Reality TV

I am really, really FURIOUS about what reality TV has turned into. Before it just used to be survivor, bu tnow it's survivor, big brother( I really hate this show), the batchelor, joe millionare, meet the parents(this is an australian one, it's very crap, and i'm an australian!), dog eat dog(another crappy australian one) and a million others that all rip each other off. It seems now that every reality TV show I see now is just a rip off of some other crap now! damn the bastards that decided to overuse reality TV, they've ruined it for everyone!!!!

Television 2

I CAN'T FUCKING STAND TELEVISION ANYMORE! Hell! I can barely watch the god damn news without groaning and sighing with discontent. Do care to guess why? Every news channel gives a montage of fucking Armageddon containing burning buildings, suffering people with cameras shoved into their faces, dead bodies lying about in some urban wasteland nightmare, a killer mystery virus, and millions of people laidoff because of some greedy fuck of a millionaire CEO bastard wants his 3rd Bentley! But let us get to the point. All you see on television is one stupid-ass(plain jane) sitcom with stupid-ass people with the combined intellect of a snow cone and the individuality of a clone.

All you see is reality TV up the ass! Now that every dysfunctional, uneducated, disgusting, bone-headed, ethically-bankrupt, thoughtless fuck-up with a fucking camcorder has his or her own idiotic TV series! ARRGHHH! Hey assholes! not everyone can be a superstar, god damn it.

All you see are these sadomasochistic prankster shows created /hosted by loser has-been actors in which rich suburban teen idiots with nothing else fucking better to do than to give their friends a coronary! EXCUSE ME. HOW THE HOLY FUCK IS A MURDER, CARJACKING, AN ACT OF BIO-TERRORISM, RAPE, THEFT, VANDALISM, AND KIDNAPPING MOTHERFUCKING FUNNY? HUH? What the hell happened to the mindful thought-provoking shows of the 90's, not trendy, vain, stupid, ludicrous enough for today's NetGen moron? The only damn thing television provokes is some drunk sorority whore to expose her tits into some perv's camera.


As was most of the country I was watching the coverage of the war in Iraq when I heard that NBC had fired one of their reporters. Now what pissed me off was he was fired. I believe he was fired for telling the truth. Reporter Peter Arnett aparently went on Iraqi TV and stated that the war was not working and the US was headed to defeat,so something to that nature. Shit, he was not lying. before this is over we will lose a lot of sons,daughters,sisters,brothers,husbands and wives,and for what? bullshit.And when when a news reporter speaks the truth,he gets fired.I think that is just fucked up,and it will be a minute before I will watch NBC news,because not only are they are biased but are obviously don't want their reporters to speak the truth about this futile war.

*Note from Anger Central
If he had made his comments in the United States, there would have been no real issue. (First Amendment) However he said them in an enemy capitol during time of hostilities. He may have met the constitutional requirements for a charge of treason. Some in the government are calling for charges to be laid against him.
(Anger Central only found out he was a US citizen during this matter. We thought he was a foreign national)

The news and Reality TV 4

This makes no fucking sense. If I don't watch a T.V. show, it is for a reason. Case in point; that American Idol bullshit. I obviously don't give a fuck if the fat black guy wins or the queer white guy wins. But lo and behold I turn on the news and what the fuck do I the lead story? This bullshit is not important. This is not news. Since when a fucking TV show is fucking news? Terrorism...that is news that will affect me. Escape prisoners...that is news that will affect me. Did the Pistons win or not...that is what I want to hear about...Fuck Joe Millionaire. Fuck the bachelor and the bachelorette. Fuck survivor...fuck em all. Talk to me when you start having live executions,or when you castrate child molesters and child pornographers...and start off with R. Kelly and Pete Townshend, then I'll be all in. Until then fuck you.

Dating TV shows 5

Someone said it best when they considered TV as a vast wasteland. And it seems TV is running out of fresh ideas and concepts.

Case in point: I'm angry because there are just too many of these annoying, mediocre and cheap dating shows flooding the airwaves. We have Blind Date, Dismissed, 5th Wheel, Change of Heart, Elimidate, Extreme Dating, RendeView, Shipmates, The Bachelor, Joe Millionaire, and the list goes on. As if there aren't enough already! Do we really need to watch a bunch of shallow, pretentious, and slutty fools dating and making a fool out themselves on TV? Do you voyeurs (both men and women) out there really need to intrude into other people's dating lives? It's sad enough that people watch Jerry Springer but dating shows?! I am angry. Enough is enough, especially with these dating shows!

