Public Assistance = Welfare

I have grown to despise the very *system* I work for = Public Assistance/Welfare Department. The money, foodstamps, Medical cards just keep going out and they just keep on doing what they do, CHEATING the system!! And now our new government is making it even easier. Can't wait until I can retire. And now that I think of it, not sure why we have taught our children differently as they will be carrying these damn CHEATERS on their backs all their lives. No wonder everyone gets fed up. Until you start seeing it for yourself it most likely won't affect the way you think. Oh these poor people = B.S. Some of them drive better cars than we do. Isn't it interesting that I see Cadillac Escalades, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, and Acura driving up to see their workers? It is all a sham and eventually this country will implode and I hope I won't be here to see it. Thank you for allowing me to rant!

Welfare Payment 2

Bloody centrelink, the company that pay my welfare. I went in last week to my local office, handed in my form, they said you will be getting payed on monday. I said thank you. Now its monday and i find out they are saying they are still waiting for my form to be handed in and my cat needs to go to the vet. I have no money to look after my cats or myself, and its because they don't know how to do their job. Wake up! Peopl rely on their money!

*Note from Anger Central (Yeah, you knew this was coming didn't you?)
Hi, why are you on welfare? We hope you haven't been on it very long, and are striving mightily to remove yourself from the rolls. We want to believe that you have been a taxpayer for most of your adult life and are only collecting this until you can get that next job.

If you aren't, if you have never held a job or haven't bothered to try and keep one, then as far as we're concerned you can go starve to death somewhere. No one at Anger Central has ever collected welfare. A few have collected unemployment, but they only did so until they could land that next job. (Besides, they paid taxes into the system) We have no use for lazy, shiftless deadbeats who can't be bothered to work and expect taxpayers like all the employees at Anger Central to support your lazy good for nothing lard ass.

Now as we hope, you are just temporarily down on you luck, then we hope you land a new job very quickly and don't need to cash my tax...err your welfare check.

College Life 3

why wont the government help the working class afford college. if your rich they give you money if your poor they give you money. if your an average person they give you the finger and laugh in your face as you try running a house on $2000 of spare income a year?

*Note from Anger Central
What makes you think you're entitled to my money?
The Angry Webmaster

Welfare 4

The welfare system is so broken it disgusts me, and makes me intensely angry. The idea some crack smoking, stupid person can make money at all for not contributing to society is insane. I hold these beliefs even as a communist. If you wish to eat, work.

america 5

i was at a ghetto winn dixie, waiting in line in the overweight black women in front of me"who was extremely loud", had a bunch of crazy kids destroying the candy isle and bad mouthing everything, and ect..... you know what i mean. well she had about $250 worth of food, and 3 cartons of ciggs, 4 cases of beer. the teller rings up the food and pays with government welfare card......every dime worth with our tax dollars, then she pays for the booze and the cigs with!!!! thats messed up. how am i suppose to feel about this?

The Welfare System 6

This welfare system is so broken it's not even funny. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly fine for people who are having a hard time finding a job and struggling with a family to receive some aid with tax money. I'm fine.

But when I see a worthless piece of shit on the streets, wearing Air Jordans, a 24-carat gold diamond-studded necklace, solid gold rings on every finger, driving a Super GT or some nice car with fluorescent lights underneath, smoking who the hell knows what, you bet I'm pissed.

Those stupid wastes of space don't even ATTEMPT to get a job, they just sit in their shitty houses all day doing whatever drugs they bought with their welfare. Hell if you could use welfare to pay for houses they'd be living in a damn mansion! And then when it's time, they just waltz over to the government office in their latest designer clothes and pick up a big fat check of OUR money.

Explain to me, why the fucking hell do I need to PAY FOR YOU TO BE A DISGUSTING PILE OF WASTE THAT DRAINS THE EARTH'S RESOURCES? It's hard enough for me, but when I have to pay for you? Fuck no.

Oh yeah, and when I'm struggling with 2 kids, a house and barely being able to sleep every night because I'm afraid I'll lose my job, and the fact that my sons are going through life and need to be clothed, fed, and housed, and I go to the government and apply for welfare, guess what I get? A big "Fuck you", because I make too much money by their standards to qualify for anything. So you're telling me a stupid, worthless street urchin can have whatever the hell he wants on a silver platter while I'm slaving away all day trying to STAY ALIVE?

