The Beach

I'm a native Southern Californian. My pet peeve is parking at the beach. See, I ALWAYS get a front row space at the best spot on the beach. But thereafter, I can't stand within 50 feet of my car without some asshole goin' "Are ya leavin'?" every thirty seconds or so all the rest of the F'ing day.

EVERYBODY wants my parking space. They're all driving around in circles getting pissed off, and sometimes they're really rude when you tell them that no... you're not leaving. Much of the time, it's some soccer mom bitch with a car full of kids who'd call the cops if you said hello to her yourself. She'd never dream of speaking to YOU except to say "Are ya leavin'?"

Every once in a great while, I'll have trouble finding a space too, but I've made it my policy NEVER to ask people who are standing near their cars if they're leaving. See, I know how annoying it is.

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