War protestors

I am angry at most (not all) most war protestors. Now, don't get me wrong, some war protestors do proper rallying, but the ones you see on TV today are just IDIOTS!!!!! They riot, destroy, and attack the police that are trying to stop them from getting out of control, and this is supposed to be a "peace" protest? C'mon! About a month ago I was watching a protest on TV for the war on Iraq, and you see this 11 year old kid saying that he hates war! What war has this kid ever been in? And when the soldiers came back from Vietnam, the protestors were spitting on them, calling them "baby killers" and so forth. Thses people are fighting to protect their countries! and this is how you treat them? You people should be put down! Also look at those bastard protestors that wrote "no war" on the Sydney opera house. Like i said before, the soldiers are fighting for that. So, all you war protestors out there, read up on the history of what the wars are aboub before you protest!!

Protesters 2

I'd just like those who are protesting, follow some basics.

  1. KNOW what you're protesting about. No matter the cause, at least be informed.

  2. Don't block traffic, you're only hurting your cause, because the average commuter wants to be home and relaxing, not waiting for the cops to drag you away. And they won't care if the cops "Get a bit rough" as they'd probably want to do worse!

  3. If you see a crime being committed, demand the person be presented to the law, if you are TRUE about your protest, you would support the right to protest, but not that it allows for destruction of private property.

protesters 3

What is it with these people? I saw these idiots on the news the other day protesting the occupation of Iraq and calling Bush a murderer and ect. Do they not know that we just captured Zarkaw i(I know I didn't spell that right correct me) and that is a sign of great progress? That we should keep on get them all. I have nothing but contempt for these assholes who seem to know nothing of the sacrifices made. It pisses me off when I see these signs saying"1500 killed" Yeah well it is war you dumbfucks. These people hide beneath the blanket of protection that the military provides and THEN BASHES THEM!! I couldn't contain my anger watching this. Fuck these bastards make me mad. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to rant.

*Note from Anger Central
As of this posting Anger Central has no information on the death or capture of Musab al-Zarqawi. Hopefully the poster has information we do not have access to.

Hippie protesters 4

I am angry at these left wing hippie protesters who are burning the American flag. Don't they understand that America is one of the few countries where they could do that without being shot, and the reason for that is those boys doing their job over in Iraq? Why can't they show a bit of respect for their country and for the troops fighting to protect their freedom?

protestors 5

i get annoyed how all these liberal protestors protest this war saying "they are killing innocent lives in Iraq", ironic how they don't protest for other things, such as abortions. abortions here in AMERICA. doesn't that baby have the right to choose whether he wants to live or die, protest that you hypocrites and help keep those little babies who are PEOPLE too.

War Protesters 6

I have just about had it with these pansy war protesters (why are most of them pansies?) interferring with traffic, places of business, and individuals. Why should I be delayed on my way to work because some jerk wants to make a point. Perhaps I should jump out of my car, beat the hell out of one, and say I did it to protest SPAM.

  1. The quickest way to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the typical war protester is to punch one in the face. I bet my paycheck their next move is to jump up and hit you back.

  2. A slower way to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the typical war protester is to sit back and wait. They will eventually chuck a bottle or hunk of concrete at a cop and get pasted with rubber bullets.

  3. Regardless of how much dancing and jerking about you do, the war (any war) will continue. By the way, all you Bush-haters, why can Klinton bomb the Hell out of Koslavo (or however you spell it) and no one sheds a tear, but Bush goes to kill a devil worshipper named Saddam and all the leftist-libbies start doing the dance of the pansies.

  4. What is with these idiots that are complaining about being shot at in a war zone? What do they think war is? A game? No, war is violence and death, and if you play around in Baghdad, expect to get a bomb dropped on you. Imbeciles, every one of them!

Anti-war People 7

I am tired of people who are against war, and yet they have no idea of what they are talking about. They complain that the war on terrorism is not being won. Do they realize that there are less terrorist attacks now? I also cannot believe that these people are so against this war, but they won't lift a finger to save unborn babies back in America. I also want to ask a question to the person who wrote the third entry under President Bush. Did your brother really die? You should at least know what service he was in. He can't be from the 101 Airborne and be a marine. 101 Airborne is an army unit.