Television 6

My God its gotten so fuckin un-family-friendly.

I am a big tech fan. I watch Tech TV. SO on monday me and my mom were gonna watch unscrewed with martin sargent. Tech TV is one of the few decent stations without to much trash. So then I turn it there a little late, and see some girl sucking some guys dirty place and is censord so you can make out everything, and they are promoting this "Have sex with your computer thing" My God I hate that. how awkward it was with my mom. Fuck Tv. Fuck all that shit. I guess I will hafta watch Food TV and history channel with my mommy from now on.

Even cartoon network has gotten kind of ranchy with adult swim. My God, Fred was going to a strip club on some simpsons thing.  Actually I enjoy violence and stuff like that, but c'mon, I don't think that needs to be on a primamrily Kids network. DAMN HELL ARGHHH.

I like this site though.

*Note from Anger Central
We don't think much of Martin Sargent. Leo and Patrick are cool though!

Discovery Channel 7

TDC used to be a great channel. There were dozens of shows about military hardware, high technology, and future inventions. Now it features the dyke-iest looking male on the planet, Paul Teutel Senior, bitching at his son on "American Chopper." Yeah, that bike made out of chrome spiderwebs will be so cool! The owner will love the practicality of cleaning the road grime off the damn thing after every ride! Give me back the professionalism and beauty of Carmel Travers and Maxine Gray on Beyond 2000 and lose the repellent machismo of the Teutels! I'd like to rip that fat fucker's handlebar mustache right out of his face!

*Note from Anger Central
Try TechTV instead. The webmaster is usually in the chat room during the broadcast of The Screensavers.

 The New Tom Green Show 8

I remeber back then when the Tom Green show was insanely hillarious. After a couple of years they stopped showing and there I was tuning back to MTV just hoping they bring them back until now. This time it was named "The New Tom Green Show"

I was excited. I was eager to laugh at his funny stuff until i watched it that sunday night.....IT SUCKED ASS!!! WHAT THE FUCK HAVE THEY DONE TO HIM??? They made him into another fucking GAY Leno late night show. What happened to all the the footage of him going around annoying innocent people in different ways(i know you remebered the bum bum song)? Now all he is doing is the same shit they did in those other dumbass night shows. Talking about boring shit, reviewing celebrities etc,etc,atc. nice going MTV! What are you gonna do next? Jackass Survivor?

Television MTV's "Real World" 9

Where do I begin? This could have been one of the greatest reality shows ever, but you guys just had to stick to the same tired formula. The White guy that's never been around Blacks. The angry minority. The token gay guy. The virgin. A random slut. If we're lucky they'll throw in an Asain. Just give it up, the momentum is over. It's become so predictable that it's comatose. The show has gotten BAD. Seriously, it's over. Sorry about any grammatical errors.

Home Improvement Shows 10

I live in a 20 year old two bedroom mobile home in which my kids have to share a room that I would dearly love to move out of and into a real house, but can't afford a house payment. Then I see those shows on HGTV where the people own a five bedroom, four bathroom 3,000 sq ft house and bitch because one of the bathrooms is too small or they don't like the color in the living room. They have a $100,000 budget to remodel and it comes out uglier than what they started with. If they lived in what I do, they'd be happy with what they already had!

television 11

The history channel really turns me beet red at times. Then content is fantastic but God oh mighty there are so many fucken commercials! And they are so loooooooonnnnnnngggg! They take a two hour movie and stretch it over three hours. And the reruns are awful. Last week they had the same disasters of the century on FIVE TIMES! I can't believe with all of the world history there is that they can't have a bit of VARIETY. I know, why don't I watch something else? BECAUSE I LIKE HISTORY!! I needed this Anger Central. Thanks

BET 12

Black Entertainment Television. Six and a half days a week, there's either a music video with somebody screaming "Fuckidy fuck-fuck, ya fucked up fuckin' fuckers" or "Let's go waste come cops today!", or else some tasteless stand-up comedian rapping about how big his girlfriend's booty is or some bodily function. Then on Sunday mornings, it's all Jesus-this and God-that and "I got pregnant when I was 14 years old, but now the Lord is my main squeeze." Guess it just reflects the culture it's drawn from. I usually listen with the sound off, because the girls are hot to look at, but mainly I just thank the Lord I' not black!

