I don’t care how many laws CSX and ConRail have bought, there is something totally unforgivable in that one of their trains was blocking city traffic for 29 whole goddamned minutes this evening! The bastard train actually came to a complete stop twice. That’s no longer a train crossing, that is now an obstruction of traffic and there has to be some kind of fine or penalty for that. I can’t believe I was forced to sit there 29 whole goddamned minutes for that sonofabitch to pass, but it’s true. From 5:34 to 6:03, damn them. And, like I said, the train actually came to a complete stop twice!!! Inconsiderate ass holes. Fuck you ConRail, CSX and CN

Trains 2

I ordered a Pizza and was on my way home and a fucking train with over 100 cars comes crossing the road which I don't understand why railroad crossings should even be allowed on city streets because all they do is back up traffic with their assloads of cars and it's so goddamn infuriating especially if people need to get work or if an ambulance needs to cross the railroad crossing to take someone to the Hospital but no these selfish, dumbass egineers feel like their more important; I hope your dumbass trains derails itself down to Hell.

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