We really need to have a system like Denmark. You lose your job, we'll help you and even help you find one. We offer you one. Don't take it? Fuck you, no more free shit for you.

welfare 7

I usually work anywhere from 50 to 70 hours each. Usually anywhere from 17% to 25% of my check goes toward taxes. I don't mind the money that goes to build the roads I drive on or to the military that ensures my freedom or to the police that ensure my safety. I don't mind the money that goes toward kids whose parents abandon them. What I do mind is money that is spent on lazy good for nothing ass holes who want to milk hardworking taxpayers for every cent they have. People always bitch about how hard it is to get a job and that no one is hiring. This may be true if you live in a po-dunk little town, but any idoit in a decent sized city can find a job. Work at walmart, mcdonalds, burger king, walgreens, subway, etc... Its not that hard to find a job... I have two! We NEED to allow people to sink or swim. If you can't buy yourself food... you don't eat! If you can't pay your rent... your homeless!

Welfare 8

I'm fucking pissed off because I was the spouse of an active duty service member who pretty much fucked over his family leaving me alone with our child living in my parents living room. I've been looking for jobs and going for interviews for 2 months and nothing, I'm also a full time student. I finally swallow my pride and try to apply for a little financial help and maybe some help obtaining my own apartment, hell, I'd even live in the projects if it meant my kid got more than 3 hours sleep a night. You would think that being military you would get a little bit of help? Fuck no! Apparently my beat up 2007 ford is over the assets limit and I'm denied everything. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? I walked out of the welfare office wearing the same clothes from 4 years ago while juanita, and sharonda are sporting new threads, well done nails and fucking gold! in tears ready to key up every goddamn hummer, lexus, caddy, and other ghetto ass blinged out cars. Damn parking lot cameras. -.-

So here I am, a grown woman, trying to feed and cloth my son on pocket change picking up every little job I can in short of drug dealing and whoring while his Dad risks his life and pays out the ass for these piece of shit people.

*Note from Anger Central
As the spouse of an active duty member of the military, there should be means for you to get help. We don't have that information since no one here has served, but we do know people in the military. Have you talked to other wives? You aren't the only one to go through this and they should be able to point you in the right direction.
As to welfare, that's only for people who don't want to be anything more than useless mouths. You don't fit that description. You're actually what welfare was meant to be. Something to help someone of a rough period so they can go back to being useful members of society. That idea ended back under the Johnson administration. :(

Social welfare programs 9

I am pissed because for the past 12 years i have never been unemployed for longer than 2 weeks. I have never been fired and when i have put in two week notices i have often been offered raises to stay on with a company. I believe this speaks to my work ethic and the pride I take in my work (no matter what it may be). During these brief periods where i have been out of work i have never filed for unemployment. I always used the time to find another job or already had one lined up and simply lied about 'my available to work on' date so i could enjoy the rarity of a two week (self-made) vacation before starting in another full-time position. People who do not work 40 hours a week do not realize how quickly 2 weeks paid vacation disappears. Take a few weekends off for a wedding or an event and you are down to one week of vacation for yourself. Anyway the company i work for draws its funding from federal, state, and local taxes. It should be no surprise that with these this trifecta supervising the company it was corrupt, ineffective, and mis-managed. I survived just over 5 years (long enough to get a 5 year retirement; thanks gov. job) before hitting the wall. I was burnt out and in need of a change of jobs. I had the choice to either become so bad on the job that i would get fired and be eligible for unemployment benefitss, or put in a two week notice to protect my professional image. Because i am now in school, and was planning on attending school at the time to become a school counselor, i chose to put in my two week notice as there is a very good chance that i will work again in the same state and county i have been employed in. I also mentioned the work ethic and pride in my work earlier. I personally had a hard time just tanking my work performance to get fired. That is against everything i stand for in life. But those were my a f**Kin9 bum at work, get fired, and get unemployment. Or do the professional thing, put in a two week notice and find another job to support myself. What a f**Kin9 choice to put a good person through. No wonder there are so many people dependent upon these programs. Perma-bums. Dependable voting base. So that is why i find myself now in Nevada with no job for three monthes (longest of my adult life), married to an underwater home and trying to pay for grad school without going taking out student loans. Sorry about the tangent. I applied for unemployment anyway at my fathers insistence. I was denied as i knew i would be because i put in my notice rather than getting fired. I work and pay into a system for 12 years straight. I have never applied for Unemployment benefits before. I was denied based on the fact that i chose to be professional in the way i left my job. I did not really care as i have some money saved up and am not in imminent danger. I was upset though that i did not qualify based on how i quit my job. Eligibility for this program should be based on length of previous employment and $$ paid into the system. I beleive it only takes 6 monthes of full-time work to be eligible for the same 6 months Unemplyment benefits if you work the system well enough. I am willing to go back to school to improve my life. I have nothing to my name after my home value tanked by 50%. I feel like a f**Kin9 sucker.

