I am so damn sick of every little thing being related back to religion !! For example, we are NOT in Iraq because we hate Muslims, we are in Iraq because we hate Saddam (he just happens to be Muslim). So lay off the god damn religion card, it's a tired and irrelevant argument

Christianity 2

I'm angry with Christianity because its practitioners insist that God told them to "spread the good news", which means they want to tell you about their religion whether you're interested or not. This is called, in Christian-speak, "the Great Commission."

I'm angry because today's Christians get all smug and assume everyone who doesn't believe as they do is going to hell. The right-wing Christians who are currently in the U.S. government want to make *everybody* live according to Christian rules. I'm *very* angry about this!

But in the old days, it was even worse. Christianity used "the Great Commission" as an excuse for the Inquisition, the witchcraft trials, pogroms (attacks on Jewish people), and the constant wars between Catholics and Protestants.

I'm angry because Christians throughout history have used those stupid quotes from "Saint" Paul about "women, be silent in church" and "women, submit to your husbands" to put women in a second-class position.

I'm angry at Christianity because it's such a dominant religion over much of the world. I'd like it better if all religions were much smaller and more fragmented, so no one religion could be in control of most of the world. (That goes for Islam, too, but this is a rant about Christianity.)

Religious people! 3

I am angry because of some of these super spiritual types who for one reason or another are so heavenly minded that they're no earthly good. LISTEN!!!!! God isn't responsible for your being jobless or homeless -- He will help you out of it but only if you help yourself! I can pray and pray and pray for food but if I don't get off my butt and go to the store what good does it do!! God isn't going to drop a job in your lap so get out of the church and stop praying for a job and start filling out applications and looking!!! I tried to tell my Catholic friend of 12 years this but he signed offline to me! >:( Even Jesus held a job for some twenty five years hammering nails and getting all sweaty and nasty!! but at least he didn't go on friggin welfare or have to declare bankruptcy. Don't you think God is perhaps a little sick of the whining you all do? Puhlease. If your an alcoholic, its simple, just stop drinking -- if your a womanizer well then that's what your left hand is for!! If more people accepted responsibility for their situations instead of hanging everything on God or their grandmothers we'd all be better off.

*Note from Anger Central
The above posting may be moved to a new section in the future.

The Catholic church 4

When I was nine years old, I received over a dozen obscene phone calls from a man who said he wanted to have sex with me. If an adult answered the phone, he hung up. Guess what? It turned out to the priest at the catholic church down the street. I delivered my daily paper to the rectory and he got my number from the paper company. Today, this sleaze ball is serving 30 years in federal prison for molesting dozens of boys in my neighborhood. The church tried to pay off families and silence people left and right. The bishop here hid and protected him and lied to families. One man ended up blowing his brains out over this.

Now I keep reading of how the church thinks that America is becoming a "soul-less place" and that the Vatican says we Americans are becoming amoral materialists. What the F%%%!!!! These god damn bastards have lost every ounce of moral credibility and they are criticizing us???!!! HEY, CATHOLIC CHURCH: YOU OWE ME FOR ALL THOSE SCARY SEX CALLS I GOT FROM YOUR PRIEST WHEN I WAS NINE YEARS OLD!!! Before you start calling other people amoral you have about some serious payback to do for all you amoral activity!!!!
You have some nerve criticizing the USA. If it wasn't for our legal system you would still be porking little boys left and right without getting punished!!

Religion 5

I am angry that we cannot evolve our thinking to the point where religion, god and superstition are no longer required. It's just so very obvious that there is no "creator", no "plan"... it's just so very OBVIOUS! Sure the universe is complicated, but how is that proof of creation? God must be at least as complicated as the universe to have "created" it, so who created him? Duh!

I'm also angry that you don't have a "Religion" category, but I can guess why you don't...

