Anger Bites

I'm so damn angry that all of you people have nothing better to do than complain about how angry you are. I understand that this is a possible place to vent, but all that is being done is subsiding the fact that you have a severe emotional detachment from people or things that you truly care about. You should be spending your time with creating ways to fix the problem, a resolution is what some people like to call it. Anger is the most primitive emotion, I'm not going to argue with that, but I will argue that we are humans and no longer a primitive species. The fact that we can figure out how to control anger and promote other emotions is what makes us human. For anyone who is being ignorant in arguing that I myself is currently anger, I feel much to the contrary. I laugh at all of your petty problems and undesirable remarks. Believe me, just because your wife left her unfolded clothes on the sofa today, or your son constantly spends his time on the computer, or you think I'm being a selfish jerk by writing this, there are people with a much harder life than you will ever lead. At least we are fortunate enough to afford this computer and complain so heavily about such foolish things. Don't be ANGRY at me for pointing out the obvious, just simply think before the next time you become so enraged that you have to make it known to the world that you could be spending your time resolving and enjoying life. As long as the sun comes up, there will be another day. Break your wings and fly! :)

Being angry 2

I HATE IT. Being a teenager, I'm used to the mini-mood swings and what not, but I'm fucking SICK AND TIRED OF IT! I wish I could hurry and get THROUGH this shit. I feel like some pregnant chick! The slightest things set me off, people refuse to be around me because they never know what has happened that might tip me over the edge that day. I try and I TRY to control myself but some days I just want to slam some kids head through a WALL. I've already had to pay to patch up a wall in my home because I punched a hole through it. THIS SUCKS.


"ANGER MANAGEMENT" - I don't want to learn to control my anger. I want to learn how to fucking enhance that shit. If people learnt to get fucking angry then the world would be a happier place 'cause people would learn to just get angry about it, then get the fuck over it. I swear to god if I hear another fucking person tell me to learn to control my fuking anger, the shit will hit the fan. Along with fucking up your face, I hope said fan chops of your god-damn self-righteous fingers for pointing them at me and telling me I'm an angry bitch who needs to learn a lesson. FUCK YOU UP THE ARSE WITH A FUCKING SCREWDRIVER YOU GODDAMN PRICKS!

*Note from Anger Central
We are utterly opposed to Anger Management systems/services. If they succeed, we're out of business. ;)

Not Enough Anger 4

I'm pretty pissed that there aren't more angry outbursts being posted here! (Granted, I just found the damned place, since The Angry Webmaster is, apparently, too <strike>much of a p*ssy</strike> reserved to LinkWhore the shit out of the place over at Teh Rott.) C'mon, you @ssholes! There's more than enough sh!t out there to be angry about! Hell, just the fact that 99.999% of the Whores on the Potomac aren't swinging gently in the breeze from the trees lining the National Mall is reason enough to be spittin' venom like a cobra with his balls in a vise and his email address on Shillary Klintoon's campaign mailing list! Git yer rants on!

B.C., Imperial Torturer


PS: Do html tags work on this thing?

*Note from Anger Central
Nope. this comes in as straight text, which is the way we want it. Avoids trojans and virii

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