Welfare 10

Oh the Welfare topic. The solution is so blatenly obvious, but my message should not be mistaken: POS get out of my COUNTRY! Go to Ethopia or any other Third World Country that other ignorant and unaware Americans go to help out wastes of space such as yourselves. When these crack head, drug dealing, welfare sucking, pill popping, Prostitute AIDS carrying bitches go in to have their 4th, 5th or 6th baby, fix her stanky disease ridden cunt so she can't have any more kids. The bitch is so stupid she would never even know. She would go on her merry way and just think wow.. I's so lucky, I keep fucking and spreading my deadly diseases around but fo some reason I ain't got pregnant again. I'd say sew the bitches tore up lips together but that would just be taken her rights away. Heaven forbid we take someone's god given rights away! I say FUCK ANYONE'S RIGHTS that endangers the welfare of a child or makes others pay for their mistakes time and time again. These fucking lower than life maggots who stain our society should have any and all rights taken from them from them for taking up valuable Oxygen space. How the States can badger and torment the poor people who have worked all their lives and subsequently lost their job, and force them to go back to work within a certain amount of weeks, but allow niggers and white trash to collect welfare for life is beyond any and all reason and comprehension. Can someone please explain to me how this is America? I will continue to spread my words of anger and hatred until there are so many of us that are fed up laws will change. The day will come and I will personally hand out a free farewell bucket of chicken as they leave my country one by one!

Government housing programs 11

So I'm new to the area and am in the market for a new home. So I find one I like... needs a little fixing up--it's a FNMA home. I pay for an appraisal and oh, well... now you need to pay for repairs out of pocket. What? I have to fix it up before I buy it. Since I haven't sold my old home, I don't have the money to fix it up right away. I go on a military deployment and by the time I get back, it's gone (appraisal money down the drain). Sigh. Okay, I'll try another. I find one I really like that's been on the market for a year. Turns out, the realtor was mistaken on the income limit and I'm just over. That's right... it's a housing development home... that's been sitting there for a fucking year and I make a little too much to buy it.

I work hard and just want to buy a house, but no... I have to fix it up first, or no... I make too much money. And I have no choice but to pay taxes to my fucked up government, my votes drowned out by idiots that elect these clowns.

Food Stamps and Cigarettes 12

I live in the U.S way down in the "dirty south". I work hard, got myself a couple of college degrees and my wife and I have three awesome kids. We pay out the ass for childcare, buy the cheapest groceries and we're pretty happy. However, I am so tired of seeing these mother fuckers in the stores(I actually know a couple of these low-life fucks)getting to buy whatever fucking food they want, be it energy drinks or thick fucking steaks, with their food stamp cards. I'm eating hamburger meat out of a fucking tube, while they get fresh chuck, what the fuck man? Then, after all that they venture over to the cigarette counter and pay cash for a $70.00 carton of cigarettes! I feel I have finally come up with a solution that might help to make these mooching fucks feel the pang of looking like losers in public. First, do away with that plastic card, and bring back the old rip-out-of-a-book foodstamps. Let everyone know that yes, they are fucking bums and their groceries are better than yours and that they bought them with your money. Second, make them buy the cheap shit and nix all of this energy drink and name brand bullshit. If they want cereal, let 'em get it in bag form. If they want meat, let them get the tube shit. And lastly, drug test these motherfuckers! I have to take them for all sorts of work and/or insurance purposes, why shouldn't they? Oh,but we shouldn't be nasty to them and hurt their feelings, because they don't know what fucking birth-control is nor the importance of an education or getting a job for that matter. Granted, my education was paid for by the lottery, but I also worked full-time and had to maintain a G.P.A of at least a 3.0 or I'd lose it. I couldn't get the free fed shit because I wasn't broke enough nor did I want loans that would kill me later on. And yet, I see these fucks getting all this free shit, the best shit at times, and yet won't do a fucking thing. If I see one more bitch show up at daycare in the morning with bedhead and wearing fucking pajamas and not having to pay a dime for anything, I'm going to scream, however she probably wouldn't hear me as I've heard new cars nowadays are pretty sound resistant.

