i am so fuckin' pissed with chemistry, it is the worst school subject in the WORLD. it doesnt make ANY sense. nothing is EVER certain when it comes to stupid-ass chem. i fuckin hate working my ass off for many, many hours a day just to get a wrong fuckin answer on every fuckin problem i try. and i dont even fuckin understand the damn answers. and then when i try to read the text to LEARN the damn concepts, i fuckin fall asleep cuz its so booooring. im tired of spending so much time on this ridiculous subject, which is just based on theories anyways. who knows if any of it is true? its so farfetched and stupid, it cant be true or worthwhile. i cant wait till im done with this class. it pisses me right off. die mother fuckin chem, just die.

Organic Chemistry 2

Organic Chemistry sucks like none other. I swear it is the fucking bastard spawn of acid dropping crackwhore chemistry professor who fancied him or herself an artist and pure unadulterated evil. Eventually when all of the information begins to make sense an exception to the rule will appear sending all of the bullshit you just memorized down the crapper and the whole system goes up in flames. If I could trade sexual favors and never have to take this course I would do it. It sucks like none other. I am required to take this course, it is completely unrelated to my major however if I do not pass with at least a C I'm fucked out my ass. The teacher is a complete fucktard. Whenever we take a test, he tells how many people received A's, B's and so on and so forth. It is a class of 45 people and 41 received F's on the second test. What the fuck. The remaining 4 received A's. Ratbastards. Another thing, I figure if i can pull at least a D on the final I should be able to pull a C because the professor has to curve the crap out of the grades so that the minimum amount of people can pass the course. I know really makes sense right? Now that I have this off my DD's I think I will go back to studying for this final. Fuck you organic chemistry. Actually, i will fuck you if it means I can pass this fucking class. Damn, I need to cut down on the coffee. Organic Chemistry makes me so angry. I hate this class.

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