Makeover Reality Shows 13

Of all the crap that is placed on television that is shoved into our faces at random, those god damn makeover reality shows are the WORST! Why, you ask? Simply put, these shows are not as warm and fuzzy as hanging out with your friends. Oooooh no! Not only do the freaky fruit loop hosts transform yourself into someone or something that you are obviously not, but they erode your self-esteem (or in this case, what's left of it)as they laugh and dance mocking you for having your own tastes in such a way that would put a 16-year-old bitchy cheerleader to shame! Huh? "Are these bastards grown-up adults or fucking teenagers? Jesus Christ!" Hurting people's feelings, while forcing you to dress up like every other Hollywood sellout with tips from experts "Who the hell are these so-called experts?" Yeah, that's real fucking empowering, assholes!" Give me a break! Stop with these reality shows with the annoying crazy fashionazi whores and their gay sidekicks. It's bad enough trashing everyone for being themselves, but must you splice an excuse onto it: "Where making you look good and feel good." Oh yeah. Look good to whom? The scumbags who produce this show, the shallow desires of the opposite sex? Feel good?! Who the fuck is going to feel good besides the "Cocksucker Twins", here? I'll tell you; every shallow, single-minded dumbass that believes that beauty is ONLY on a magazine or a fragrance ad. Okay, Grow up! Stop it's elitist, it's obnoxious, and demeaning. It is NOT entertainment! Therefore, I refuse to watch even a second of it's mean-spirited content.

*Note from Anger Central
Obviously you have never had to sit through 30 hours of South Korean soap operas dubbed badly into Mandarin Chinese. :p

MTV 14

I can't stand that god damned pathetic excuse for a network! Ever since 2000, MTV or EmpTV has given the public nothing but 15 fucking hours of Reality shows full of stupid, vain, obnoxious and moronic fuck-ups and it's only getting worse by the day! What the happened to original programming? What happened to the animated shows they had? You know they (MTV) had something back in the 1980's and 1990's...they had balls and a brain. But then they sold out to some corporate dickholes in suits who think they know want the people want. BULLSHIT! Now it's just a network of the crude, shallow, selfish, and wretchedly annoying. And even the music...ha.. what fucking music? There is nothing but whack-ass sellout top-40 artists play list stuck in a loop! Not the various genres of music they once played. I can't bare to watch another second of MTV. There's only so much dumbasses, whores, bimbos, drunken potheads, and psychotic pranksters I stand. All that MTV is going to do is lose viewers and ratings if they keep this trend up. 6 years is fucking long enough.

The Maury show 15

sometimes, when i'm bored, i watch the maury show. and see all the little twelve year olds who have sex 5 times a day get the crap yelled out of them. and i hate their pathetic, whiney and crying mothers. DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR FUCKING KIDS. it's okay to whip them, or to pulverize their stupid sex organs. don't these adults know how to DISCIPLINE their brats? or are the stupid little fuckers taking over their submissive parents. i just want to go on the show and yell at the parents for being such idiots. they can't even control a 12yr old girl? if she has sex in her room, isn't that noticeable? if she disappears for 2 days at a time, fucking DISCIPLINE her or just beat the crap out of her. good god. you're a parent for some reason.

Current Affair Shows 16

I am dam angry at these current affairs shows. Number one they're all about the same thing, whether its about this man got ripped off by some company we reallly don't care about or some man or woman got ripped of by they're X husband or wife. So its all a load of bullshit (to me at least). I never really took notice of these things untill i watched one of the episodes. What really pissed me off was that it was about how hard it is going to the super market. The reason BECAUSE THERE ARE TO MANY DAM PRODUCTS. For gods sake people in first world countries like Australia, people are COMPLAINING about how shopping is turning into a nightmare because of too many brands. While we're complaining about brands other people around the world who are not as fortunate as us are starving to death becuse of malnutrition and disease. I think this is insane. So if you're complaining about OH NO THERE'S to many brands think about the people who have no choice.

