I fucking HATE TRAFFIC! Drivers are fucking stupid everywhere and have no fucking common sense! People are rude and drive too slow, too fast, they don't signal or they are fucking retarded. If there were no people on the road it would take me 5 minutes to get to work but because the world is full of MORONS and the stupid fucking rolling metal boxes they are driving it takes me 20 minutes most days. I used to have a longer commute and that was even worse hell but even now I GET FUCKING ANNOYED!

Driving anywhere makes me FUCKING ANGRY! I hate stop lights, I hate people in front of me and I basically hate the world whenever I am behind the wheel. I HATE EVERYONE ON THE ROAD in their stupid metal boxes on their stupid cell phones, listening to dumbassed loud music, with their stupid fucking brats in car seats and their stupid fucking "Baby on Board" signs in the windows! I HATE IT ALL! One day I want to live in a house where I work across the street, have a grocery store and shopping mall in walking distance AND WHERE I HARDLY EVER HAVE TO DRIVE! If I could snap my fingers and magically make every car on the road disappear I WOULD FUCKING DO IT!

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