*Note from Anger Central
Webmaster looks under "Things" and there it is, Religion.

persecutors 6

Well i'm angry about this poor man Abdulwho's being threatened to be slayed for proclaiming Christ as his Lord. This man dosn't deserve this treatment and if no one else will say it I must. I'm angry I hate no one and their beliefs ut i'm fed up with this hate. I believe in Christ and this is what you must endure but i'm angry at Christian hating. There are so many misconceptions. People that make Christianity look bad possibly aren't Christians. Chrisitanity is Faith and Love based..Most importantly Love. Not hate.. not torture.. not lies. It is not religion. That's the bigest misconception.It's air,it's life to the believers. And must we die for that? It's love it savesv us from torment. Without God in my life i'd be dead right now. No one am I judging here. If I die right now Christ will gently carry me up into his Heavenly Kingdom. There's nothing for me to fear. I just hate hatred. Hate it. What you haters don't realize is that when you persecute us we're jsut growing in Faith and getting stronger. Nothing evil can hurt us because God created everything. God Bless you Abdul Rahman. And for you persecuters I really hope you realize we don't hate you and if any Christian gives you a reason to feel hated well face the fact that they aren't yet or just aren't Christians. Christians get it bad but we put up with alot. I know Satanists that murder. Christians that murder. Buddhists that murder. But why then is Christianity the "religion" of hate? We're all human and fall short of Grace. God Bless everyone but yes I am quite angry at well... Hate and anger!

Xians 7

Christians piss me off with their self-righteous i'm saved and your going to Hell even though I like molesting children and have an eating disorder BS, and some people who aren't Xian have more morals than any Xian that i've met. They are the most ignorant and arrogant people that I have met. Perfectionists that can't even perfect themselves in the process. I can live a moral life on my own. They can't take a hint when you're not interested in joining their church or being saved, why can't people be honest with themselves and know that Bible has nothing scientific or anything based on realistic emotion and lifestyles? I am so angry that after 2,000 years we are still debating what religion is correct. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe nobody is correct and we are dealing with irrational problems and not dealing with what really matters, helping others and accepting people regardless of what they believe, you idiot religionists, then you would have no division Xians. The Bible is ancient literature, how the bible was ancient literature, how the fuck do you know what it was written for? Pastors posting here about church members not being Xian enough, yes judging by pastors posting such trash on this site doesn't make you look to well either. I am fed up and angry with Xianity in particular because they push misogynistic views and hate fueled messages of Hell to those who really are much better off then them in the first place. They go as far as flooding my email with Hellish messages. Maybe there's something wrong with you inside, it's not others it's you that you should worry about. You are empty and hate fueled , you are the hypocrites and you can't change your pitiful lives. Jesus would even be sad about the state of peoples minds in the church, that is if he did exist in the first place. LEAVE ME ALONE! MY REALITY IS DIFFERENT THAN YOURS. What works for one will not work for others, learn! Try reading something other than your bible and then maybe you will see reality kicking in! Mormons you too, I really get nervous when you follow me home with your books on my bike after repeatedly telling you no thanks. Is that God? Or obsessive compulsive disorder/Schizophrenia?

religion 8

I HATE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE!!! i have gone to church once in my life and i hated it. no one in my family goes to church and if u had to ask them they would just be like yeah whatever im christian. i dont mind it when people go to church but i do mind when their over religious asses interfear with the way i live. god didnt want us to live to worry about all this religious crap he wanted us to just live our lives.

*Note from Anger Central
We want to know why you are ANGRY at religion, not that you hate it. We almost tossed this one because of that.

Religion 9

No, I do not want to fucking hear about how you were 'saved' by 'Jesus' and that you are free of sin and that I SHOULD JOIN YOU, TOO. Yeah, it's so appealing to not be able to have sex before marriage in return for 'eternal life.' And oh no, if you don't ask 'god' for forgiveness, you're going to HELL! OH MY GOD. That is such an awful thing. There is so much evidence that creationism exists! Suck my fucking dick religious nuts.

National Health Care 10

I am seriously raged at the religious fanatics who want to keep abortion out of the health care bill, but say its ok to pay for fertility treatments, invitreo fertilization, artificial insemination, etc.

Their issue is that all pregnancies are God's will and to abort a fetus is murder. So why is it not murder when these same religious fucknuts say it's ok to have an abortion if the woman was raped or if she got pregnant through incest. So what's the difference to the fetus who is being aborted? Is a life not a life if the mother didn't have sex willingly? It's only a sin to have an abortion if the woman enjoyed having sex?

And while we are on the subject of incest and rape, these religious bastards must not read their bibles very closely, or they would realize that Abraham and Sarah were half-brother and half-sister. So if God was against incest, why did he make is so specific that only Abraham's son with Sarah would be heir to God's covenant with Abraham's seed? And as for rape, who is to say that a child of rape given up for adoption might not become a great artist or a scientist that might find a cure for cancer? If all pregnancies are of God's will, why is it ok to kill some fetuses and not others?

