Life sucks ass!!

To make a long story short I am angry because of several things and we'll start with first things first. My fatass no good sister ended up selling my electric guitar without my permission! I plan to contact her and ask for for the money she made off it -- its the very least she could do. After that I never want to see her or the fucktard she married again. Stupid bitch.

Then some other stupid whore fucked me up financially by stealing one hundred and twenty dollars from one of my handicapped clients. This in addition to marijuana being left in her house, led her service coordinator to hire another home care agency which means I am out 500 dollars a month now when I did nothing wrong!!! I guess even through all my generosity and care it still wasn't enough to offset the damage done by these low life welfare class whores. And I love the way she so perfunctorily left a message on the other staff members machine effectively letting me go and announcing "Oh well I'm going to be out of town for 3 days." I hope she's prepared to get alot of angry calls from my former client demanding my return because I was the only aide who treated her like a human being, because that's what's going to happen. Now I have to wait for my stupidvisor to call me back concerning any other possible clients. This couldn't have happened at a worse time because I get a letter from the IRS stating I owe them 216 bucks on top of the 288 I already paid. Sure, bub, pass the magic wand and I'll pull the 216 right out of my ass. Then the brakes go on the van on the way home -- we HAD to get that fixed because it was unsafe to drive around -- and on top of it get the speed sensor and several other things replaced. I goddamn hate life!!! And yes, Anger Central I am ANGRY as hell thank you

broke & in pain all the time 2

WTF??? i can't deal with this world anymore! gas prices are sky high, i have no money for bills, car or groceries and my fucking back is KILLING ME! five weeks ago i was in the ER and they said i have a herniated disc. fucking lovely! well the damn nerve is being pinched because the disc above the herniated on is bulging out & the herniated on is so squished that the neurologist said it won't go back on it's own. fuckin A! i haven't had feeling in my foot for FIVE FUCKING WEEKS! and to make matters sciatica is ALWAYS acting up and i can barely move because i'm in so much fucking pain all the damn time!!! i hate this shit! i just want to take a shitload of pills & die. chronic pains blows ass!!

Everything 3

I'm angry because it always seems to happen when ever I'm going to have a good day lots of little stuff adds up and makes one big problem, then everyone is asking me "why are you mad" and stuff like that when all I want to do is sitt ack and be mad and think stuff out, but I always have people wantign to prode into why I'm angry and I'm sure someone can feel this, that when I'm mad I can't think of everything making me mad right off of the bat but still they push which in-turn makes me even madder. Venting feeling good to bad I can't tell people all this stuff cause all they do is try to help and end up in the huh?

Life 4

Well Anger Central,

It's me again and while I haven't submitted anything in awhile I still have plenty to be angered over. How about I title this one "Everything".

Number one gripe: my friend. Yes it was nice of her to watch my kids to the point of letting them stay at her house pretty much all the time but I don't like the way she seemingly tries to cut me out of the loop as if I was too stupid and incompetent to deal with the insurance companies, the school, (fill in the blank here) I hate being treated like an idiot. I have an IQ of 125 for Christ's sake. If I want to accompany my kid to the doctor, I am going to, god damn it!

Number two: I am stuck here alone on a Friday night. I took the day off so my BF and I could go camping. And what happens? HE GETS CALLED IN TO WORK!!! So I'm stuck here alone and I don't want to be alone (at least not tonight) If I'd known this shit was gonna be pulled I would have gone ahead and gone to work. grr!

Number three: I just LOVE the way that I get out on the country roads so I can barrel down them at 85 mph like an idiot but soon I get stuck behind some old fucker who's 98 years old, has wrinkly balls, hair coming out of his EARS, and drives like a fucking corpse -- Yes I know I can be just as much of a badass doing 45 mph but shit man!! How ridiculous can you get. To all you old geezers: Put the pedal to the metal when you're out driving, or hang up your fuckin keys!

Number four: my BF!!! ARRRGH! What a jackass. He says he loves me and has my best interests at heart -- but when I voice what's bothering me he says "Quit complaining". I recently started telling him whenever he asks me what's wrong -- 'Don't bother asking me, you don't want to hear it so I'm not going to bother saying it." What a bozo. Love is a joke at best and a lie at worst.

Number five: the shrink. There's a nice picture of mental health there -- 300 pounds and pussywhipped by his wife. Yeah -- I want to be JUST LIKE HIM -- NOT. I plan on making Booby Boy so crazy he'll quit. :)

And last but not least: Number six -- my ex husbands wife who just called up and wanted her kid to talk to mine -- said he was traumatized by her sending them away. Yeah bitch... whose fault is that?