Commercials on cable 17

What the hell exactly am I paying for? I'm paying $80 a month for fucking dish, why should I have to sit through dumb ass commercial after dumb ass commercial that serves no real purpose other than insult my intelligence?

*Note from Anger Central
The stupid graphics that eat up half the screen piss is off too!

television 18

Television has to be the most pointless and probably diabolical thing in our lives. People waste their time with this crap for hours on end, being brainwashed by the media and picking up bad habits from it. Case in point: my family. My sisters, particularly my younger one, are seemingly addicted to TV, and I notice that women are the main culprits of pick up things they see on TV, mostly from sitcoms and soap operas. Television that they watch seems to be turning the personalities of these addicts in my family more like artificial characters off TV programs, and they act more and more like it each day instead of acting like a real person for goodness sake. It makes them more judgmental, less able to think for themselves, etc... What is their fascination with reality TV crap like Big Brother and Celebrity Love Island??? It isn't funny, or entertaining, watching a load of retards argue or fight or do a load of boring crap. And also, why watch stuff happen on TV when you could actually get a life of your own, like me for example. I don't watch TV, haven't for months and never will, so there. It's a total load of shit. I've seen what it does to the opinions of people in my family, sad really.

House And Garden Fucking TV 19

I hate those fucking HGTV shows that always tell you exactly what you have to do to live right. Fuck these cocksuckers. How some of these assholes get on TV I don't know. They must be laying down for the right people. Certainly talent, ability, personality and even looks has nothing to do with it. I was home from work sick for a week and started watching the HGTV station. My other choices were movies that were about 50 years old or cartoons.

The first show was all about decorating your home. The bitch in charge was telling these poor style challenged newly-weds to add personality to their little shit condo, by painting accent colors on one wall in each room. By the way, why can't they just call a wall color purple? Why do they have to say 'aubergine' or 'plum'? Actually, the women say 'plum', the faggots say 'aubergine'. Well after this show where only bold colors will do, the next show is all about getting your house ready for sale. On this show, the first fucking thing they tell the homeowner is bold colors are out and only muted colors will get the place sold. So out comes the queen bitch real estate agent who criticizes the whole place while the hapless owners watch the whole thing on a remote web cam from another location. This is probably because if someone bad-mouthed my house like these real estate bitches, I'd sock them one in the eye. So they have to keep a safe distance. Now all the fun starts. They get the obviously inept, tool use challenged homeowners to work with professionals, pulling nails out of their walls and sanding their toilet seats and so forth. All this so they can sell their house and move to another house where HGTV experts can tell them to paint bold colors on every fucking wall. In between these two types of shows there is an endless parade of homosexuals hosting decorating shows, people who will help all us poor style deprived idiots decorate our homes with recyclables and sculptures made of used cereal boxes and dried cat shit, all for less than $1,000.00! What a fucking bargain! And let us not forget the project shows. These are the ones where you get to see how you can make something like a lampshade covered with lint from your dryer or curtains made from the peel strips from panty liners or used condoms. These items can grace your own home or you can give them as a lovely gift (to someone you plan on never speaking to again). And favorites....the show with the old lady who knows how to clean everything from the twenty year old stain on your baby blanket to the cum shots on your flocked wallpaper to the crack of your ass - all using the same homemade cleaning product made from coffee grounds or diet salad dressing or some other ridiculous shit.

FUCK YOU HOUSE AND GARDEN TV!!! Maybe I should have my own TV show called "How To Improve Your Life By Disabling Your CAble TV Box" Fuck COMCAST CABLE too.

*Note from Anger Central
We took HGTV off the available channels list. :)

Media Coverage of Michael Jackson 20

I'm angry about the media coverage of Michael Jackson. Newsflash: I don't give a fuck! I don't care if he died, I don't care that he lived, I don't give a flying fuck if it was death by flaming dildo!!! I just don't fucking care. It's not newsworthy.

Television 21

I used to watch the history channel and shit so I could learn about our past and present. But now, they fucking added "ice road truckers", "deadliest catch" and some other fucking bullshit. Those shows are so fucking pointless and unrelated to history, holy shit fuck, I just want to kill some one.

