Work (or lack thereof)

I am so fucking sick and tired of being unemployed. I am tired of people looking at me like I am a loser because I don't have a job. Shit! It is not my fault. I go to countless interviews, kiss countless asses and constantly e-mail, fax and mail my resume to these ass holes who seem to do nothing but wipe their asses with it. Most of all I am tired of settling for telemarketing jobs just to make ends meet. WTF? I did not spend my youth studying and going to school to be a telemarketer.

Unemployment 2

I hate being without a job. I'VE SPENT THREE YEARS OF MY WORTHLESS LIFE TRYING TO FIND A NEW JOB ONLY TO KEEP GETTING REJECTED! GOOD GOD,I AM LOSER! I had to quit my last job because the people I worked for were sadistic assholes who did nothing but take advantage of me. I decided to leave and I've been paying the price ever since. I don't know what to do! I really can't go on like this.

Unemployment 3

ARRRGGH!! This really fucking sucks!! I need a job, I can't find one and it pisses me off. I would like to buy a car and a house but I can't do either without money! The saying is true..Money makes the world go around, My world hasn't moved an inch in 3 years! I'm not going to put myself on welfare because I don't need it. I'm tired of feeling like a useless pile of trash. I want to work!

Unemployment 4

I can't find a freaking job anywhere! I've filled out hundreds of applications and no one ever responds! What am I going to do?? I don't want to go on welfare, I don't want to borrow money from friends and family. I can't survive without an income. I'm losing my mind!

*Note from Anger Central
Chin up, it looks like things are beginning to turn around. The other day the webmaster was working on a director's laptop when he overheard him talking with another manager about the company they all slave for preparing to ramp up for new hiring. Considering what a hellhole company the webmaster works for our guess is that other companies will be hiring a lot faster then his.

suck ass economy! 5

my husband has been laid off AGAIN!!! twice in two years! what the fuck? how the fuck are we supposed to survive? all these fucking sports figures whining about that they only make 100,000 a year....yeah my heart fucking breaks for you assholes! step into MY shoes for a while assholes! i would KILL to make what celebs make. at least that way i wouldn't have to worry about bills not getting paid, & cars getting repo'd and shit like that. i thought this fucking economy was supposed to getting better! BULL-SHIT!!! something better be done....fuckin' A!!!

Unemployment 5

I have for the past year tried to find a fucking job and everyone I applied to has ignored me. I can't deal with this anymore. I've been out of work too damn long. I feel like I'm going to die.

Job Hunting 6

Holy Hand of Tyr. I just moved down here to go back to school, I just got married and am looking for a job, part-time to be exact. But, like every other fucking time I get the same shit. First there are the pricks who post "Now Hiring" signs but never call me back, even after I call them. I have two fucking degrees, yet they hire the dumbest shits ever to work at their stores. My personal favorites are the assholes that want to interview you, make you drive Washington fucking DC, hold off for 4 months and do not give you the fucking job. I cannot even remember who they were, so much the better.

Finally there are the retarded assclowns who advertise 5 fucking positions, interview you twice, fucking 2 times, then say that they are not going to hire anybody, and check their employment pool. Fucking inconsiderate pricks is all I have to say. I hate this shit with all of my heart; I am sick of these fucks playing with your head then ass-fucking you. May they all burn in hell.

Unemployment/Bad economy 7

I understand that the economy is recovering a bit but it's still a bitch trying to find decent work these days. Yeah, it's become a game a contest in order to get a paying job and you're almost better off winning the fucking lottery this time around. Some people are so poor, you might not even get paid in cash for a small job anymore and if you DO get paid in a gig (Craigslist) such as writing or submitting a graphical design work, then there are gonna be 7-15 other people and the cheap fuckers turn it into a contest. Think how bad it's gonna be once we get out of war, it'll be worst than the Great Depression. In my case, I'm working part-time 8 hours a week out of the 25 I applied for, first off I need to buy food and materials for the classes I'm taking, second I need to pay some debts and $90/biweekly ain't gonna do it. Right now I'm looking for a better (read: more hours) job since I'm making peanuts where I stand and that'll take another 9-12 months...son of a bitch.

Unemployment 8

FUCKING SHIT!! What the fuck do I have to do to get a job in this motherfucker? I haven't worked since 2002. And it's not my fault. I go to interview after interview like I have been doing for the past 2 and a half years, and what do I get? nothing but the same old "we have your application on file" and "someone will be calling you within a week or so" song and dance. I don't get it. I busted my ass in school for this? I bet these same assholes would go apeshit if I were to start selling drugs and sold some to their children, but times are hard and I really don't have any other options. Hell, I got to eat too.