Anyway -- YOU ALL CAN BITE ME!!! Thanks for listening to me rant.

of things not going how i want in my life 5

I am very angry because i feel that things are just not going right. My mom and family are putting so much pressure on me. Theres only so much i can handle at one time in my life before i totally go insane. IM ANGRY but yet I'm hurt as well. Inside i cry! Inside i yell and scream! Inside it all takes place because there's no one one the outside that cares..

my situation 6

I'm angry because it is Halloween and I am sitting at the computer typing on this site. Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. There's a party I was going to go to, but I'm grounded and life sucks right now. Other than that party, I had no other plans. None of my friends have contacted me today and it hurts my feelings. I am no one's first priority. I feel like no one cares about me the way I care about them. Honestly, i feel like my friend "K" is the best example of this. She only calls me if she has nothing better to do. It's offensive.

I'm also angry because I just turned 18 and my parents gave me shitty birthday presents: shampoo, a book, a 10$ giftcard to target, and a mirror. Really???? I got a better present from my neighbor. I'm 18! Normal kids are getting fucking cars! I don't even have an ipod, I am soooo bitter about it. I hate seeing all my friend's who's parents just get them ipods for no reason. My parents, honestly, never give me any money. If they do, it will be like at the most fifteen fucking dollars. i can buy like one tank top with that. That is why i have had to resort to shop lifting to get my clothes. I'm also mad at my hair. my sidebangs are hideous!!!!!!!!! I want to shave my head, gawdddd. fuck my hair. It's so nappy and always flat and looks terrible in the back.

but in general, i'm angry because i'm lonely right now and have nothing to do and no friends who want to hangout with me right now.

Life - Everything 7

I am so fucking sick of my life. Nothing I do can make my life any better because it's a HUGE fuck-up. First of all unemployment. I have worked so unbelievably fucking hard to get good grades and qualifications and no1 wants to even fucking give me a chance. Every time I manage to get an interview I get the same bullshit '' Oh but you're still so young we'll employ someone who is more experienced''. Yeah but I need to live too you fucking morons. What do they expect me to live off? Fucking air? Dickheads. I have given up applying for stupid jobs as there is no point anymore. I know for a fact I am going to live off virtually nothing and claim unemployment money for the rest of my useless life. I might as well jump off a fucking cliff and end it.

Then there is this guy I really like. I met him a couple of months back and thought he was different to all the other men I have met. He never shows any interest though, or even talk 2 me. This just shows that men have NO FEELINGS. They are cold and heartless. Part of me is like ''fuck it'' because every person (including my evil ex) I have become involved with has ended in tears. Then again I do really like him. I wish there was a button I could press to erase my feelings for him. I might as well not exist.

What's the point? I also have no friends. I am a complete loner.

Every time I meet someone decent they just disappear again even though I put all the effort in to stay in touch. I feel like a failure in every way. My life has no purpose or any meaning whatsoever.

Jealousy 8

Im so freakkkkkkkkkkking mad i just hate everything and im so freaking pissssssssssed. i work for fucking hard in my life and i get shit. i buy everything myself and i work hard everyday!!!!!!!! im sick of it i help people and try to be there for people when they are down and who helps me? fucking no one thats who, when i need help everyone is gone. no one is there for me

Life 9

I am angry because i have a boss that expects me to do the same work and just as fast and well done as people with a year too 12 years on the job. I am angry because have to go to a 7 hour school day and then still work for 10 more hours after i get out of school so i have little to no free time and when i get some free time and sit down my mom yells at me for not doing the dishes i was not even home to use and why am i up so late at night and that i should go to bed do my homework and run out and buy stuff we need for the house when she has been sitting at home for the last 5 to 6 hours watching tv. I am angry that i have dyslexia and it is ten times harder to do simple math, read write and do school work when anyone with half a brain can do it. I am angry that when i do my school work my teachers report me to the phycologist for anger issue's so i have to spend two hours of my month sitting in a room with her not saying anything because i have to fear that they will send me to a nut house because i hear voices in my head and i dream of killing people. i am augury that i don't have money because everything i make goes to hanging out with my girlfriend doing things i hate to do and the rest to driving and paying for my car. I am angry that when i am at school they tell me i am a smart kid so why have you stopped caring about everything and all i have to say is, I have always been this way. i am angry that i cant just be alone and that people care about me and think they have to step in and help me when i clearly don't need or want help and i am not failing school i have never been fired and the only resin i crack and let my anger out of people is because they slow me down or get in my way. I am angry that people think they know what true angry is. I am such an angry person i wrote an english essay in 12 font no spaces about everything i hate. I am angry that i am writing this because i know it is pointless and has not helped at all and that someone who reads this will think i am some lost soul that needs a helping hand, where really i am just one more person with a temper that leads to blind rage and ends up doing something most people would regret but i don't because i have so much angry running like fire in my blood that what ever i have done wrong or what ever i have hurt never makes me feel bad or that i have done something wrong or bad.

