Job search and lack of privacy.

It's bullshit that when applying for a job, everyone is expected to give out so much personal info about themselves while so many employers think it's ok to keep everything about themselves a total secret...unless of course your one of the lucky bastards who's fortunate enough to at least get an interview, much less a job from some companies! Does anyone stop to think just how much these companies can now find out about you without your knowledge every time you submit a resume or job application? Once they have your social security number along with your full name all they have to do is go to these websites that are now popping up that offer to sell you as much private information about someone that you'd like to know for a small fee or more depending on how much background your looking for on a person. No one legally has to submit their social security number on any job application, but many of us are knieve about this and think that if we don't fully complete an application in this manner, that we might not get the job. My attitude is, no interview, no soc.!! An employer can basically find out how much property someone owns, criminal background, good credit, bad credit, past addresses and so on. The only thing someone can't legally find out, is how much cash is sitting in ones savings account. If you think some companies aren't already engaging in this practice, you'd be kidding yourself!

jobs 2

I'm angry that in college everyone acts like you should follow your dreams even if it means pursuing a USELESS degree that leaves you with ZERO job opportunities when you graduate! Every job says you need 1-2 years of experience BLAH BLAH BLAH! Then, when you try to get an internship to gain some "experience" you're told that you need to be a college student. Too bad I GRADUATED! F***ing quarter life crisis shit...

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster has been out of work for 9 months as of this posting. He's getting F***ing scared.
The Anger Central bank account is being depleted rapidly.

Addendum, 4/27/2009
The Webmaster found a job a month after the last note

Job Coach 3

Two weeks ago, this guy who is supposed to help me find another job so I can leave my present employer made out a job application for me at a bookstore that's opening next week. The guy tells me that "They hired everyone that they wanted but that doesn't mean that I was not hired" UM, HELLO? IT DOES MEAN THAT I WAS NOT HIRED!! This guy thinks I'm so fucking stupid that I'd actually buy that. He had also said that we should go over and speak with the hiring manager once the place opens, as if it will do any good. They already hired everyone they wanted, he's just going to continue to waste my time. He's a total dick who doesn't give a damn if I ever find another job. I'd dump him if I could but I'm stuck.

Resume Advice 4

I cannot stand online resume advice. I am 21 years old and try to get into an entry job. My only problem is trying to write a great resume. I try looking for advice, and all these fucking pricks keep telling me to do shit like "make your entire resume 2-3 pages" and "add 4 employers to your reference list".

Jesus Christ you cocky bastards! I. AM. NEW. Get it though your goddamn head before I kill somebody!

*Note from Anger Central
We recommend hiring a professional resume writer. The Webmaster has one he used a while back and he's rather good. Of course you may not be local to him, but we can put you in contact if you wish. Let us know and we'll send you his contact info.

Why I have to speak spanish to get a job 5

I have applied for jobs (or tried to) where they say I need to speak both spanish and english. So I guess I have to speak both when some of the workers can only speak one. Besides, what business do you have working in America if you can't speak english?

job search 6

I am so sick of not finding a teaching job. I went back to school a few years ago, graduated and was even told by my professors that I should have no problem getting a teaching job and that I was made for teaching children.

That was two years ago when I graduated. I have had to work at two low paying no benefit jobs so I could build my resume. Still no teaching job, no benefits or insurance.
Damn it!!!

 No luck with Jobs 8

I'm in part time employment and hate it. I've written probably 50 letters asking for the type of roles that company offer AND if there are vacancies. I've had a grand total of 8 replies - all telling me that vacancies are online.

I'm not stupid - I have 3 A Levels (A-D) but didn't go to university and don't have any experience. All jobs want experience - how the fuck do you get experience if no one will give you a fucking job?

It's so fucking disheartening each day I hear nothing, get no replies, get turned down for jobs, or my favourite one - be told by an recruitment agency they've got a job, keep you hanging for a month, and then tell you "oh, they aren't recruiting anyone at the moment". No wonder 20 year olds stay on benefits - it's easier than getting a bloody job!

Rex Plastics 9

I go in at the scheduled time. The person I am to speak to is involved with some medical insurance stuff. FINALLY he comes out and asks me to wait. I do and then he comes out with job description and math test.

I finish the test reread the job description. He then comes and starts saying "I test for memory" and then asks question of the job description. I can barely remember it but said "I didn't find anything objectionable"...he still wanted more...

Shit, wasted 30 minutes with this idiot who likes to play games...Fuck you.

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