identify it. A colonoscopy conducted immediately after consuming a galley meal would most likely reveal a concrete like substance resembling tar and smelling of sulfur. I will be DAMNED, and I was with two guys that can BOTH VERIFY THIS, if I did not find a moldy strawberry in their salad bar. Even the coffee (cappucino? Or something that came out of an elephant after giving it a massive overdose of sugar and laxatives?) made me very nearly puke.

In closing, little wonder that very few people other than the restricted and E-1's through E-3's use this place. There used to be a McDonald's on base but that was torn down presumably to expand the Nex's parking lot. Or perhaps it was way too stiff of competition for the galley? If you ask me they tore down the wrong damn building.

I feel better now. Thanks for listening to me rant. Have a fine Navy day and STAY ANGRY!

*Note from Anger Central
To the aforementioned military law enforcement branches...
It is every soldier, sailor, airman and marine's god given right to bitch about the food.
Also, we don't keep logs of visitors so we can't give you want doesn't exist. Have a nice day! :)

The Army PERIOD 11

Reading the rants on this site has been my muse. Let me start off by saying that I am an Army wife. Sure, I am proud of my husband and what he has to put up with. There is no way in hell I could sign up for such bull on a daily basis. I don't work anymore (a decision that he made mind you.) I stay home, take care of the house, the kids, the bills, basically everything that he doesn't know how to do at all because he never had to do it before. When he deploys, I save the money... thousands upon thousands just to have it gone within two months when he gets home because HE is the one who doesn't understand the money he worked so hard for, the money I worked hard to save, doesn't just pop right back up like his paycheck does on the 1st and 15th. Also, buying him the house he wanted, the truck he had to have, other play toys that have turned that 20 grand into another 20k plus! (Granted this is not just one deployment of savings I am talking about here.) I like to think I am a good wife. After all, I am always up for sex, dressing up, talking dirty... being the "dream" he wants. I save his money and don't blow it. I take care of the home, if he has to do anything it is take out the garbage. Not a bad gig, right? In return, what do I get? Cheated on! Over and over, countless times. But it wasn't an affair? I think that is the basic defination, if I'm not mistaken? Just because it "didn't mean anything" to you, it meant something to ME!

Iraq might be hell with IED's going off and working long hard hours in the extreme heat, but that doesn't mean that the dirty whores who call them selves soldiers (women) who deploy, don't make their way to a married man's room. Spite me trying to be the perfect wife, the pretty girl next door who turns into a slut in the bedroom... it means nothing when there is something to "stick it in". I guess no matter how much of a "dream" I am, I still am not enough! Is there ever enough for most of these men?? Not like I didn't have many offers, many tempting offers and turned them down because I value my marriage. That is what you are suppose to do when you are married... SAY NO!

So we finally get over that hurdle, he vowed to make up for it and sure enough it seemed like he was doing a hell of a job to keep me around. Yeah, that lasted until the next deployment. This last one, he comes back a total a-hole! He allegedly didn't cheat (which I can pretty much believe since the last time he cheated he became a sweetheart, almost makes me wish he did.) He was in garrison the whole time and never left the fob, but has severe PTSD. Ok, not too far fetched, just being out there in the same place that you have seen so much hell before, ok... I can understand. But he treats everyone like crap, including our daughter who I can see in her eyes as her heart breaks everytime he yells at her. He treats her like his slave, go get this, do that, do it better, do it faster, etc. Now, he even yells at the babies!! Too young to even have basic motor skills and he is dropping F bombs like crazy. Seriously?? THIS is what the Army does to thier soldiers. I guess I should be lucky that he doesn't beat me or try to kill me in his sleep, but he is hurting our kids! He gets so angry when the babies cry that I can't trust him with them anymore. It's only been 4 weeks! How much therapy and meds does he need to be normal again? Will he ever be normal again? Do I leave because he has gone through so much crap being a soldier that it's changed him this much? No matter what I do, stay or leave, I will be judged. Either way, I am a typical "Army wife" right? I, myself have been through hell in my past. Granted, it wasn't war, but it was enough to make a person not want to live anymore. I don't act the way he does. Is it a question of strength? Is it a question of will? Whatever it is that makes things so hard for him to cope with? It doesn't just effect him, it is terrorizing our whole family! Speaking of family... I am pretty sure his family blames me for his new founded a-hole persona. They don't understand how war could have done this to him, so it must be my fault, right? Just another steriotype, the typical Army wife has turned her husband into a cheating, brain damaged bastard.