RI Welfare System 13

This state is extremely crooked, if you live here, you know what I mean. What...and I mean WHAT are jobless people telling the Dept of Human Services when they go to apply for welfare, food stamps, WIC, etc??? I know quite a few people that collect all of these free handouts and they REFUSE to work. They come up with every goddamn excuse in the book..."Who's gonna watch my kids?"..."I don't have a car."...I'm even convinced one of these people fakes a "mental illness" as a reason for not holding a damn job for more than a month, she has too much "anxiety" and "depression". BULL!!!!! Can someone legitimately go into the Human Services office and say all of this??? And get approved for benefits too??? Aren't they required to at least pretend to look for a damn job for the sake of it?!?! These people can even go to college for free and they still don't take up that offer!! WTF, I'll go to school then!! I work my ass off and I'm lucky if I get back 1/3 of my annual federal taxes because I'm single and without children!! How are these freeloading leeches getting away with this??

WelfareWelfareWelfare 14

Lets say you have 10 people that are on welfare. Out of those 10, I would say 3 of them are on it for legitimate reasons and do NEED it. The remaining 7? They just WANT welfare because they dont want to get up early every morning and have a 9-5 job take up most of their free time. Im an able-bodied 22 year old woman searching for work, college educated, living with her mother, with no plans to have a baby any time soon. Why do some of these idiot pregnant women refuse to share the same mindset about waiting to have kids until they're financially set? Oh wait, why work when the government sends another $100 your way when you push out yet another kid with an unknown father? The taxpayers TOTALLY dont mind this oh-so brilliant plan to be set for the rest of your life! /sarcasm

If you ask me, welfare needs to have some sort of community service program to go with it. If the community is going to be sending you a check every week, then do something for the community. A few hours a week picking up trash or something, just doing anything productive while getting your precious free money. (And this is aimed at those that are mooching, not who truly deserve it) At least getting your welfare check will be worth it.

welfare benefits 15

I am amazed that there are so many angry people out there - I thought I was the only one, which is what the PC liberals want us to believe. We have a small business, which we were told that we did not build (BS!!!, there are people every day who want to use their EBT or whatever to purchase items that aren't allowed (we don't take EBT). Some of these people are working, one even owns a business, and they are getting assistance?!? We can't even afford health insurance and this trash gets it for free. When I applied for my children to be covered, we didn't qualify. All of this is just a form of slavery where we work and get no benefit from it. We work a total of over 120 hours a week, 6 or 7 days a week and all the government does is tell us to send them money for a bunch of low-life uneducated bums (not that we haven't spent enough money to give a top-notch education where they take classes on how to apply for government programs to take what we've worked for). If things don't change, my husband and I are getting divorced and I am getting let go from my job at our business so that maybe I can get all this free stuff. If we can't beat 'em, we're going to be forced to join them. We just can't afford this any more. By the way, welfare recipients get free satellite in our state, too.

Welfare 16

I am sick of lazy welfare RECIPIANTS. Of course someone may need some help for a short time while they get on their feet but what I see is lazy asses taking advantage of the system. This is true: they get very low rent apartments, wic, food stamps, free cell phones, I shit you not they get gas money, child care, Medicaid, for crying out loud what DO they have to buy?

To top it off at the beginning of the year they then get thousands of dollars "back" in taxes and I swear they may pay a few hundred in taxes all year! I've seen some get 7-10 grand...All for nothing. What is their purpose? What the hell do they do to deserve that money. They won't even show up for work!

Ridiculous! They get all that handed to, then while I work my ass off to provide for millions of lazy ass losers!!


So many damn people complaining about all that welfare scum and yet many of these same complainers keep on voting for "welfare Presidents." Until you all stop voting for the ones who keep and will keep on giving free handouts to the welfare queens and their bum boyfriends, the problem will never end. We need to elect a real President who will put an end to welfare and put all the trash to work so they can buy their own damn food like every other hard-worker! And the government seriously needs to start spaying these overheated breeders!!!

