You don't like being barefoot because you feel "comfortable" you do it because you're too damn lazy to walk to where you put your shoes down and put them back on. Your feet are black because of all the crap your walking on and yet you still think it's okay to comfortably put your dirty ass feet on they bed or couch. Gross!! If you're gonna walk around barefoot, have the decency to trim your fucking toenails and keep your feet clean! It's unattractive, not cute. It's lazy, not comfortable. Comfort is when you're home alone, or asleep on your bed not EVERYWHERE you go! And YES it does smell in the car when you drive around BAREFOOT! stop it, it's gross!

People's Feet 2

It's so nasty seeing people go out in public barefoot, seriously I find it nauseating every time I walk into a Supermarket or Restaurant and see somebody standing with their dirty bare feet and their disregard for their own health all because they're too goddamn lazy to put on some proper footwear. Also it really irritates me when I see people hanging their feet out of a moving car, it is so nasty especially when you pass by other drivers and they end up nearly having their nasty smelly feet up in your face when your driving. Seriously get your fucking feet out of my face before you cause me to have an accident, do you think I actually want to smell your feet, no and if somebody did they would cause a accident and a traffic jam all because you couldn't keep your damn feet in the car. Another thing that pisses me off is seeing people use public restrooms barefoot, I mean for the love of God that is just disgusting, I have no problems with transgender people using restrooms but bare feet in a rest room is a serious no no to me I don't care how bad of a shit you half to take or how bad you gotta piss, put on some fucking shoes before you step foot in a public restroom that is just disgusting not to mention the diseases you pick up from doing that. Seriously people stop showing off your nasty ass feet because it's gross and some of us don't want to see your nasty feet in our faces anywhere we go it's unsanitary so please wear some fucking shoes.

Feet 3

It pisses me off seeing the latest footwear trend for men it involves wearing dress shoes without socks.

There's a man in my office who wears a business suit but he wears no socks at all with his dress shoes and it is so fucking nasty.

Do you think anyone wants to see your bare ankles under your pant legs?

I also remember sitting in the office with this guy and he fucking took his shoes off in the office and his feet stunk up the whole damn office.

It is so fucking disgusting that anyone would wear any shoes without socks like one it makes your feet very sweaty and it's very unhygienic for your feet like why do you think sandals were invented for?

If you didn't want to wear socks than why not just wear fucking sandals. Imagine a man coming inside the office wearing flip flops with a business suit, he would get laughed out of the office.

Also I noticed runners and joggers not wearing socks when they run inside their running shoes like that is just disgusting and I would hate to be around any runners the moment they take their shoes off and they are not wearing any socks with them.

I think it's fucked up that wherever I go I usually see kids mostly boys wearing sandals over their socks and here I always believed that was a crime against fashion but at least it's not as bad seeing grown men wearing dress shoes or running shoes without any socks because that is a serious crime against fashion.

If you're going to wear any shoes except for sandals than please wear some fucking socks it really makes for better hygiene.

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