Cherry Cola

This stuff makes me angry just by looking at it. not to mention that it tastes like crap! damn the man that created cherry cola to hell!

alcool 2

i'm fuching mad because i lost my control on alcool. all i do now is to get drunk sleep with guys and feel like shit the next morning, i fucking jerk even gave me herpes. i would never be able to control myself when i drink and it sucks cause now i have to go the the AA. theres nothing else i could do, i tried everything and its not working, when i take my first drink its all over. im a beautiful woman and when i drink i look like a fuckin whore, i hate myself for doing this to me. i have to stop i really do, if i continue i wont have any friends anymore, ill just be this lonely alcoholique, fuck im 23 years old and wont be able the pleasure of a great glass of wine with a steak, im sooo miserable

*Note from Anger Central
Might we suggest a 12 step program before you post next time?

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