I am so fucking angry at the motorcycles and the ass holes who drive them. If you ask me they serve no real purpose but to makke that god awful fucking noise that they make. And why the fuck do these inconsiderate pricks have to drive down my block late at night. I wish I knew where the sickhead wh invented motorcyles was buried at...I would piss on his tombstone. Because of him I cant get any fucking sleep.

Motorcycles 2

I'll be standing in my yard trying to enjoy a nice, sunny spring day when all of a sudden, VROOOOMMM, a pack of 20 motorcycles goes down my street. None of the riders wearing helmets or proper riding gear. Motorcyclists get so uptight about having us vehicle-drivers watch out for them, yet they drive at night wearing black. And the whole thing about riding a loud bike so they can be heard and seen is false. They ride loudly because they're show-offs with inferiority complexes. And revving up your Harley under a bridge overpass at 3 A.M. when there's no cars around does nothing but impress the ugly woman riding passenger with her weathered skin, loads of cellulite and butterfly tattoos.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster used to ride motorcycles and his license is still current. Of course he never had a Harley and thinks they need better mufflers. ;)
Oh yes, no tattoos on the Webmaster or Mrs. Webmaster. Now the Angry Brother who doesn't ride is another matter.

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