I'm pissed off at my shitty MP3 player

Fuck this thing. I've had this Sansa MP3 player since 2007, and it's worked well until a few months ago. The official website had me convinced that I needed a patch for this thing even though it worked great already. I installed the patch and now all the currently playing song titles are invisible.

This piece of shit technology used to organize all the songs by most recent additions, but thanks to the patch, all the songs get mixed up in random order. Good luck trying to get the music listed as they were organized in the actual album. When I bust my balls and finally get everything listed as intended , this shit will actually scramble all my songs again.

The hard drive started failing. There are so many errors that occur. Songs won't play and pieces of menu refuse to be shown on screen. The only thing I knew how to do was format this MP3 SHIT PLAYER and wipe everything clean. I've done this three times in the past few months. It gets rid of the errors, but the useless patch stays, and it also gets rid all songs, including the prebundled music and all my older music I didn't have backed up at the time. I am 22 years old, and had found some fucking awesome playlists I had made as a teenager and forgotten about. Thanks to this shitstain hard drive, I lost all of them forever. Maybe I should have backed them up on my computer, or maybe this hard drive shouldn't be fucking crashing! I FUCKING HATE THIS SHIT!

As for tonight, I'm trying to upload new music onto it, and the fucking MP3 player keeps kicking me back to the menu whenever I play this fucking song. It fucking sucks. I moved the song into this hunk of shit three times and formatted the hard drive, but the song keeps getting rejected.

Fuck Sansa. What a piece of fucking shit. My dollar store headphones work better than my $150 MP3 player, and that just fucking sucks.

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