I am so damn angry at people who have no problem whatsoever getting pregnant or who accidentally get pregnant. There are those of us who can't get pregnant, have tried for years and undergone expensive and painful procedures to try to get knocked up just like any stupid 15 year old can do without any problem. Now that I've looked into adopting I find that I can expect to pay at least 4,000 if not up to 40,000 for a child. Seriously??

What about the stupid teenager who gets knocked up because she's careless and then gets on state assistance and doesn't have to pay for any of the child's healthcare or food. Why does she deserve to have a child more than I do? And what is with stupid people trying to talk me out of adoption? "The state will just take away any child you really want." "You are going to spend so much money." "You will probably spend $30,000 just to end up with a handicapped child." "Are you sure your husband is ready for a kid?" "You'll need to get rid of some of your dogs."

What the hell is wrong with you people? And then lets say we do spend thousands of dollars in applications and fees for a kid. Then we have to go to training to learn how to be parents (which nobody that can get pregnant has to go to) and have to have an intrustive home study by a complete stranger who is going to ask about my marriage, my finances, details of my life that I wouldn't share with just anybody. And let's say that for whatever reason they deny my husband and me. Wouldn't that be wonderful. For God or Mother Nature or whoever to say "You can't have kids." and then for the adoption agency to say "You can't have kids." It's like who the hell are you to decide this? Why don't you go talk to every woman in the entire world and determine whether or not they can have sex and get pregnant? It's not fair and the hypocrisy is starting to dig in just a little too much.

Pregnancy 2

I get so mad when people talk to me about my decision to have kids, I know i have a career to take care of, but at the end, are you expecting some kind of benefit from me. If i decide to get pregnant 100 times is not your f**ing business!, itīs mine and my husbands problem. We arenīt living off the goverment, we work, pay our bills, both completed masterīs degrees, so why do you care if we decide to get prenant every year!! mind your own life, stop drinking and getting high, stop expecting that iīll support you, stop telling me to get operated, AAARRGGHH...

pregnancy 3

I worked hard for years to build myself up as a successful woman in a good marriage. I couldn't get pregnant ever. Then, after I built it all up, it all came crumbling down because my husband was sent to prison and thus, I left him. Now I am 28 and can't have kids and it will take probably another 5 years before I meet a guy to date, then marry, then have kids with. UGH! Yet all these little idiot people in my family who do nothing but party and hang out in the ghetto keep having kids left and right and living off of welfare. WHY?

Why does this happen to me? Why did I marry a man who turned out to be a pedophile, lose my house and car, be raped on my birthday, and then when I meet another man he already has two kids and isn't prepared to have more.. so everything I worked for was ripped away and I'm going to die old and alone and I get to watch trashy people having kids who they don't even take care of! All they do is drag them from party to party, ignoring or abusing them. It makes me sick.

They just get pregnant so easily and don't even seem to care about their kids except for as trophies and checks. Why do these people have kids when all they do is bitch about them. Oh it's so hard boohoo. It's so hard to be a single mom with 3 kids.

Ya then keep your legs closed! Stop having them. Stop rubbing it in my face that not only are you fertile but you take it for granted.

I see so many kids who I could have loved so much better than the way their moms love them.

Most of them seem to get pregnant just for the attention too. That is so obnoxious. Oh look at me and my big belly and omg I can't wait to meet my baby who I love so muchhh.. but I need help buying it clothes and things... and then you see them a week after the baby is born already bitching about how hard it is.

It's hard to be a parent, which should have been taken into consideration BEFORE you got pregnant. Duh.

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