Loud Music

I can't stand it when people play loud music. It's about the most stupid violation of common decency that was ever invented. I don't care if people listen to music in the privacy of their own homes or cars or whatever, but their right to enjoy music should never interfere with my right to enjoy peace and quiet. After all, everyone's freedom is limited, since your freedom ends where mine begins. If people do not respect each other's space, then our whole society is doomed. Loud music at all hours of the day and night is noise pollution, pure and simple. Not to mention, most people have really bad taste in music, so if it's loud, you have to listen to a lot of crap you would normally never touch with a hundred-foot pole.

Of course, the police are useless when it comes to dealing with this issue. I guess you just have to take the law into your own hands, since the police are too full of doughnuts and bribes to do their jobs. And, nobody else from government is ever interested in solving problems like this, despite the fact that people who play loud music late at night (or anytime, for that matter) are violating several codes, not to mention disturbing the peace of surrounding property owners. It's not fair, but scumbags who party all the time usually get away with their misbehavior. Plus, they always depress property values. So, forget about getting help, you just have to arm yourself and practice your aim. You'll be doing the world a favor if you send these morons back to hell.

Noisemakers 2

I fucking hate pen clickers. I fucking hate loud typers. I fucking hate people who squawk when they yawn. I fucking hate loud chewers. I fucking hate tooth suckers. I fucking hate snot snorters. Stop making so much noise you fucking bastards!

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