What pisses me off are these idiots who keep asking, "When are you going to get married." I am unmarried for a reason and the reason is that I know the facts about marriage. All of the research states that half of marriages do not work out and that of the ones that last, very few add any happiness to people's lives. Those are the facts. Research says that marriage only makes people only a per cent or less happier after one year of marriage than if they were to stay single. And half of those end up in divorce. Now, why do these idiots continue to push such a bad deal on people? I had to listen for ten years to the boring troubles of my friends who all went through divorces. My best friend is a doctor who lost his house and most of his income to his ex-wife in a divorce case. Why would any man want to take on monogamy, a mortgage, and the task of trying to please another human being FOR LIFE knowing that it probably won't be worth it?? I believe two people should stay together only as long as it is agreeable to each other - none of this crazy lifelong vow crap. Men can save themselves the aggravation of demanding women by never marrying. Women are sweet as can be as long as you are single. As soon as they get that ring on, they turn into greedy, never happy bitches who want everything and who won't give their husbands even half of the sex they got when they were single. Guys, tell the marriage freaks to stick it up their ass. remain independent and to hell with marriage!

*Note from Anger Central
The webmaster is engaged, but he and his Fiancée are not able to set a date because of all the paperwork we have to go through for her to immigrate. He is asked the same question too. :\

Marriage 2

Marriage to an American woman is about the biggest mistake an American man can make these days, ESPECIALLY if she is a college-educated, middle class American woman. Why? Because she will have such an attitude of entitlement and pent up feminist rage that once she tricks you into getting hitched, she will turn your life into a living hell from with the only real escape is death. Not divorce, death. Because divorce only means that she’ll get to keep dragging you back into court for your monthly or annual ass raping where you get to give up all of your salary and assets, and then some, so she can spend it on trips to Cancun and Bermuda to sleep with her cyber fuck buddies. Forget marrying American women, they are the absolute bottom of the barrel.

*Note from Anger Central
Well the Webmaster must have made a good decision then. His fiancée is Chinese. :)

Marriage 3

I'm fricking fed up with people dropping their jaws when they find out I'm not married and GASP!...never have been. Like being divorced makes me a more worthy person? Married people are the worst at this. like they're so fucking superior. Like they are so lucky they entered into an institution with a 50/50 chance at best. Why do we still think marriage is a benchmark of normalcy? The most unhappy people I have ever know have been in stupid fucking relationships with the wrong person, but at least it was a warm body and they didn't have to say they were single.

I'm not opposed to marriage if I'm ever so lucky to find someone I don't want to live without in spite of the icky flaws we all have. Believe me, it's a fucking miracle and we should respect ALL fucking miracles. But it certainly doesn't make me snub the singles as defective people. Life is about trade offs. Being married or single isn't better than the other, just different. Your life changes, some for better, some for worse. So be happy where you are and let others live their lives without your nosy and offensive judgments.

Marriage 4

Why the hell did I want to get married and have children? For so many years I longed to get married. My friends all got married before me and they all seemed so happy. Thinking that I would never find someone who would want to marry me and would be alone forever - I obsessed about it. I worried about it. I cried about it. Well time went by and wouldn't you know I met someone who wanted to marry me. It was a whirlwind romance -and were married not a year later. And now we have a baby girl. And I love my baby boy. He's beautiful and I am so happy I had him.

My rant is this: Why the living hell did I get married when all marriage seems to be is me (the wifey) taking care of the baby (don't get me wrong, again, I love my baby and being her mom), cleaning the house, doing the laundry, folding the laundry, putting away the laundry, making lunch, making dinner, washing the dishes, putting the dishes away, cleaning the house again, moving all my husband's shit off the coffee and dinner tables, feeding the dog, cleaning the dog, getting up in the middle of the night to feed the baby, doing the groceries, OMG I could go on for FREAKING FOREVER (which I won't cuz I'll cry).

I swear "society" wants women to get married just so we can be caretaker of all. You can only be happy if there's a man in your life. You're nothing if you don't have a ring on your finger. Even women make other women feel like they are nothing if they don't have that ring. Yeeesh! What the hell have we been thinking? Oh yeah, can I please lose all independence and be stuck as the sole responsible person to take care of the house, the bills and EVERYTHING to do with the baby? It took 2 to create the baby, it should take 2 to care for him! But noooooo!! It just gets left to WIFEY!!! I get to take care of everything and hubby gets to get drunk (not that I want to get drunk), and pass out thus leaving me to once again, TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING!!!

I am just so god damn exhausted. <SIGH>

Funny how married or not the only one you can depend on is yourself.

*Note from Anger Central
Congratulations. You are the first poster of 2009. You win a cookie. :)

Wedding Etiquette 5

I get pulled into the Wedding etiquette too easily sometimes. But, it seems like you do anything out of the ordinary then people are claiming you to be a horrible gift-grabbing hellion.

I say I want a big ceremony but a small reception so they claim I'm just fishing for gifts and that I am saying my friends/family are good enough to see me get married but not to party with us and all I want is presents.

So I say I want the opposite but that means I think my friends/family are good enough to party with me but not good enough to see me get married and all I want is gifts.

Then I say I have a full house and don't need anything so would suggest my guests contribute to a wishing well (to be used on honeymoon, fixing up the house, future child college fund, etc etc.) and again I am told all I am just looking for money and should just charge a cover for my wedding b/c it's classier. And that a wedding isn't about gifts and that shouldn't be on my mind.

So I ask this, if the wedding isn't about gifts and that shouldn't be on my mind, if I want a bigger ceremony or reception why do ppl assume I just want more gifts? I thought a wedding wasn't about gifts?

It just all seems like, I (the bride) would really want this <item>. But I am not allowed to let people know about this <item>. So I let people know I want that <item> People want to get me this <item> but oh, that is bad etiquette so they get me <item>. So when I get that <item> I think, “It is nice, but I really would have been happy with <item> Everyone would just be happy if people would just be real instead of trying to follow a hoity toity set of rules made up by people with lots of money and time at their disposal. It just seems stupid.

I mean, who are these guests that people are inviting that are getting so offended by stuff like this? I, personally, am going to invite my loving family and closest friends. If they are going to be offended, after I gave them a free meal and entertainment, that I didn’t let them drink me out of house and home on my wedding day (and had a cash bar) then I don’t consider them real friends or family.

marriage 6

I'm tired of losing my friends to marriage! I know that things could never go back to the way that they were when we were in our teens and early 20s but damn, did they really have to kick me to the curb altogether?

people getting married 7

One of my nieces just got married last fall. Another got engaged today. I've been alone for ten years. I have a teenager that's a beast. I just want to warn them. Don't do it, men suck, kds suck. They squeeze the life out of you and make you misserable. I'm pissed that they're happy, but I'm also pissed that I'm alone. Go figure.

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