Society Sucks

Society really sucks. Everywhere you go, people try to influence you. "Act like this, look like this, think like this, Be like this." People need to just leave me the HELL ALONE!!! This whole damn society is based solely on comparison, and that gets on my nerves. You're only smart because someone else is a fucking idiot. You're only good because someone else is evil. I am so damn tired of the whole damn society. When I was younger, I was made fun of endlessly because I was fat. I still am made fun of, and it's kind of stupid. I stood up to read in class, and this asshole yells out "That bitch needs proactive!" It didn't make me mad because I was being made fun of, but because they made fun of the most obvious thing. I am perfectly aware that I have bad acne. I am perfectly aware of the fact that my face looks like a dirtbike track that has just been used in a race. I am also aware that I'm fat. People make fun of the stupidest shit. And society sucks because they reward shit like that. People go like "oooooooooooooo" whenever people start jonin, and really, it's not that serious."

expectations of society 2

I am angry that everyone in the world must conform to some sort of expected social norm! Why do i have to do what everyone thinks is right? why do i have to do the same as everyone else? According to society, you are not worth crap if you do not have a job, a family, and a hefty 401K. That is really stupid! We should all be free to be who we want and not worry about social expectations.

*Note from Anger Central
Do what you want, we don't care. Just don't expect us to pick up after you.

Boys/Nail Polish 3

I just read some bullshit article on about a controversial J Crew add. Some Mom painted her sons toe nails pink and people are having a fit about it. The add is placed to push the celebration of gender confused boys..which is BULL SHIT. Seriously WTF? Fucking society is overly sensitive to all these stupid issues. When the real concern should be to control the oversexed media. Commercials, Radio,TV,Music, Ads, Magazines, Disney.. sex is everywhere and is over glamorized. FUCK!

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