Cough Meds. 1

Why in the hell do companies market this crap for chest congestion if it doesnt WORK! Even the newer ones that state they do work are pure crap. You know people buy this crap because either they can't afford a dr. bill or the stupid receptionist schedules your appointment 2 months away ( who has a cold for 2 months??). Surely to God if they can make meds that work for nasal congestion they can do the same for lungs. If not STOP MARKETING THE CRAP YOU MORONS!!

Medical Care in the USA 2

I'm angry because we're ranked around the 35th best health care in the world and we're the F'N' richest country!!! What's up wit that??!!?? I'm tired of being screwed out of good health care. I lost my job due to an ILLNESS so in turn I lost my HEALTH INSURANCE so I got WORSE! I had to wait over a year and move to another State to get Medicaid because in NH you have to have a kid living with you full time in order to qualify for Medicaid or you have to already have SSDI, which takes well over a year to get and its really hard to get in some states like NH. I moved to MA, and got Medicaid within 3 weeks! Now I'm going for SSDI and it should only take 3 months, but my poor mother who is a diabetic, amputee (her left leg is gone), and is blind in one eye and going blind in the other eye, has osteoarthritis and fibromyalsia, and liver problems had to wait 2 YEARS to get SSDI!!! It really p'd me off! I worked hard for the State of NH for 12 years and I got the BOOT because I am restricted to lifting less than 20lbs (now I can't lift more than 5lbs thanks to going without healthcare for almost a year after I lost my job). I had been on pain medication for my fibromyalsia (I have it too, its hereditary), and my many spinal problems which cause my legs to give out, carpel tunnel, ankle problems due to the Fibro and a broken knee cap, the doctor's office kicked me out and would not prescribe anymore meds for me because I lost my insurance. I was SO SICK, I could not find another clinic to take me without insurance, so I got on a methadone clinic for a few months (they only took me out of pitty, because I'm not a drug addict and they only treat drug addiction, but were worried that I'd buy pain medication off the streets if they didn't medicate me). I finally found a wonderful doctor who took me in on a sliding scale practically pay nothing to see the doctor, and once I got my insurance, the doors opened so now I can get the treatment I need, but I suffered and got worse because of the way the USA handles medical insurance. WE NEED SOCIALIZED MEDICINE!!! EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO HEALTHCARE!!! IT SHOULD BE A GIVEN RIGHT NOT A PRIVLEGE!!! That's my rant, anyone else having issues getting treatment in the USA???

*Note from Anger Central
Well now, if you think socialist medicine is so great, may we suggest you move somewhere that actually has it? We can safely say you will get nothing. One of the states in the North West has the kind of medical care you so desire. A woman had a relapse of a form of cancer. The treatments were very expensive. The state said they wouldn't pay for the treatments but would pay for her to commit suicide. The evil drug company that makes the medicine she needed heard about this and paid for her treatment. So much for national health care! Socialist medical care means rationing and people who used to get treated will be denied. Medical care is not a right.

adderall 3

I hate Adderall because it helped me so much for awhile. I functioned like a normal human being. I got up every morning with my children, cooked for my family, attended functions where my presence was expected, lent a helping hand with church functions, mentored community children with art instruction, stayed in touch with my family, I CARED VERY MUCH ABOUT MY LIFE!
Because of a very Christ centered upbringing, and little tolerance for not being able to pull up your own bootstraps, I was treated like a street drug addict when my family was made aware of the fact I was on medication. ANY medication would have had a negative reaction, but especially a controlled substance. So I discontinued Adderall three months ago.

I can't get off the couch, I have no desire to do fun things with my kids, I think about suicide often, I consider myself lazy and somewhat ignorant, I no longer paint artwork of any kind, I struggle to cook for my family, I maintain my household by shoving things in the closet, and I have no desire to make myself attractive to a spouse who loves me.

I wish I never experienced that brief window into the land of the living and normal. I adore my children, husband, family and God. I can't articulate this to any of them, because I would sound like a desperate drug addict, even though it was a moderate dose, completely legal, and after several trials with other medications.



i hate my braces, they make me so MAD i cant even chew or talk with out them rubbing the inside of my lips raw...omg and kissing?..OUT THE WINDOW..

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