I'm not angry anymore =) I just had myself a good old fashioned laundry orientated exorcism.

All my old uniforms from places I worked at and hated every second of it cause I was treated like a piece of shit have had the company logo cut out and burned. I keep the remains in an old tin which ironically has the words Sensations Refreshing Long Burning Candle written on the side. Eat shit and die motherfuckers. hahaha

Plus-size fashion (or lack thereof) 2

I'll admit, I'm overweight, too, but I dress modestly, and many people don't think I weigh as much as I do. But these chicks who act and dress like they're size 4s and prostitutes besides? Seriously! Cover up already. You look fatter when you wear clothes that don't fit. Get clothes that fit, and accentuate your good features while concealing the rest.

As for the companies that design clothes for us: No, we don't want to look like either grandmas (no disrespect, Grandmas, but I'm 34 and want to look 34) or teenage sluts. We want decent clothes we can wear for work, socializing, doing errands, chasing after our kids, whatever we spend our time doing. Yes, we do have lives; we don't all sit home eating Cheez Doodles and spending welfare checks or our husbands' money. We want to look good, whether we're trying to lose weight or just maintain.

oversized tank tops 3

OMG! I wanted to order a T-shirt at my summer camp and then my mom ordered me this tank top. i mean ok, alright. BUT THE THEN TANK TOP WAS SOOO BIG! It was obviously made for boys seeing as the armpit holes are sooo huge that they would show off the side of your boobs if you wore it alone. and the neckline is huge too! It goes sooooo far down! I hate it! its like a dress on me. and the camp makes you wear the tank top for everything you do! AGH! i cannot cannot cannot wear it. so damn angry!

Santa Hats...Again! 4

It's time for those fucking Santa Hats again. One person I know wears the same ratty ass fucking Santa Hat year after year. To the fairly upscale restaurant for the company dinner, they'll wear it to the office party Christmas Eve..they probably wear it everywhere they can. It's been suggested they buy a new, fresher fucking Santa Hat...but they won't let go of the one they have. Now I think if this person wasn't so gdamned unnecessarily bossy and nit picky..I might not mind the ratty ass fucking Santa hat. If it was a regular ole worker with a sense of humor, I could get into it...but put an old bossy old lady in that fucking hat and it's a whole other party.

Clothing Sizes 5

Shopping for apparel is an angry and frustrating experience for me, as it is for most women. I refused to shop in chain stores where a size 20 shirt in a shoddy cut and made from crappy fabric looks more like a size 12 to 14. It serves to leave us women to wonder just how fat we really are. When the sales happen, all that is left is the size 8 to 10s, which would barely cover a three year old.

If you want to fit into a 12 to 14, go to a high street retailer. We are forced to PAY to be a smaller size and its not just because we buy into the weight loss industry and its pithy promises. Designers are intelligent and greedy enough to know this and will exploit it. I know I would if the chance presented itself to me.

I do not have tons of money to spend on clothes but I would rather purchase a more pricey garment and know that I am getting the cut, fit and quality that suits me than buy several cheap and nasties.

In as many ways as I can, I will not let the system beat me. Now I have to go and throw up so I can fit into my new frock for a dinner date tonight.

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