Rant about unemployment 9

I was laid off from the company I worked for for almost a year. I've sent in the resumes and done numerous interviews, but no dice. It seems that those companies prefer to pay McWages for even the skilled positions now. I can't really feel sorry for the overpaid CEOs anyhow. As great as America is, this country is really going downhill.

Unemployment 10

I've been out of work for way too long, I really need money but I'm having a bitch of a time finding employment. I make out job applications and I talk to people who hiring but I still don't get anywhere. I'm not getting any help, I'm just going in circles. I get people telling me that I should blame the economy. How? From what I hear, the economy is getting better. I need a job, not excuses for not having one! This is a fucking joke and I'm really not finding it funny. I'm totally stressing out over this and I can't take it anymore.

Unemployment 11

I can't find a fucking job, I make out job applications every day and I get ignored 99% of the time. When I do get interviewed, I end up not getting hired. How am I supposed to anything without money? I am going through hoops over a lousy, low paying job! Maybe I should just stop making out job applications and just kill myself. No one will ever hire me.

can't seem to find a job 12

I have been laid off and ever since then I can't find a job. I have some college education and the problem today is that most people will only hire you if you are a college graduate. That sucks! College didn't work out for me and now it seems my fault that I dropped out of college? People won't take their time to train anyone for a job either, they seem to want experience with jobs. The only experience for jobs I have is retail jobs. Whenever I read the job ads in the paper it seems like 90% of the jobs want experience, a bachelor's degree or some other stupid thing. It is really getting me frustrated and I hate it. :(

unemployment 13

I have been unemployed for 9 months, now, and I can't deal with it anymore! Every interview I've been on has been a joke. The first question out of the interviewer's mouth is usually asking me if I speak Spanish. I know I'm fucked. Then they tell me all they have available is some dumb-assed minimum wage bullshit, ten hours per week. Assholes.

 Unemployment 14

I'm 26 years old, a full time mother and housewife, and I take care of everything in my house... All of the finances, the housework, event organization, everything. And what do I get for it when I try to find a "real" job? Nada, zilch, squat. Okay, so I have no formal education and no "real world" experience. But I can all but guarantee I'm better educated than half the college graduates you're going to run into, and I've got better data entry skills than those who actually work in the field. My father was an English Lit major and my mother built hard drives, for chrissake. So yes, I have no formal education, but I type 85+wpm with a 2% error rate on a *bad* day and I know how to operate a damn computer. Why won't you hire me? Because I'm "unreliable". Riiiiight. So all you retarded corporate HR fucks who won't give a decent person and a hard worker a chance, PISS OFF.

Government Security Clearances 15

My job required a top secret clearance. The shit is not easy to get, but I got one. When I resigned and left a defense contractor, no one bothered to give me a yellow piece of paper that I needed to get another job. I never knew about it and no one ever told me. Needless to say, I never got hired again. When I interviewed, all the employers said my clearance was expired. Finally, I had one interview that told me that when I left that top secret job, I should have been given a yellow piece of paper with my top secret security clearance on it.

I lost everything. I couldn't get a job so I ended up working minimum wage. I couldn't pay my housenote so I was evicted. I couldn't pay my bills, so I went bankrupt. I couldn't pay for storage so I lost all my worldly possessions, that includes pictures, furniture, clothes, memories. I have been evicted three times. I had to give up my cat. I ended up in a homeless shelter. I even turned tricks as a prostitute so I could feed my cat and fucking eat!!! Finally, I ended up in a mental institution when I wanted to kill myself. [Even Katrina got helped out!]

Most people with top secret clearances are morons who happened to luck into it by working in the military. I've worked with hundreds of mindless idots who sat at a desk all day, did nothing, and got paid good for it because they had top secret.

So if you ever have a top secret clearance and leave a job, ask for that yellow piece of paper. I never knew, I never did and now I don't exist. I googled my name and found out I was trans-gendered ... go figure.

No one ever wants to help me because I am beautiful. I have a genius I.Q. and everyone thinks I a fucking slutt!! Whenever people found out how much money I made, they always complain that I was paid to much. That even continues to this day and I'm on fucking SSDI! I ended up where I am today because no one, bosses, co-workers, church members, neighbors, supposed "friends", or family ever helped me.

