Immigration Visas!

My fiancée and I are applying for an immigration visa so that I can join her in the US. It is going to take almost 6 months, during which time we will hardly get to spend ANY time together, and to cap it all, she is pregnant with our first child (unplanned).

All this government red tape to get to spend the rest of your life with someone you love! It's unacceptable garbage! How would these officials like it if their S.O was taken away form them for six months and they were told they could only call and email, and there was a possibility that it could be extended to a year or more on a whim? It's time the immigration system was overhauled so that it damned well works!

*Note from Anger Central
The webmaster knows *EXACTLY* what you are going through. It has been a year since he has been able to see his fiancée. Hopefully the end is in site for those two love birds. :)


It took my fiancé and I so long to be approved, including two RFEs from a sadistic TSC Officer, and now that we've finally been approved, our petition is MIA in the mail from TSC to NVC! At this rate, it'd be faster for him to become a movie star and get a visa for people with extraordinary abilities than for us to complete this torturous labyrinthine visa process just so we can be together! If Kate Beckinsale can marry a US citizen, why can't my fiancé marry me?

*Note from Anger Central
We hear you! The webmaster's fiancée is still trying to get her visa. The latest problem is in China. The consulate set up a call/appointment center. However they were charging $7 for a 12 minute call to people asking for help or checking on their status. Because of this the local police shut the center down. The webmaster has received confirmation that they did get his fiancée's paperwork, (The last bit she had to fill out and send it), and are processing it now. However, since there is no way to schedule an appointment, and there is only one consulate that does immigrant visa's, we don't know what will happen next. It looks like she will need to go there and stand in line. Not good, since she lives almost 2000 miles away. Funny thing. There is another consulate in Shenyang, about an hour away from her. They don't do immigrant visa's however. Calling Senator Judd Gregg! Looks like the webmaster needs your services again!


I am angry with the INS because they give you a short time to marry someone from another country but when you do marry them and that person abuses you and your kids they do nothing but give them a green card and make you foot the bill.

Husband not let into the country 4

I am so damn angry because although I am American my husband will never be allowed in the US. So what, he was young and tried to take some party favours from Amsterdam to Germany. He was never a fucking addict or even a loser, he has an education, never has been unemployed, and now has his own business. Yep, that doesn't matter one bit, or that he has been married to an american for over three years. That's what is so fucking great! So, because I am deeply in love I am going to stay in this fucking country, where everyone has a stick up their ass, where it is abnormal to say good morning to a stranger you pass walking to work, where their only insight on america is that all of our mothers brought us up on McDonalds ( they are right about the George Bush thing, he is an idiot), I am going to spend my life here in this country, with these rude, humorless, arrogant, raw meat eating, american hating, assholes, because of something that happened years ago. Do you know what kind of people are let in America, I have nothing against them and wish them the best, but I mean many of them don't even speak english, have no skills, and no education. What exactly does the government think they are going to contribute? They'll end up working under the table, not paying taxes, live off a family member that gets welfare, or get money doing criminal acts. And my husband who is so honest and talented and would be too fucking scared to ever cheat the government in any way can't even visit! Because of this my family hardly knows him at all, and when we have kids, how is that going to be?! And how am I suppose to not feel bad when I go to visit my family in California a month out of the year and he has no choice to come with me! And then either his vacation is cheated for the year or I take two months unpaid a year. And then if we have kids and things don't work out, how could I just take his kids to a country where he is not allowed to enter?

*Note from Anger Central
We suggest tree things. First contact your representative or Senator and ask for help. Second, contact an immigration lawyer. Third, keep an eye on the shenanigans going on in Congress. Those assholes may ram through an amnesty for illegals. Much as we hate to say this, yours may be one of the very few cases we would accept crossing the border illegally.

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