Rap Music

The crap isn't music, it's nothing but bass and some moron bee-bopping out vulgar lyrics that insult, incite, and preach violence. There is nothing creative about making up rhymes that denigrate women, insult other rappers, bleat about violence being cool, and brainwash impressionable youth into thinking ebonics is cool.

  1. All women are not b!tches and hoes. If all the women you know are like this, then you are trailer trash.

  2. Rappers want to insult each other, and that teaches children that insulting is cool. What happens when the kid grows up and insults the rapper that wrote the song that the kid heard? Violence from the hypocritical rapper.

  3. The "Gangster" life is not cool. Why don't you rap about being gang raped in prison, dying of a drug overdose, or being gunned down in the street. Tell the real story.

  4. What happens when some ignorant pr!ck speaks in ebonics? They can't get a job, then civil rights leaders start on their schtick about discrimination.

Parents that allow their children to listen to this crap ought to be lined up in a row and executed. Let the state raise their children, it couldn't possibly do any worse. You don't want to be "dissed?" Respect is something that you earn.

Oldies and classic rock 2

I get so angry when people bash rap music and then have the audacity to say that oldies is real music. That bullshit is the real crap. Hell, I dont even like rap that samples the oldies. Why? All that shit sounds the same. I would rather hear "I dont love them hoes" over "Lets get it oooooooonnnnnnn" anyday. That shit is tired and makes no sense. That Motown shit is the worse. I believe that the parents who forced their children to listen to that bullshit should be locked away for torture

Music 3

I am mad as hell. I am mad at the fact that music as a whole has gotten away from the fans and true musicians who have invested years of blood,sweat and tears. I am mad as hell at the fact that these greedy corporations like clear channel radio,MTV,BET and these fucking record companies are telling me what kinds of music I like. I am mad as hell at the fact that the only outlet that independent singers,rappers and bands have to get their product to the fans (the internet) is constantly under attack. Fuck the fact that your shit is being pirated...Deep down inside you assholes know that you dont give a shit about that. You bitches just feel threatened that more and more people are leaving that bullshit that you force feed to us (the consumer) alone. So in closing I would like to say Fuck you Tommy Mottola, Fuck you Jimmy Iovine, Fuck you, Sean Combs, and Fuck you Russell Simmons and fuck the overpriced garbage you call music. I hope hope your shit gets pirated until youre in the poor house.

Overplayed Music 4

FOR FUCK SAKES! Why do radio stations have to play the same fucking songs THREE TIMES A DAY!?!?
And on top of that, it's usually the worst sounding drivel you can possibly hear I swear if I hear "Seven Nation Army" ONE MORE FUCKING TIME, Me and Black & Decker are going to get right fucking surgical on someone.

music 5

Don't get me wrong, I love music, but music today sucks. There's absolutely nothing of real interest out there. If you don't believe me turn on MTV. I can guarantee that all you see is a bunch of teeny-bopper bullshit. There's no real artists anymore. It used to be that you had to have some sort of talent to be played but now all you need is a nice pair of tits. I'm tired of these no talent fucks being splayed all over the fucking TV. trying to sell me a fucking Pepsi!

The only music style left with something to say is probably heavy metal. The only brand of music NOT to be exploited by advertising for the simple fact that it's not "cute". All the bands fight to sell records, write their own shit, and play their own instruments. Give Justin Timberlake or any other pop music clown a guitar. They'd probably try to fuck it! But to be fair, there's not a lot of good metal out there either. All the bands sound the same and you couldn't tell one from the next.

If you want to hear some kick ass shit, pick up some of the underground metal from the 80's and 90's, or some early dre or snoop dogg. That fuckin' shit is hardcore and shout a big FUCK YOU to these no talent, can't sing, can't dance, goat-fucking pieces of whale shit pop stars! They can all burn in motherfucking hell.

Music and MTV 6

Music in general has turned into crap. Unfortunately there's too many mainstreamers and people into whatever MTV and the radio plays that they're pretty well "brainwashed" into it and have lost the taste for music.

I remember back in the 80's and early-mid 90's. There was some pretty damn good stuff out there. Same for the 70's. Old school Metallica, Garbage, Angelfish, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath... the list could keep going on and on. Good stuff that you could rock to or listen to softly or something like that. Most anything music wise was good then. It had actual meaning. It had substance. It was actually good.

Now you got people who do it for solely the money and no longer for the music. Britney Spears, Eminem, Nickelback/Creed/Whoever Else Sounds Like The Same Fucking Band, you name it. Most bands nowadays do it for money only and they all sound the same because the people out there are basically "brainwashed" and only wish to listen to what is played on the radio and what is mainstream. You try to introduce them to Henry Rollins or Alice Cooper or Motley Crue and they go up against you. It's like all they want is trash.

And as far as MTV is concerned, they lost what music meant too. They used to do nothing but music videos and the occasional cartoons, such as Beavis and Butthead, Aeon Flux, Liquid Television, and various others. Now they're all about reality shows, parties and nothing else. There's no music videos except on TRL, which is made for the average teenager who is into the mainstream. You'd never see Metallica's One on there or Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box because it'd give the children nightmares.

It's a wonder why our children are so pussified and so weak and helpless. They have no Tool in their lives, no Billy Idol, no KISS... it's sad that such a thing has happened to the music world. The state of decay is nigh irrepairable. If someone, who had visions of the past, took over MTV and made it the way it was in its glorious days, there'd be a huge turn around in the world and music would get a little more respect.

Save the fucking music!!!

Music 7

Music sucks, it always sucks, music doesnt have to be in 4/4 like most retards think, Rap is crap, it is, it has paltry harmony and is boring rhytmically, full stop. Emo is shit because it is 4 chord monkey screaming. Classical music is contrived and is crap too, all music is crap.

Crunkcore Music 8

This music is complete nonsensical drivel that simply and purely demeans women, and promotes a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. If nothing else, this music is not music at all, only contrived shite.

Music 9

Now a days there's no passion in music. It's all just one freaking beat with some spoiled rich kid autotuning what they think is cool. ALL of these lyrics are about going to clubs getting drunk and grinding on random strangers cause they have a great body. I mean GET SOME REAL FREAKING LYRICS! Music is oversold, over-sexy and too commerial now a days for my taste. Where were the days where music artist put their blood, sweat and tears into their songs, packing each and every word with emotion?? Lyrics used to actually MEAN something! Now artist are just there for the money and the fame and having a hit single about getting drunk in some clun or how their so "different" from everybody else. NOBODY CARES. It just sounds like you have a serious alochol and party problem!If your so independent, why are you BLANTLY using product placement in your music videos? Just cause you use Sony or whatever, DOES NOT make it relevent to the music! People are there to watch the video to hear the music!! At least learn how to freaking SPELL. All I can see is "We R who we R" and spelling things like your texting!! You just sound like an idiot who texts WAY to much and you can't spell anything! Use SpellCheck the very least! I mean come on, your not fooling anyone, your not cool or "hip" if you spell things like your texting, everybody KNOWS your just a 30-something year old whose trying WAY to hard to fit in. I hope the music industry gets back to the way it was, cause what's popular right now IS NOT MUSIC!!!

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