Speaking about typical Army wives... don't think I don't understand the steriotype, because I do. I see it all around me everywhere I go. Women who sneak men into their houses, talk about other people like they are still in JR High School, sit on their lazy butts and don't do a darn thing, complain about their husbands for not cleaning the house when all they do is talk crap on the porch all day, or complain about not having any money when they are the ones spending it all. I see it, I truly do! To avoid it and all the drama, I have become aloof. A once very social person who loves to be surrounded by friends, is now a hermit. Thanks people for being so horrible that I can't even step outside my door without wanting to avoid you at all costs! However, as bad as a lot of these wives can be, there are many soldiers, men and women alike, who are just as bad if not worse. LOVE IT when a soldier complains that his wife is taking him for everything he has... well man, you shouldn't have slept with her best friend, your soldier, A STRANGER! Karma people... that's all I have to say!

So, the bottom line is, though we can all be labeled... marriages are STILL 50/50! So everyone who complains about their wives... like being fat, maybe you should make her feel good enough about herself to want to be that pretty, skinny person you 'supposedly' fell in love with! Trust me when I say that happiness WILL make a woman lose weight. Happiness will also make a woman not spend money (or as much) because if you are giving her what she needs (maybe some flowers here and there or little notes) she won't want to go out and buy things to make her happy. Girls... same goes for you too! We all have to speak each other's languages here! Guys, be romantic... girls, be a little naughty. It all goes hand in hand. As for me, I am almost out of all the tricks I have up my sleeve. Sometimes that is where it ends, but maybe, just maybe if I keep working hard enough, I will be able to find my husband again in the mess of a man the Army has given me. I have to believe he is still in there somewhere! Though, like most people, I too will reach my boiling point if I can't find him soon.

*Note from Anger Central
We really didn't know where to post this since you covered a wide area. First, thank you and your husband for protecting the rest of us. (Yes, you who have to wait while your husband is deployed)
As to the rest, we can't comment since no one here has served and can't know the difficulties you face. All we can do is wish you well and give you what little support we can.

Fuck the military 13

The troops are welfare queens. We taxpayers feed, clothe and house them. We pay for their medical care and their benefits while they chase imaginary WMDs, sing stupid songs and slam their dicks together. They haven't protected us from a legitimate threat in over fifty years. They should get their hands out of our pockets and get a proper fucking job.

Some retards say, "I support the warrior, not the war." But how can you separate the troops from what they are doing? Bob Avakian has raised the point that if you came upon a woman who was being attacked and raped by a gang of men, would you say, 'I support the rapists, not the rape?' Or if you encountered a mob of racists lynching a Black person, would you say, 'I support the lynchers, not the lynching?' Of course not. You'd say these people are doing something heinous, and I can't support them. Well the war that U.S. troops are waging in Iraq is also heinous, and it, and the troops who are carrying it out don't deserve the support of anybody who cares about justice.

I'm happy when I hear about them getting killed in Afghanistan or Iraq. That's one less sociopath coming home to beat their wife, fill up our prisons or end up homeless on our streets.

*Note from Anger Central
Don't support the troops? I guess you support our enemies. You must work with the Taliban and Al Qeda. Perhaps you're one of those Code Pinko types? Why don't you leave you traitor? Because that is exactly what you are. Thanks to little shits like you, this country is on the cusp of civil war. Care to guess who is going to be targeted? YOU! People like you, you spineless coward, have been insulting and threatening anyone who disagrees with you. Guess what? Those people also happen to be the most heavily armed segment of the American Population. God help you if they decide to start using those weapons on the likes of you, because no one else will help you.

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