My god, I pay like 30 bucks a month for like basic cable and shit and you put god damn shows about ppl hauling fucking logs and catching fish on a history channel. How fucking retarded do you got to be, I dont learn shit about history when all they do on deadliest catch is race for the biggest load of fucking fish.

Life after people is a good show, It's interesting to watch, but come on, why do they put shows about hauling logs for a fucking living on a damn history channel.

Jesus Fucking Christ, I want to watch modern marvels, how its made, and the universe and shit, but some days, all they do the whole fucking day is play goddamn ice road truckers and shit. ALL FUCKING DAY LONG until midnight. I want to learn about shit, not watch ppl get there fucking trucks stuck in mud and cry because the mill is fucking closed. I want to watch good quality shit history, not sum dumbass who makes money for a living catching god damn squids and fish. WTF has this come to, people think the logging companies and fishing companies can invade my history channel and fuck it up with shit i dont care about, cause its not fucking related to fucking history.

I want to be a fucking nerd and learn how the world works, not just watch sum dumbass argue and cry cause they didnt catch any fish or because the damn woodmill got closed down. If your having a paper shortage problem, make hemp paper god dammnit. I don't want to hear your shit mouth talking all day when I i want to do is learn about our damn world and universe.

Fuck the FCC. Fuck the ice road truckers show, and fuck deadliest catch.


LAST CHRISTMAS I was in the audience on the show THE VIEW They gifted the whole audience a nordic stair tread master something or another! Yes, I CLAIMED ON OUR TAXES ANd that was $500.00 at our high bracket!

I NEEVR RECEIVED IT! I was not contacted that they would be late they were out of stock,THE TAx was written off as I was receiving $$$ in the form of PAYROL FROM ABC! this is so wrong,

I HATE THAT GIRL THAT LIED AND didn't send me my Product she was nasty from #1 IT isn't fail HOW CAN I GET MY PRODUCT A YR LATER? THE 3 I WENT WITH RECEIVED THEIRS! ALL 4 tickets I was who asked for them and I was the only one who put on TAXES and I was the only one not receiving the item..SOMEBODY HELP! And scream! ARGGGGGGGGGG, what would you do?

My TV 23

I am so damn angry at my TV. Whenever I try to play video games or watch movies, it keeps taking the entire video and condenses it into a single horizontal line in the middle of the screen. The only way to fix it is to either wiggle the cords from my Nintendo or DVD player that go into the TV, or hit the TV as hard as I can. One time I hit it at a slight angle by mistake and thought I broke my wrist. Fuck this shit and I want to meet the makers of this product so I can cut their dick and balls off for making a horrible product.

Stupid Television Shows 24

It seems that on television things get dumber and dumber and the humor is getting cruder. I am 14 and on channels for children are shows like "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake" are showing people putting s*** between their buttcheeks wtf

Television 25

There is never, EVER, anything good on TV. I go to watch cartoons and BAM! fucking phieass and pherb show for 3 channels straight, at the same fucking time! And how's about MTV now, just a lot of bullshit by my standards. Plus the history and discovery channel is full shit now. History channel has ice road truckers which is a bunch of fat guys driving trucks and whining. What's that have to do with history. But mostly discovery channel has gone from bad to total Obama administration. Now there is deadliest catch, American choppers, and cash cab annoys the living shit out of me the most.

Then there is reality TV. But I am going to stop there.

reality tv 26

I hate tv talent shows. They are exploitive and are valium for the masses. I watched American Idol and am stunned as to how this show has lasted 11 seasons. They stifle creativity and aren't original at all. I think the networks are stupid for catering to the lowest common denominator. The old saying,"if it bleeds-it leads"- is sad but true. People need to send a message to the networks and stop watching this crap.

AFV Isn't Funny Anymore! 27

Like my obvious title, I'm angry because AFV isn't funny anymore! I remember back when I was 5, laughing my head off, watching the original Bob Saggot version that had all the hilarious voiceovers and funny sound effects (those reruns still make me laugh to this day). But the latter versions with the other hosts gradually went downhill. I'll try to explain my reasons why and maybe give a few specific video examples without clogging up too much of this rant space.

