Afro Hair 1

I'm black and I hate having "Afro" hair. I hate it so much it is a pain to deal with. Why did god give us this nasty hair? its the worse hair a human can have. You white people should be happy with your hair. God has really blessed you. I hate having this damn afro, kinky, curly, nappy, crazy looking hair. Being black is hard but the hair makes one want to commit suicide. I can not cut it off because I have a big head. I just wish I had normal white peoples hair and not this kinky shit. Most black people both boys and girls want white peoples hair and hate their own. I know I do.

my annoying hair! 2

I hate having naturally curly hair! Whenever it is humid and rains my hair frizzes up like an afro! A lot of people tell me i am lucky to have curly hair and i hate having curly hair! I sometimes wish my hair was straight, then I wouldn't have to use those frizz controlling hair gels all the time!

Hair 3

Straight hair is hated for being dead and unable to hold volume or curl..

Wavy hair is hated because unless properly managed, it just looks messy, and wavy hair is often flat like straight hair.

Curly hair is hated because it is difficult to manage, gets messy really easily, poofs up in high heat or excessive brushing.

Kinky hair is hated because it is difficult to do anything with, has too much volume, and looks very nappy.

Thin and fine hair is hated because you have little to no hair, it is very delicate and can break easily.

Thick and coarse hair is hated because it is rough and hard, it gets messy easier, and it is harder to manage.

So what is my rant really about?

  1. Wigs are too expensive.

  2. I don't have the heart to shave my head.

  3. I wish my own hair was something it wasn't, despite the fact I know everyone wants a different hair type and color.

Armpit Hair 4

I was at Taco Bell ordering some Tacos until I noticed a man who looked like he just left the gym wearing a sleeveless shirt and has disgusting armpit hair. I immediately lost my appetite and left the restaurant without buying anything after seeing a man with fucking armpit hair that looked like he had a fucking bush growing under his arm. If I worked at Taco Bell I would not serve anyone who looks that unhygienic, so if you have armpit Hair please keep it covered nobody wants to fucking see that in public.

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