This stupid buzzword makes me so goddamn angry. Everything today is followed by the buzzword "Solutions" or some other bullshit. Like the american family is somehow run like a corporation. IT ISNT.

Like some Cat food company says "We are your source for all of your feline dietary Solutions" SLOW DOWN, SHITFUCK! YOU MAKE FUCKING CAT FOOD! You don't provide a solution to my problem, you create a problem! The cat's hungry, he eats CAT FOOD. HE DOES NOT EAT SOLUTIONS FOR BREAKFAST. Toothpaste is not my "Dental Hygiene Solution" it's motherfucking toothpaste.

I don't need a one-stop center for all of my petroleum solutions, I NEED A GODDAMN GAS STATION. I also dont get all this E-whatever. E-diets, E-Doctors,E-Pizza. FUCKING SHUT UP. I DON'T WANT AN E-PIZZA HUNGER MANAGEMENT SOLUTION. FUCK ALL! I WANT A PIZZA!

Stop saying Solutions! It doesn't make you more socio-economically viable! It makes you look stupid! This is a bubble dot-com buzzword trend that people have come to associate with high-quality and businesslike relationships. Customers are now called Clients. Groceries are referred to as "Product". Public Service Industries are now called "Management Firms". DOESN'T ANYBODY SPEAK ENGLISH ANYMORE?!? WE ARE NOT THE JETSONS, AND WE DON'T LIVE IN A HIGH-TECH BUSINESS CORPO-SLUT WORLD 24/7. Shut the FUCK UP with your FUCKING buzzwords and stick them UP YOUR TIGHT YUPPIE MARKETING ASS, YOU OX-LICKING COCK-SLUTS.

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