For the versions that had that John whatever and that Daisy bitch, I swear there was something about that Daisy I found very annoying and irritating...her personality on the show? Also this version seemed to have the most distasteful videos I've ever seen, and they always seemed to pick the shittiest one as the winner, especially if it emphasized on body parts. Now what the fuck is so funny about a naked baby boy peeing into the holy water at baptism? Disgusting! They've also selected some mean-spirited videos that I believe borderlined on child abuse. A father's bad singing making his infant son cry at will? A mom pressuring her daughter to eat her green beans until the little girl starts crying and screeching "I'm never eating a green bean again!" The worst video which prompted me to change the channel involved a car trying to back up or pull forward but couldn't, because a dog kept diving and lying right towards the wheels, stopping the car abruptly everytime. Oh sure! It's all fun and games until you actually run over that poor dog. You fucking animal abusers!

I believe the Tom Bergeron host was better than the last 2 co-hosts, and has had better humor videos than that previous garbage. For several years most of his videos were pretty funny, but in this day and age it's really gone downhill. The majority I see now are mostly people crashing bikes or tripping over things, which I believe has gotten really cliché and bland. They outta rename it America's Cutest/Amazing/ etc. Home Videos as they're now anything but "funny." And the so-called "amazing" videos? ("OMG I got that on tape!") Sometimes I wonder....Probably a big set-up! I'm also turned off by the videos depicting a bunch of brat children. Seriously what's so funny about that little gremlin offering his grandpa the half-eaten Hostess cupcake over the uneaten one? In another video, a grandma holding her newborn grandson comments about this baby having the biggest penis she saw. Now how can you talk like that about your grandchild on camera?! I find that a verbal form of child sexual abuse. Wash your mouth out you filthy old hag! In regards to animal abuse again, I get offended when they show videos involving a dog yelping, whether chickening out in fear of something, or if they're in pain from "accidentally" getting hurt. Remember the video that had a kid's party with a white dog piñata? Tom's voiceover of the adult instructing the little girl says, "All you have to do is hit the little white dog." And what does that little bitch girl do but hit a live dog that walks into the camera view. I can't believe that one made it into the finalists, but thank God it did not win (I don't think it came in second either). Now how is making a poor dog yelp in pain funny in AFV's eyes? You guys have a sick, anti-social sense of humor on there...

I tell you I could go on forever with this rant telling about every single "funny" video that sucked. It always confused me how all those crap videos get accepted into AFV and broadcast on screen. Even Planet's Funniest Animals had a specific boundary, warning "make sure no animals or humans were harmed in the making of your video." So why can't AFV follow that guideline too? Now I avoid AFV like the plague, whenever it comes on, changing the channel or turning off the TV. RIP AFV. Call me when you finally get cancelled.

Emergency Alert Systems 28

Hey TV companies or whoever is in charge of Emergency Alert Systems, please stop fucking interrupting our fucking TV shows over your unnecessary goddamned tests, it is so goddamn rude whenever we're trying to watch something we look forward to such as the climax of a show we waited all week to see and then the EAS interrupts it to let us know of an emergency test. Seriously , you're going to make me miss a big moment on tv? Well fuck you EAS system, is it really that important to run your goddamn tests that you half to interrupt our fucking shows in the middle of something memorable all because you are testing for emergencies. How about you fucking let us know when a REAL emergency is happening like if a Tornado is coming or a serial killer is on the loose, not fucking interrupt the newest episode of CSI just because you are testing; why don't you idiots pick a certain time in the day on the same day of the week to do tests or how about do your tests during commercials instead of interrupting our goddamn broadcasts for your stupid bullshit tests, I would love to know who puts these fucking alerts on our tvs so I can punch them in the goddamn jaw for how much of a fucking retard they are, not only that but it's even more frustrating when they send out alerts in the middle of the night while we are sleeping, with their fucking buzzers loud enough to wake up a narcoleptic, just because you're running some test for emergency. Well guess what you ended up making it an emergency because somebody just suffered a heartattack all because you wanted to issue a fucking test in the middle of the fucking night. Way to go broadcast systems, it's clear you guys are nothing but fucking idiots that interrupt our programs for no reason, and it's stupid as fuck, next time you interrupt us in the middle of something on tv we get excited about, it better be fucking important, and if it's a test, shove it up your dumbasses.