Welfare Moms 18

To start with I am a junkie. I spent several years doing intravenous Heroin. Eventually after I watched someone very dear to me die, I failed to resuscitate them and had no Naloxone, I got on methadone. Since then I have been working and completed a Bachelors degree.

When I got on the program it was very hard to be admitted. They only took intravenous users (you had to show track marks to the nurses), you had to test positive for STRONG opioids/opiates (such as Heroin/Hydromorphone/Morphine) 2-3 times, and have tried many other rehab programs. The goal was to maintain the worst addicts, that couldn't be rehabilitated otherwise, on methadone to stop crime, halt disease transmission, and let them live productive lives. Only the worst addicts were taken being that methadone itself is fiercely addictive and most never get off of it.
Fast forward seven years. Oxy has taken off among the gentry and working class whites bringing opiate addiction to the worlds attention.
Taking Oxy/Percocet/Vicodin is in vogue.

As such the response has now changed dramatically. With the seeming ubiquitous nature of "addiction" the program has changed.

A friend from highschool got on the program in two weeks because she has a child. She was taking oral Percocet and told me she was also taking "500mg Oxycontin.. up to ten a day". Any experienced addict would know they never made 500mg Oxycontin tablets. She never shot up, never was homeless, has no track marks, never did residential treatment but she got in in two weeks.

My childless female friend who is half way through a bachelors, has an associates and works as a Russian translator spent 12 weeks on a waiting list only to be denied because she could only pay CASH and was not on WIC or Medicaid. I have taken her to the hospital 5 times this year for 3 staph and one serratia (which has a 60% mortality rate when it goes septic) infection. She also developed endocarditis from shooting up dirty water and now has weakened heart valves. My male friend died from endocarditis some years ago after getting a pig heart valve. She needs help and can pay for it but was denied because the grant/non-profit structure only allows them (CHC) to take in so much cash in relation to public assistance or insurance.

Plus the whole atmosphere has changed, we now have a KidSpace so moms can get daycare while they go to counseling.

Another gem is that they won't kick a pregnant woman off methadone for failing drug tests like the rest of us ( there are sound medical reasons for this yet..) An old friend from before I did dope showed up there. She just had her 4th baby with the third man. She only worked in her whole life for three months as a stripper, which is fine by me. She got on the program in two weeks for orally taking Percocet and oxy. Last time I saw her she was shrieking at the receptionist because they were holding her methadone until she saw the doctor. The MD wanted to talk to her as she was still failing drug screens and now that the baby came she could be detoxed for it. I shit you not this is what she was yelling "If he wants to threaten me or something I missed my period again anyhow". And if its true she has another 9 months of methadone on top of her shitty cocaine, shitty meth and popping pills. And you get to pay for it.

I know the kids don't pick a junkie mom but hers don't even live with her she just reaps the benefits and packs em off to grandmas. Also even if you make exceptions for people with kids it is insane to take someone who has an oral pill habit and put them on a drug as powerful as methadone; it's like curing a caffeine habit with amphetamine. Methadone was meant as a last resort maintenance for those who needed it most not to be handed out with your WIC card because it is one more free thing to get.

If these women need treatment put them on Suboxone which isn't nearly as addictive and is generally useful at treating Vicodin/Percocet habits. Instead because of the welfare/assistance system structure they are putting non-intravenous addicts with no criminal history on the last resort narcotic used to treat hopeless cases. Ironically my counselor ( a seminary drop out with no medical experience) argued with me that that is how it should be as it can do more good. If you believe addiction is bad how can increasing someone addiction be a good thing just because a baby is involved.

Another idiot argument they used was that, using AA logic and models, if you can pay then you are not far enough along in addiction thus making the welfare moms better candidates. But if you never work or make income you cant lose it by addiction. Also with no money you cant be an addict. Hardcore addicts' burn through cash and have to come up with some way of generating it, regardless what that is.

Not surprisingly since 2010 methadone overdoses have skyrocketed (see the UNODCP report or an ODADAS report to verify) because they are taking people not used to hard opioids/opiates and giving them methadone because they fit the assistance profile. So when the kid who took 2-3 oxycodone a week gets on 120mg methadone and then gets drunk and takes some benzodiazepines she dies. So now thanks to their own idiocy the pharmacy boards and ODADAS want to respond by making it harder for patients to increase their dosage. So people can't get the amount of medicine they need because the clinics decided to cram recreational users into a hard core maintenance program for tax purposes.