What bothers me the most is that when I ended up working at one minimum wage job, because I couldn't get hired anywhere else, one of my former company's bosses, the V.P. of Human Resources, showed up to make fun of me but couldn't give me this yellow piece of paper or tell me about it. I didn't even recognize her, but a year later, when it was too late, I looked through some papers of mine at home and realized it was her name.

Suzanne M. I hope you burn in hell! I hope you end up on an airplane with a flight crew from Al Queida! If I ever see you again, you better take a gun and blow your fucking brains out, because when I get to you, you will die 1,000 times when I torture you. And you better watch out, I've already been to ground school and passed with an A+.

*Note from Anger Central
This one sounded very odd to us. It just doesn't seem correct, as if something was missing. However if all this is accurate then have you spoken with an attorney? This seems to be very actionable.

Unable to find work 16

I have done nothing but work hard all of my life. I previously left my law enforcement job after 6 years to pursue a career in the aerospace industry. Before I went into law enforcement, all I had to my name was an Associates degree and a huge debt. When I left the PD, I was the most decorated officer of my department, debt free, and had a bachelors degree that I paid for out of my own pocket. Now, I am married, have a son, a masters degree in space operations (3.74 GPA I might add), and a huge $25,000 student loan debt combined with a mortgage. I am so damn angry because I have searched for 3 years for a job this degree was supposed to help me get. I have stayed up very many nights vegging in front of the computer trying to find a, it has come down to this: No experience, no security clearance, no job. HOW THE HELL DO THESE NIMRODS EXPECT YOU TO GET EXPERIENCE IF THEY DON'T HIRE YOU??? HELLO!!! As far a s the security clearance issue goes, I can go along with it, I just apply to the jobs that don't require it. But again, IF THE ECONOMY IS SO GREAT AND THERE ARE ALL THESE JOBS AROUND, WHERE THE HELL IS MINE???

unemployment 17

having a plethora of anxiety disorders sucks enough, & it's because of them that i don't feel like i can handle a job right now. unfortunately, this couldn't come at a shittier time, because now the fucking house is being sold, my parents are moving all way to casa de la pinga, & i'm too poor to move anywhere. i REFUSE to live in the middle of buttfuck where my parents are moving, & now i get fucked over, because i need to start looking for a place. i don't give a good shit how ritzy the fucking new house is, i don't give a good shit what's on the fucking property. I AM NOT GOING TO LIVE IN THE BOWELS OF HELL JUST BECAUSE I'M TOO SICK TO GET A FUCKING JOB.

no jobs 18

Okay tried to get a job got a interview every thing was okay but guess what I have have bad checks that I paid for in court did not know that goes on you criminal report come on I paid the checks off I wrote the knowing money was there but shit happens and they bounced I paid them off in court as I was told to but no one told me it was a criminal act what the hell? I paid them off any way interview went great I was just what they were looking for but the checks are considered a misdemeanor so no job that is fucked up I don't steal I mad a mistake i took care of the mistake hell I even went as far as closing out my checking account why should that be an issue? you have people who work who do the same thing hell some of them are supervisors it happens but to keep me away from a job I because of it is wrong you may ask why bounced checks because the damn bank did not cover my checks but only the ones that were stolen from me great just great thanks bank for keeping me unemployed maybe when I do get that great job at McDonalds' I will repay you for all you have done to keep an honest woman working the same job your ignorant ass is working.

*Note from Anger Central
Did you make the potential employer aware that you had a problem with bounced checks, and that it had been taken care of? Employers hate finding out these things. Next time be upfront and tell them you had a problem, explain what happened and that as soon as you knew you had a problem you took care of it.

can't get contract 19

I interviewed for teaching jobs. There is supposedly a shortage of teachers, especially in special education where I have my degree. I don't want to work in the area I used to work in because of my age and family situation, so I am trying to find something less physically and emotionally demanding.

Supposedly you can teach in this county with a Bachelor's Degree! What a load! Here I have one, state certification, and experience with autism and no one will hire me. I currently work in IT for the school system as an hourly tech assistant which is not much better than being a secretary. My bosses have offered me other jobs, but they are low-graded and clerical and BORING!!! They also stopped giving references for me when they found out that I was interviewing all over; I guess it was too much work.