And since these religious jerkwads are so hot for God's will to be done, how come they think we should all pay for fertility treatments for 65 year old women to get pregnant? I mean seriously. God let Sarah get pregnant at 90, but the rest of women are usually done having kids by at least their 50's. That is nature's, aka God's, will! And isn't surrogate motherhood when that woman had a baby for her daughter and son-in-law incest? And if you haven't had kids after twenty years of marriage, maybe God doesn't want you to have any. And getting fertility treatments is going against God's will!Give me a fucking break!

And as for these bible-beating, self righteous bitches that sit on their fucking lawn chairs, with their picnic coolers beside them, under their fucking shade umbrellas, keeping their skins a lot whiter than their uncharitably black hearts, who jump up and harrass women entering abortion clinics - FUCK THEM!!! If they have so much fucking time on their hands that they can sit around dispensing scripture quotes laced with hatred and self-righteousness, then why don't they put their money where their mouths are? They should get off their fucking lazy asses and volunteer to work for free at church sponsored day care centers that give free child care to mothers who were persuaded not to have an abortion. But oh no! It's a lot easier to carry a carboard sign that says "Abortion is murder" or "You'll Burn In Hell", than it is to care for a one year old, feeding them, changing their shitty diapers, playing with then and holding them like they were theie own kids.

And fuck all the ass sucking politicians who pander to these bible belt bastards by trying to keep abortion out of the health care bill. I'd like to see them support, with their own money or some of their campaign money, these unwanted kids who are allowed to be born.

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!! Having kids or not having kids is a CHOICE!!!! Its PERSONAL!!!!! If you are not going to include abortion to help people end unwanted pregnancies, then don't include fertility treatments either! For any reason. CHURCH AND STATE ARE SEPARATE!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!

*Note from Anger Central
We put this here instead of in politics for a simple reason. Your bigotry and hatred of all things religious borders on a religion all by its self.

Now, the reasons people oppose taxpayer funded abortion are many, but aside from the ethical reasons, it comes down to this: Why should I, who had nothing to do with you, be forced to pay for your own stupidity? We are not talking about the results of a criminal act. We're talking about you not taking precautions and expecting others to pay for your own stupidity. Nope, not gonna do it.

Now as to Marxist medicine? We oppose that totally. If you love it so much we suggest you move to Cuba or North Korea or anywhere else they have it. Your life expectancy will drop a good 5 years minimum. The Webmaster has seen the results of socialist healthcare and has no desire to see it inflicted on the finest medical system in the world. We've talked about it on the Anger Central Blog, so feel free to pop over and take a look.

confirmation dress requirements 11

i am a girl,16 and catholic and am very angry at the higher ups at my parish. my parish is strict and has dress requirements for the kids in the confirmation class. the boys have to wear white suits and ties and shoes.i am angry because us girls have to wear white formal floor length dresses with a veil. under our dressed we have to wear a cloth diaper, plastic pants, tights and under shirt. this under wear is required to symbolize the purity of when we were baptized as babies. i feel it is degrading and humiliating for us 16 year old girls to have to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants and under shirt under our is not very feminine and we feel embarrassed wearing them around the boys and the rest of the congregation. I didnt feel any more pure wearing them than i would have wearing my white bra and panties.i feel this is a dumb requirement and wish the higher ups would drop it!

*Note from Anger Central
We spoke with the Webmaster and he remembers only wearing a suite and tie. Must be something with the local parish.

The Local Armenian Church 12

It's 1 of only 2 Armenian Churches in my State. I'm angry because I was introduced to some of the people and they gave the usual sense of welcome. But what would make anyone super-angry is although they run the Church, and have ordained their own people, if you start talking to them about being enrolled in Seminary or higher education yourself, it's like they drop you. You would think they would related their education to yours, but they don't even make it an ice breaker in conversation. I am a woman and a widow of a pastor. After Church when I visit them nobody except non Armenians (I'm not an Armenian) comes over and says anything to me. My family was subjugated to Muslim slavery and rule just as much as they were, but they disregard that too. It's all about THEIR holocaust, THEIR culture, THEIR country, and nobody talks about God or what blessings they got during the week while sipping coffee with you. A Church is to spread how to live the Gospel. These people just make it into a cosy little social club for themselves. I don't know how they can bear to live this way when they only have 2 Churches in my 1 humongous State here in the USA. It makes me angry now just thinking of how I will be able to keep dropping by for the Pastor's fantastic personality during worship.

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