Now here's a holiday I'm so fucking sick of. I run myself $500 = $700 into the goddamn hole every year to buy people a little something, when no one (except maybe my BF and a close friend) buys me anything! It's outrageous! And of course no one thanks me. My fuckin family doesn't even call me up or send me email. I'm just here. Of course my credit card company is ALWAYS grateful to me. ha ha. Fuck Christmas. Why should I celebrate a birthday of a god I'm not even sure exists anymore. Fuck Christmas and fuck you! Thanks for listening to me rant. and STAY ANGRY.

Santa Claus 2

I am REALLY FUCKING ANGRY at Santa Claus. The fat old prick likes to sit little kids on his lap, he lives in a workshop full of little elves, He watches kids every move to see if they're "naughty or nice" (bull shit you lying son of a bitch. I'm onto you, and that's not all you're watching for) and he wins kid's "love" with promises of toys and candy. IS THIS ASSHOLE SOME KIND OF PEDOPHILE OR SOMETHING!? Sick Fucker. I know where you live you perverted asshole. And me and Black & Decker are coming after your perverted ass.

And what is with this asshole landing his damn sleigh on my roof and trying to fit his fat ass down my chimney every fucking year? HEY ASSHOLE, ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY FOR THE DAMAGE DONE TO THE ROOF AND THE CHIMNEY?? Didn't think so, so keep your fat ass off my roof and out of my chimney! Why the hell does he have to use the damn chimney anyways? IS HE TOO DAMN SENILE TO KNOW HOW TO USE THE FUCKING DOOR LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING? And after he uses the damn chimney he leaves a huge mess of soot and ashes on my floor, and HE CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO CLEAN IT UP. Guess he's in too much of a hurry to fill his fat face with milk and cookies. WELL GUESS WHAT ASSHOLE, IF THERE'S A FUCKING MESS ON MY FLOOR THIS YEAR, THERE WON'T BE ANYMORE MILK AND COOKIES AGAIN. Instead you'll be getting three bursts from a Steyr AUG at point blank.

And if your fucking reindeer run over my grandmother one more fucking time, There's going to be a LOT of venison in the freezer this year. And also If I catch you kissing my mom again, I'm going to KICK YOUR FAT ASS BACK TO THE NORTH POLE. Asshole.

Christmas!! 3

"It's the most wonderful time, of the year..." (record scratches and stops as I shove the turntable over with full force, then bludgeon it with a dull axe)

It's Christmas again, and I hate it with even more intensity than I did a year ago. Since my financial situation has changed from last year (three more mouths to feed, same income) I have had little money with which to buy gifts but I did what I can. I spent roughly the same amt on the BF that I did on my kids. However he is busy throwing a bitch fit and telling others what a bitch I am for buying myself CD's and DVD's and not getting him two of the books he really wanted. FUCK YOU!!! Where does it say that I had to get you everything you wanted?! I bought him the model kit, the little dinosaur figurine, and some of the other stuff he really wanted, so I'm not feeling any guilt at all about not getting him everything he wants. I would really like to kick the ass of the person who taught him that Christmas is about getting and not giving! And I hate Christmas anyway. I can't wait to get this shit over with so I can get back to normal life whatever that is. Thank you for listening to me rant...

Holidays 4

Its That Time Of Year when that annoyingly tacky holiday is near us ....... VALENTINES DAY !!! im Talking about everybody is more lovey dovey than usual and its the one day i get my nose rubbed in the miserable fact everyone else has somebody except me and im so fuckin sick of it , If there was any god or any kind of justice he would of made sure that all these lowlife creeps were either dead or in prison and not with really beautiful girls Life Fuckin Sucks And Chavs should Get a razor blade and slaughter themselves. To Hell with Valentines Gay

*Note from Anger Central
Do what we did...Import! :)

Christmas! 5

Yes the Anger Central resident Grinch is back this will be the third year in a row that I posted how much I hate Christmas, oh yeah, it blows goats. We have NO heat, between the well driller guy and the ____ county child support fuckers, well I hope they have a Merry fuckin' Christmas, knowing they ruined mine!!! FUCK ALL YOU KNOBS!!! AND A BIG SPECIAL FUCK YOU GOES OUT TO MONICA (not her real name but..... close enough) DROP DEAD you FAT UGLY BITCH!!!

Christmas 6

Yes sir, Resident Grinch is back for post number four for year number four...

I fucking give up. I am not even putting up a tree this year, seeing as we lost it to the dumbfucks in storage because I got behind for three months of payment... ha. The holiday spirit my ass.

There will be presents for the kids but that's about it... any and all Christmas cards will be tossed aside by me, unopened... if it snows here, who cares, other than more shit for us to shovel off the sidewalk. PuhLEASE.

I wish I could go into suspended animation this time of year, from 30 minutes before the first decorations go up until a week before the official start of spring. This fucking shit sucks. And a big "fuck you" goes out to all the humorless twats who got the vapors at the half-assed joke i cracked about charity work over the holidays. At least i wont have to bother taking the tree down this year, haaahahahahahahahahahahaha. blow it out your ass Richard and Adam.

and BTW kiss mine you bunch of fags. I wont lose one bit of sleep over knowing your stupid asses were offended. I really could care less.

BTW, Christmas STILL sucks that will never change.

Holidays (the ending of!) 7

Every year I make sure I save enough holiday time to have 8-10 days off to enjoy the holiday season with my family. That's great. I enjoy it immensely and really love the break from the daily grind. The worst part is like today, knowing I only have one day left before going back, it just feels like I'm being called back to prison after getting a special "holiday pass".. The absolute worst, though, is knowing how many people get EVERY day off and have never had to rely on vacation time, because they have never worked! For them, every single day is a "vacation day", even if they have little to no money they still have the luxury of waking up whenever they like and spending the day relaxing/sleeping/eating, etc. They have no concept of how it must feel to have to count down to things like Christmas holidays, summer holidays, and the odd long weekend or day booked off to enjoy. It's just a big, long Saturday for them.

Although, I guess the majority have to pump out a few kids to sponge enough money from the gov't to stay home 24/7, and really it's not worth that kind of sacrifice to me. So, even though I am depressed as hell about going back to work and getting back into the hamster wheel that is daily working life, at least I am affording my own needs and luxuries; maybe that is worth more than I remember sometimes.

The thought of that 5:30am alarm though............

Christmas 8

Here we go again. The song says it's the most wonderful time of the year. Well for me, it's the most dreaded. Over a month of spoiled ass women and children and their gimme gimme. Begging charities with their hands out. Annoying Christmas music everywhere you go. The fake ass peace on earth bullshit, the asshole family members who try to guilt you into the "Christmas spirit" and the conservative crybabies bitching and whining about "christ" being taken out of Christmas. The shit gives me a fucking headache. It's hard for me to have Christmas spirit when I've experienced so much loss around Christmas. And I can't help but resent this damn pagan holiday being forced on me. It's not like I can turn it off like a song or a tv show I don't like.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster is working Christmas Eve and Day at his real world job.
When management asked for someone to step up, he lept at the chance.
He really hates Christmas...A lot!

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