I have been fuming for a long time over the mindless patriotism that is blindly clung to by people who find it easier to believe that the world is simple. Blind Patriotism is LUNACY. I am furious because people buy into the ridiculous notion of the glorious victory won by a glorious army. I DON'T SUPPORT THE TROOPS! I support deserters who flee to Canada. The troops are people who decided at some point that they would kill another human if they were told to and there would be no punishment for it. I'm angry because no one else dares to say this even though it's true. They are trained killers. Their only purpose is to kill. I'm angry because those responsible for starting a war never have to pay the cost of it! I'm pissed off because easily-led automatons shout rhetoric and oppose good laws because the Corporate lobbyists excel at manipulation of those dumb enough to support something just because it has been defined as "conservative" or "liberal".

Republicans succeed more often than Dems because they stick blindly with the party line and define themselves by political or religious affiliation and not as an individual human. Rather than think for themselves they trust that Corporations and the wealthy have the people's interests in mind. It galls me that people really are naive enough to believe that what is good for corporations and the rich is good for the middle and lower classes. I'm royally pissed that a group of idiots who always vote together easily undermine a larger group of people who think for themselves. I'm angry because I have been disappointed in human beings once too often and I give up. I'm angry because I'm cynical and I'm cynical because I pay attention. I'm angry because I have the freedom to say anything but I can be sure that what I say changes nothing.

*Note from Anger Central
This came in a couple of weeks ago but with the all the things going on we didn't have a chance to put it up. Now...
You sir/Ma'am, are a traitor. You are also a spoiled egotistical little coward who demands everything handed to you but won't actually work for what you want. You should leave this nation and move to a country that does everything you want. Might we suggest North Korea.

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