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We hesitated about posting this one since it is borderline under the new guidelines.

War with Iraq 8

People in this country that say that it is not worth the war. How would they all feel if our President decided to just kill some of us in this country just for his sheer pleasure. Well that is the case in Iraq. I am in the military and I was over there for the war. The people in this country only know what they are told by the news, well they do not know about everything that was going on in that country. Saddam was a ruthless tyrant praying on his own people, and getting richer off of their work. What is wrong with people not wanting to see a repressed country prosper for a change. I have this to say to them "FUCK YOURSELF, WHEN YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THEN TALK ABOUT IT, UNTIL THEN SHUT YOUR FUCKING STICK HOLES!" The one thing I do not like is that we are giving them money to rebuild their country, what the fuck about our country?

*Note from Anger Central
Welcome home troop, and thank you from Anger Central.

Iraq 9

I'll try to make this as short as possible. I'm Canadian and one of the 30% who support the war in Iraq. What angers me is Canadians who don't. I think what you guys are doing is commendable and only wish our dildo prime minister had allowed us to join in. Fuck Michael Moore. He looks like he's enjoying the good life that the sacrifices of your troops provide. People are so fucking stupid (some Canadians) they think this has nothing to do with them. WHAT!!!! The threat of global nuclear warfare has nothing to do with them! We are right next to you guys for fuck's sake. If someone attacked us you guys would be the first to help out. Granted I'm not a George Bush fan (I think he's a little on the moronic side) but I'm am a fan of America. Fuck my countrymen who don't support your troops, they have no clue at all. I mean we don't have much to offer except a few shitty sea king choppers and a couple of boats but everything counts. I think our dickhead prime minister was wrong and hope our new one sees things the right way. Keep on fighting guys, some of us are behind you.

President Bush haters 10

I'm curious... someone here who ranted about President Bush claimed that their brother died in the war as a member of the "101st airborne marines". Curious, that, since the 101st Airborne is part of the United States ARMY, not the United States MARINES. I call bullshit on him/her, just as I call bullshit on a lot of people who complain about President Bush and the war. They're irrational, sniveling, whiny, sorry, half-assed people for the most part because they have to tell lies to make the President look bad. He can do a good enough job of looking like an ass on his own (Terri Schiavo case comes to mind, amendment banning gay marriage as well...), so why don't you crybabies come back with REAL reasons to dislike him, not some made-up shit about a dead brother fighting for oil.

*Note from Anger Central
We weren't sure we would post this since it barely meets the criteria, but it's been a slow week. Also we don't remember posting anything about the 101st Airborne. Hmm must review messages. :)

Protestors 11

A very dear friend of mine attends a college which is famous for its almost 100% liberal population. I tell her that nothing happens on my campus, she replies, "Oh, we have protests, like, every other week." Oh really? About what, hm? "Well, you know... unfair stuff." These idiots line up and parade about with their stupid signs and chuck rocks at people that they see are in positions of authority because somehow, that will right the wrongs and injustices of this world. Just the other week, my friend tells me she participated in a protest to demand that a teacher be reinstated, because apparently she was fired unfairly. Well, what did they say the reason for firing her was? "Oh, we don't know. But everyone says it's totally unfair." How can 'everyone' claim that this teacher is being persecuted if you don't even know why they were fired? This lady could be guilty of any number of things, but everybody would rather throw a protest party than find out any actual background information.

 People Who Bash Bush 12

People who criticize George W.Bush all the time really tick me off. I hate it that they just call him "Bush"...the one word. Bush this and Bush that, I remind them that hey, it's PRESIDENT Bush you idiot. You want his thankless job? Like YOU could do any better? Pisses me off! Don't blame him for everything. 9-11 happened and there went our surplus cash, as Clinton has supposedly balanced the budget. I asked some women in my office, what's your beef with him and nobody could say why they didn't like him. Probably just repeating what their dumb husbands say, damned SHEEP! Now we have Barack Obama, oh my Lord help us! People who called Bush by the one name actually said to me, "Why do they just say 'obama'?" I said, "What's the problem, you called the last one 'Bush'!" And this thing over the monkey cartoon: Al Sharpton, please get a life! How many times did I hear President Bush called a monkey and no one went on the news to defend him? Get over it!!!!

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