This situation is lousy. I have been looking for a contracted job now for a year and NOTHING. The only reason I stay is the paycheck. Bosses hired an arrogant, self-centered idiot to replace someone who moved and I have change this guy's diaper on a regular basis since he can't be bothered to do the work he is paid for. Husband is critically ill and I need the benefits. No offer to make my job contracted ("We don't have the money"...then they spend 90K on a consultant and 100K on media for their library) despite my "excellent work." Maybe they are just pissed off because I don't want to be someone's peon. Though these days, teaching isn't too much better. FCPS do the right thing!

unemployment 20

not having a job seriously blows dog. especially in a time where politicians claim that "more jobs are becoming available". BULLSHIT. why don't you assfucks just say what you really mean? that more jobs are becoming available for those assholes who enter this country floating on a fucking door. meanwhile, people like MYSELF bust their asses going to school, majoring in fields that would hopefully get our feet in the door, & yet we can't seem to obtain even a fucking entry level job because said bastards are using the whole "i was a surgeon in (insert country's name here)." ask me if i give three fucks. the only reason the retards here are willing to give you work is because of the fact that you're willing to get paid next to nothing just so you can stay here. can't stand the country you come from, & its politics? SHUT THE FUCK UP. quit acting like fucking babies for once, & overthrow the damned government there instead of trying to make us miserable over here. oh, & before i forget, these same assholes are the ones who'll come here under the pretenses of wanting a better life, yet when a certain amount of time goes by & they've collected a certain amount of material things, they go back to the shitholes they came from, & sell those things over there just to make money.

& yes, i know it's pretty damned hypocritical of me to go on about this, considering the fact that i'm a first-generation cuban american, but for the crying love of fuck, you know the problem is getting serious when other first-generations start to bitch.

Pay Cuts 21

Pay cuts are making me angrier than animal rights activist at a fur expo. This pay cut shit is pissing me the hell off. Not like the financial situation could get any worse, now i have to take a 10% pay cut. Fuck!!. Who knows how much more. Further more im angry with myself for not following through in life. I wouldn't be worried about a 10% pay cut if i was making a couple hundred thousand a year. Fuck me for being a lazy piece of shit through out my life which has led to me being in a shitty job with shitty pay taking shitty pay cuts!

Failed interview 22

I am angry today because I failed a job interview for a position I really wanted. It's the first time in my life I ever really wanted a particular job and I know I'm good for it so why don't they? They employed someone with managerial experience. If they wanted that why not put it in the ad? Fucking timewasters! I'm also angry because I have two kids, a mortgage and feel like I should be doing better. There we are. I said it. i don't feel better.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster ran into that many times last year. In a few cases the hiring managers lied in the job Req. The Webmaster wasted hundreds of hours and many gallons of gas on bogus interviews.

Rejection of application 23

I am so mad! I've tried so fucking hard to get an internship in my field for my major. Every place I've applied to won't accept me. I'll work for free, dammit, I just need the experience! Is it because I don't have fucking straight A's in school? How the fuck can I fulfill the requirement if no place will accept me? I can't blame the economy because I applied to volunteer also. Not considered for that either, so I guess I'll just not be able to work!

*Note from Anger Central
We're sorry you're having a hard time, but we are in the worst job market in decades and it's going to get a lot worse. Very few companies are looking for full time employees, never mind interns. All we can say is keep plugging away.

Over-educated and jobless 24

I am a PhD student. I have a Master's degree in English Literature. I volunteer 10 hours a week. I am trying to find a job. I know literature is not the best discipline when it comes to job searches. But seriously--I can't find anything! I've applied to teaching jobs, tutoring job ads, positions in retail, customer service, sales, etc. You name it, I've applied for it. And the reality is that I have not gotten one single call back. I know I'm a qualified worker. I have legitimate references from professors and professionals that I've worked with in the past. Each has said they would hire me again if a job were available. I'm bilingual. I have experience in sales, retail, and customer service. I am a reliable worker. Why can't someone just hire me!!!! I'm so broke. This situation is causing problems in my marriage. I'm depressed. This just isn't fair. Life isn't fair, I know. But this is really not right. And companies out there, you are really missing out on a nice, reliable, and responsible worker.

Overqualified and on Welfare 25

I am so angry at myself and at God for allowing me to fall into this pit of despair. I have a masters degree in management that has gotten me nowhere. I can't find a job despite my best efforts and it's been two years. I live in nyc where there is supposeed to be an abundance of opportunity and yet I can't see any for me. Everyone around me is moving onto bigger and better things meanwhile i'm hemmoraging money i dont have, moved back home with my mom and recently got on welfare. this is not how I am supposed to be living at 31 years old-I've worked too hard for a better life and I haven't seen any progress. i feel like such a loser.

