These people are repugnant. I just read an article stating that black conservatives are nothing but "uncle toms". I don't appreciate being told that just because I am black, I am supposed to be liberal and I am supposed to vote I mean Democrap. You can go to hell with that, Mfume. I mean come on now, lets be realistic. Why should you even care how I vote. Why should you care about my political views, when your biggest concern in how many black people are on the T.V. show "Friends". Before you try to tell me what my opinion is, I suggest you get a life. Contrary to your speech, I am not, as you put it "ventriloquist dummies". I make my own decisions and my decision is to not to be a bleeding heart liberal based on the color of my skin, especially when Democrats think with their dicks. I cannot be a liberal when in the dictionary under the definition of liar there is a picture of a red, white and blue donkey. I am black, so what? I still voted for Bush, am Against Affirmative action, supported the war and damnit I am proud. So If Kwesi Mfume, Jesse Jackson, Wendall Anthony, Al Sharpton or any of you other self-righteous ass holes who call yourselves civil rights leaders (but are really nothing but media whores) want to take away my "ghetto pass", come and get it because it hasn't done me any good anyway.

*Note from Anger Central
It is a shame that such a fine organization took that left turn right into the dumpster. :(


God I hate these ignorant fuck-tards."National Accociation for the Advancment of Colored People".What the fuck is that.When since is "Colored" an acceptable term for black people.If I said colored I would get sued or shot or both. These peope have nothing left to do but bitch.

Very few of us are still racist.And those who are , are beyond changing .Maybe "Advancement" doesn`t mean advance untill equall and then knock it off.Maybe they want to give black folks and only black folks , not other struggling minorities a leg up and fuck everyone else.Some time ago there was a comercial that showed a black man walking into a store and buying something,then he walks up to the cashier and smiles.But there is clearly something in his teeth.An embarassing situation. THE FUCKING NAACP HAD IT PULLED, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!!.And black history month is such a joke.I remember in the 4th grade my class teacher said MLK was her hero.Jesus christ ,how full of shit can you be.every day that month,and some time after for an hour or more we would learn about another succesfull black man or woman.And every time they made he or she look like a retard coloring within the lines.They`re all probably rolling over in there graves right now.All of there acomplishments boiled down to,hey look at what that BLACK person was able to do despite being black.BULLSHIT , FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!!.Its time blacks realized that the naacp and all the other liberal b.s is realy whats holding most of them back and keeping them in poverty.FUCK YOU NAACP FUCK YOU ALL AND MAY YOU DIE HORRIBLE DEATHS!

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