common walls

For the past 16 years of my life, ever since I left my parent's home for college I have lived in a dormitory, apartment, or condominium. What, may you ask is my point? The hell of The Common Wall. The wall you share with your neighbors. The one in hotels----esp. when you are in a different time zone attempting to get what little sleep you can before reporting bright and early to your superiors the next morning---and the drunk, vacationing couple next door comes home, turns the TV up really loud and then starts screwing really loud. Or the inconsiderate neighbor that has to BANG everything. What the fuck are you doing over there--throwing bricks against the fucking wall?? Or the dumbfuck neighbor that has a big screen TV and hi def surround sound system (apparently wired in all rooms of his craphole apartment) that rattles the walls every time he watches it. Or the goddamn college students that bought a condo right next door (the girlfriend was a trust fund brat who bought it to share with her loser--ugly--Dave Matthews Band--loving boyfriend) that come and go at all hours of the day, invite their retarded pseudo intellectual moronic pot smoking fuck buds to hang out till all hours of the night on the "fabulous" deck and fuck so goddamn'd loud you can hear the moans and the groans as if you were standing next to their bed watching the skanks go at it. And speaking of LOUD sex. The next place I live in--a DETACHED condo. I'm thinking great--no more shared walls. Finally some peace. Oh hell fuck no. I go outside one afternoon fucking around with some stupid mulch or planting, etc. What do you think I hear. My whore of a neighbor---screaming (and I DO mean SCREAMING) oh baby, oh baby, moaning, groaning, panting, hissing, barking like a dog, etc. and whatever else fucking noise you are compelled to make during the height of a passionate fuck session with some hung-over flavor of the night she picked up at a bar. Fucking whore--shut your goddamn window--you SLUT. Neighbors on the other side slammed the door a few times trying to drop a strong hint--hell no, she was all caught up in HERSELF and the loser hillbilly she was doing--all the dogs in the area were howling and baying. Bitch I hope your cunt got filled with a nasty case of Chlamydia and your uterus rots out so you will never reproduce your dumbass DNA. Also, is it really necessary to SLAM the fucking door EVERY TIME you leave? Why??? Someone please tell my WHY society is going to fucking hell and no one has manners, concern for anyone else, etc. Just live in your own little bubble and don't worry about anyone else, OK. Its all about you, what you like, what you want, what you need, etc etc. Its time to get the fuck out of suburbia and move somewhere where the closest human being cannot be seen, smelled, or heard. People are just selfish motherfuckers by nature and with the breakdown of any semblance of morality, manners, respect, etc. its just getting worse and worse. I hope I live long enough to see the U.S. turn into a third world country that its headed toward being and China will be the superpower laughing hysterically at all the stupid fucking Americans. All you greedy fuckers will get yours. In the meantime, have some respect for the people you share a wall with. I don't want to hear your arguments, your fucking, your temper tantrums, your pet or your kid. Maybe the cheap fucks that build these places should stop cutting corners and put more fucking insulation between the units. Oh god, that might make too much sense or add more money and time. Jesus I can't take it. Just give me another Klonnepin so I can get some sleep and stop thinking about all of the ignorant fucks that surround me. I HATE YOU!!!

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