People 10

I am angry at how the world is run.

  1. My manager keeps cutting my hours at work, then when I start looking for another job she acts disappointed in me.

  2. I only get my paycheck every 2 weeks.

  3. I have to wait another 2 days to cash the check because the bank is lazy.

  4. It takes 5 minutes to buy whatever I want or need on the internet. I have to wait 1 or 2 weeks to get whatever I ordered. Forget buying all this shit at the store, it's not stocked there.

  5. After I spend all my money, all my shit breaks down and I have to wait for my next paycheck to get it all fixed.

  6. I can't find a job with a bigger salary. They all want more experience. To get more experience, I need a job that requires more experience.

  7. My family never told me about their problems before, now that I'm all pissed off they start getting on my nerves.

  8. Fuck you.

Life 11

I'm Angry At life in general. I bust my ass day in and day out. I stress out on a daily basis over work. I work and work and work and when I want one god damn thing, can I get it? NO! Why? because I'm in a perpetual fuckfest. My life now consists of working for nothing and putting on a fake ass smile to appease the people around me. I'm angry because I fucking Hate my life and have no way to change it and don't have the balls to end it. All in all I guess I'm angry at myself for being such a fucking failure. Fuck Life

Life 12

I am so fucking pissed off at life. All these fucking happy people around me - don't they realize that it's all artificial? Or maybe I'm just pissed because I am so tired of working my tail off trying to get ahead in my career and trying to be a good person, and I consistently have shitty things happen to me. Why the fuck can't I catch a break? And I'm sick of all these fucking people who were so fucking dumb in college becoming doctors. Sure, why doesn't everyone just become a doctor? It's the trendy thing to do. I'm sick of working harder than these people and making all these sacrifices earlier to get ahead and ultimately I've fallen way far behind. This is bullshit. I am so pissed off. I sometimes feel like I'd be better off dead. And no, I'm not suicidal. I'm just ranting because I'm so angry. Thanks for giving me a safe space to do it, Webmaster.


I was already a little annoyed after coming home from work on my bike (yes I have to bike) at 1 AM. I work in customer service so I deal with shit heads all day that bitch and moan when their service is disconnected when they don't pay their $1000 bill that is three months late, but what really pissed me off is when I was walking to the next room in my home with my laptop.... I walked into the door know in my brooding and cracked the corner of my laptops screen. My anger could not be express. STUPID AKJDSJFNIEFFJSFLD So pissed at myself. ALSO I can't read THE FUCKING VERIFICATION CODE third attempt! OMFG What is that a 5? an s? FUCK YOU I had to copy paste and refresh.... This site is not helping.

Life 14

What's the point of trying? I've spent the last three years watching everyone I know founder and flail, trying desperately to get a foothold in the world, and it just isn't happening. I'm lucky, I'm in the U.S. Air Force, so I at least have a place to live and most of the other major expenses covered. I'm seriously thinking that just staying is my best option at this point. Not like I have too many other useful skills, beyond computing skill.

My high school friends aren't so lucky. Two are currently homeless, one has declared bankruptcy, and the remaining three are struggling day-to-day with paying for college, food and a place to live. The job situation is horrible for most for even the most menial of jobs, since a lot of jobs we'd usually hold simply aren't available. I don't blame employers for taking older people, not for a minute. That doesn't change how frustrating it must be for my friends, people just wanting to have some money to live and eat. I look at what's happening out in the world, and I see tons of shit. The one friend of mine who has pulled off a decent living is now working so much he never has time for much else. Statistics are also showing that college graduates often don't end up working in their field of choice anyway.

I knew adulthood would not be easy, but I didn't think it would be damn near impossible to get anywhere at all. Really, I'm not that angry, overall. Just tired of constantly finding out that there's rarely a road that goes anywhere in life. It's... exhausting.

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