Television 29

When I was a kid back in the 1970's, television was free and, I might add, of better quality than the crap these asinine idiot network executives come up with today. Hell, even back in the 90's tv was better than this shit today.

Now tv is pay pay pay, whether or not it is on an actual tv or an actual network or on computer and coming from one of these websites that have digitized and archived old tv shows and movies.

Example, I just got done watching all the episodes of the 2 original seasons of Twin Peaks on Netflix, one of the better ones, and now I want to watch the next chapters in the storyline. So now I have to put up with all this BULLSHIT of these third rate websites where I have to put up with this "create an account" CRAP just because the particular website has the ones I want to see.

NO. NO NO NO. Why should I have to sign up on a third rate site/service that I have never heard of in order to watch continuing episodes of a tv show that I am following.

It is enough to make me want to do some SERIOUS DAMAGE to them but, I promise, I will try to control myself.

And then, even worse, are the ones where, if you do create an account in order to see your desired episodes, the next step is PAY PAY PAY, either a monthly fee of 5 to 15 dollars a month or a per episode fee of 99 cents to a dollar or 2 per episode. I am not against a reasonable level of profit but the arrangement of the way it is today is beyond reasonable.

And all this is in addition to all the time and effort that you have to expend sifting through all these Google result listings and 3rd rate/no name websites/services before you give up in frustration.

It almost makes me want to go cold turkey off the internet for good and go to an Internet addiction 12 step group. 30

I fucking can't stand The streams and videos always fucking lag when I'm trying to watch. Crappy website. Every redesign makes the videos run worse. They blame my internet connection, when videos work on all other websites. What arrogant cunts! I fucking hate this website! I find it amusing they let people upload their streams to Youtube, because Youtube plays videos better, without lagging and nagging me to turn down the video resolution.

Game of Thrones 31

I'm fucking pissed off because I can't go anywhere, log onto social media or even so much take a shit without hearing about this goddamn show and its cult of fanboys blathering on about it nonstop like a broken record

The Today Show with Hoda and Jenna 32

I stop watching the Today Show the moment these two Agenda Pushing Stupid Bitches come on the air.

These bitches thinks it's funny to spread misinformation about all of the shortages happening across the Country. Ketchup and Chicken Shortages are something to not laugh about because there are starving children out there and making jokes about food shortages and further pushing your agendas is a guaranteed way for me to change the channel on these stupid bitches.

Why do these Media Cunts half to push their negative agendas and cause panic? That's why people panic buy and it's because of stupid cunts like Hoeda and Jenna always got to push their negative agendas regarding shortages and shit.

Thankfully Let's Make a Deal is on and I would rather watch that than watch two stupid bitches on the Today Show push their negative agendas to cause panic.

There will be shit back in stock so I say stop listening to cunts like Hoda and Jenna if anything those stupid bitches need to be taken off the air.

*Note from Anger Central
The Today show is still on the air? Will wonders never cease!

Invisalign Cringe Commercials 33

I am so angry anytime I see an advertisement of some Black Kid named Brandon promoting Invisalign by saying "Don't Worry About it Sweetheart."

Ugh I hate this commercial so much it's so fucking cringeworthy.

Hey Brandon how about you worry about not getting beat up in school for starring in such a stupid commercial.

Worry about that.

The Great Christmas Light Fight 34

I am so angry at ABC's Great Christmas Light Fight for choosing some undeserving families to win with the most laziest looking light displays.

Like they had a family who made a life sized gingerbread house and an old couple who really had a unique Christmas at the Beach theme but no they go with a lazy ass all light show that made their front yard look like a fucking nightclub and it's not even fucking Christmas themed.

What the fuck were you thinking ABC? Awarding the laziest looking light displays to fucking losers who didn't deserve to win and who's displayed should have been dead last over those that looked amazing and did deserve to win.

Seriously losers who make the laziest effort doesn't deserve to win they deserve to be in last place and as a result ABC you lost my viewership for this year's Great Christmas Light Fight because if you are going to award losers for the worst looking displays over families who actually put a lot of hard work into their displays than I am not going to waste my time watching you insult my intelligence ABC so fuck you.

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