*Note from Anger Central
You aren't going to like what we're about to say. A lot of companies won't even look at people who've been out of work for more than a month or two. Also, New York is absolutely dead for any type of management jobs. (Or pretty much any other jobs for that matter)
For all intents and purposes, we are in a depression, and this was caused and prolonged by our government. States such as NY, Illinois and California have utterly destroyed their economies. You might want to look at moving to states that have actual job growth such as Texas. Also, do any sort of volunteer work you can find. It will show employers you aren't just sitting around. It will also help your self esteem as well.
We hate to say this, but until the current administration is removed from office, as well as the current configuration of the U.S. Senate, it isn't going to get any better and it will be getting worse.

unemployment...dignity 26

I do not "work" all year. I work seasonally. During that seasonal employment I work hours no sane person would allow themselves. After I am laid off I work on my life, because unlike many people I have god-damned dreams. I have desires that go beyond the humdrum, beyond the vacuous untenable rank and file, mind meager, drive-less, non-motive existence of the ideal working class man. During that time I collect a meager unemployment earning from the state. That stipend allows me the time and space for creative pursuit, which I have had the audacity to pursue. Do you? Is it friggin crazy to try to attain dignity in this world. I don't know what the point of life is but you can bet your ass it is not to do whatever it takes to make it in the american economy. I bet its a lot more akin to concepts like creativity, awareness, perception, ideology, love, or strength. Anyway, I can't spend more time on this right now, I have to put down my brain and try to get a job at a fucking gas station to pay my rent after I just spent weeks upon weeks working 20 hour days.

Unemployment 27

All of the employers in my area are REAAAAAAL selective bastards. Some of them want usernames and passwords to social networking sites so they can dig through your profile looking for anything incriminating. I can't take this bullshit anymore, I'm joining the Marines.

Job Search 28

Applying for a job is beyond insane! First, you apply online. Then, you receive an email confirming receipt of your resume/application. Next, if the company feels like it, a HR rep will call/email you asking for MORE information and going over everything you painfully and carefully submitted. Then s/he tells you you fill out another application/form on their web site and provide a web link. These web sites rarely work flawlessly and takes anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to complete; that is, until you are timed-out for whatever reason and have to login again and start all over from the beginning.

Once these hurdles are cleared and you are still lucky, you might receive another telephone call from a different HR person who then tells you you need to complete a online psychological profile/questionnaire. This takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

If that goes well and you are pass to the next level, a technical recruiter then calls you, goes over everything yet again, takes up 3- to 45 minutes of your time, then emails you a link to a technical assessment which typically takes 1 to 3 hours.

*IF* you haven't been eliminated yet, another telephone call happens and you are then scheduled for a telephone screen/interview with a hiring manager for the group you are applying for. S/he calls and another 30 - 45 minutes are spent.

Still, if all goes well and you haven't died, you get scheduled for a group teleconference where several people interrogate you for up to 2 hours asking trivial and not too concerned about your past value or your real world results.

*IF* you somehow made it through this exclusionary process, you are invited for an in-person interview which can take up to a full day and you are interviewed by everyone from the janitor to the C-level executives.

*IF* you make it through this gauntlet, then you are asked to write an essay about your greatest accomplishments and achievements, why do you want to work for this company, what do you offer this company, etc...

Assuming you pass all this, they then ask you for a background check, drug test, credit check, provide your last five (5) residences, provides 7 to 9 professional references for a reference check, and so on...

And you find out "oh we're sorry. You're just not the right 'fit'." Fit? WTF? I'm applying for a job not a marriage license or dating, assholes. Sorry that my zodiac sign doesn't match.

And companies complain they cannot hire anyone because it's too expensive. NO SHIT!!!! Read above and look at all the time and wasted resources!!!

And others wonder why people give up and drop out of looking for a job and why the number of suicides are out-pacing the number of deaths caused by auto accidents. Companies treat applicants/job seekers like monkeys for their own amusement. Hey, they have a job. They won't lose their job by not hiring, so lets have fun jerking everyone around. Dance, monkey dance. Gee, don't you look all professional in your suit and tie. Roll over. Sit. Beg. Play dead. Fuck you!!

But, the moment these companies don't hit their billion or multimillion dollar profits, it's lay-off time. Got to protect the golden parachutes while giving everyone else under us the golden shower!

It a scam and a royal screw job!! Total nonsense, batshit insanity! It can only get worse. Oh boy. F -- THE WORLD!!!

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