So now instead of taking in less cash from drug testing privately they cram the methadone program with WIC patients to balance it out. They have completely abandoned their mission statement of helping addicts in favor of growing the non-profit and diversifying it's functions. Years ago they petitioned the Ohio Pharmacy Board to prevent the Veterans Hospital from giving out methadone wafers as they didn't want methadone available in the community getting people addicted (they got the mg you can prescribe w/out going through a methadone clinic reduced). The hypocrisy makes me want to murder them. They wanted to stop the VA giving out methadone wafers to injured vets (methadone is a strong narcotic and qualitatively equivalent to morphine for pain relief)so it couldn't end up on the street as it is so addictive. Now they shovel it onto inexperienced users if they simply queff out a kid and fit the assistance profile. I am a liberal guy but if this is how a non-profit ends up simply privatize the thing since money and not need are now the determining factors anyhow.

ssi the other welfare 19

Alicia H. of Queens NY, I am angry that you have no high school diploma and FOUR fucking rude, illiterate, and disrespectful bastard children (by three different men)!! You sleep all day and spend the late evening whoring around. GET YO LIFE IN ORDER!!! #worthless piece of Guyanese shit, go back to your own country and mooch off of that government!! I have worked my entire life, and its not fair that YOU AND YOUR BASTARDS are getting my hard earned tax dollars. YOU ARE AN BLIGHT ON SOCIETY!!

government that subsidises crimanals and welfare 20

I was raised on a farm and have literally worked since I was a child of six or seven years of age. I am now in my sixties, and still working, not on a farm, but in public life,and am so sick of paying for a bunch of nonworking deadbeat sluts and their illegitamate offspring, as well as ileagal immagrants from everywhere imaginable and their offspring collecting welfare, foodstamps,free cellphones, subsidised daycare,housing, forgiveness of debts, free medical care, housing subsidies, college educations,f orgiveness of their many felonies,while working class people like me and my husband--yes I did say husband had to actually earn every dime we ever made from the work we actually did. No one else paid our mortgage payments--if we didnt we would have lost our house, and rightfully so. WE knew exactly what we signed on for.

No entitlement. You get what you pay for. Welfare recipients live in better quarters than we do because they are held to no moral, societal, or legal responsibility to pay from the sweat of their brow for anything-- not their homes--nor their childrens food, medical care, domestic care, their moral upbringing, the clothes on their backs,their education nor anything else. I raised a child with my husband to be self suffient, not to be looking for society to keep up, but a man with dignity owing noone for his welfare but himself. My son didnt get all he wanted. He got what he needed. He lives on what he earns while he, and we are FORCED to keep up the amoral welfare dynasties,criminals and ileagals who live better than we can afford to do. We just keep paying their bills, for their homes,food, clothes, medical care education, day care, Obama phones,etc., and now we should also pay for them to go to private schools because they believe they are entitled to it?

If we could have afforded to send ours to private school, we would have,but that was nt an option. Why the heck do you think they call it private school? If you cant pay for it, you certainly dont belong there. I sure as heck dont intend to pay for some illegitamate welfare brat to be enrolled on my paycheck. Why doesnt the government insist that after one illegitament child, the mother must have her tubes tied, so that the rest of us dont have to keep up the offspring she may procreate by whomever comes along to increase her welfare check and other benefits received on the backs of all the working people who are paying the bills. To all of them--keep your legs together-- dont make any children you cant or wont keep up. Your children as well as yourselves are your own responsibility, not anyones elses. The prisons are full of your welfare offspring, they get out and prey again on the working class. Assume responsibility for your own actions,that is the absolute only place that responsibility belongs. And by the way, send all the illeagals and their offspring back from whence they came, for THEY surely are entitled to nothing from this country. THE WEIGHT of ALL THE DEADBEATS ARE BREAKING OUR BACKS. And our pocketbooks.


*Note from Anger Central
It ends when the taxpayers finally say enough and start stringing up politicians who keep stealing their money.


I am hurting right now, I cannot afford to see a Dr. I have insurance, but I pay over $500.00 a month, over $6,000.00 deductible. I am at work, the welfare leaches are at their house making more babies for US to support. Cut welfare off in 3 years, that is is, watch the birth rates drop!!! NO more damned welfare. They get medical free...this is b.s.

*Note from Anger Central
You were forced on to Obamacare, weren't you? We also agree that welfare needs to stop before it crashes the entire economy.

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