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i am angry at the people in the usa who are so for war with iraq. im tired of being called a Hussein-lover and an iraqi sympathizer just because i chose to not blindly follow the international politics of the current administration. or the best yet, take a flight to France and leave the country. why should people who disagree with the "majority" be shat upon by some blind mice who obviously don't know crap about politics? all they do is play follow the leader without any regard to what is right. now that war is upon us lets support the troops. we can decide later why we're attacking iraq, then iran instead of bin laden in Afghanistan. HA! this has to go down in history as the biggest fleecing ever placed on the us citizens by a president.

*Note from Anger Central
You may hate being called a Hussein supporter but we're afraid that is what you are. This isn't a grey situation, it's simple black and white. You either are or you are not. Sorry.

War Supporters 2

I'm sick of the blind following people are doing now. You can't go anywhere anymore without some idiot trying to start a conversation about the war, and then getting indignant when you disagree. And whenever I say that the war is a stupid idea because Bush Senior didn't do his goddamned job, they claim that I'm "the enemy". What the fuck? A simple disagreement on why something is being done is now treason? I thought we crawled out of that murk in the 1300s, a little time called the fucking Renaissance. When people started thinking on their own, rather than letting everyone tell them how to think. And I noticed the webmaster here claimed it wasn't shades of gray here, it was black and white. Bullshit. If it were black and white, there would be an absolute on which one nation stands as "Good" and one as "Evil". Neither country is it. Saddam and the Iraqi government have done shitty things. But so has the U.S. government. So stop with your self righteous nationalist shit, because nationalism is the impending downfall of the planet. We're all human.

War Supporters 3

Well, here it is five years and a half trillion dollars later, and the "cakewalk" goes on. The rationale has changed and changed and changed, the mission has been declared accomplished, we've turned the corner so many times that we're standing still, and some pinheads STILL think this fiasco was a good idea.

Being stupid can't be helped, but you're dragging our country down with you, you fuckers! Oh how I'd love to go back in time to 2003 and show you some of today's headlines and commentaries! Remember?: "We're gonna go in there and find those WMDs, and prove those liberal America-haters wrong."

The real shits of it is, you can't even admit you were wrong. You just huff and puff til your never-served-in-the-military pussy faces turn red, grab onto another rationale, and hope no "tax-and-spend liberal" gets the big idea of trying to figure out a way to PAY for all of this.

What's most infuriating is when Fox News or some other asshole runs footage of the American military pulling into an Iraqi town and asking the people what they can build for them or give to them... Using WHAT for money?! What's so "conservative" and "patriotic" about pissing away resources we can't afford halfway around the world, trying to buy the appreciation of people who just wish we'd get the hell out of their country?

*Note from Anger Central
You sir/ma'am, are an idiot. We started writing a good sized reply, but you aren't worth it. You won't listen and you won't learn. We would recommend that you actually do real research. They found chemical weapons. Not a lot, but enough to do a lot of damage. They found manufacturing systems set up and ready to go. They found dispersal systems needing only chemical or biological agents. Of course, people like you will never let little things like FACTS get in the way of your beliefs. Why don't you just move to Canada or something?

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