Bagless vacuum cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaners are supposed to be a new concept, more hygienic and better suction, as there being no bag to become clogged with dust. This is simply not true, and it makes my blood boil every time I use and have to empty my bagless vacuum cleaner. The suction is pathetic and it only gets worse as the internal filters become clogged, necessitating removal and washing. Emptying the dust canister is far from hygienic, and it needs to be given a good shake to remove all the contents, which inevitably means a small dust cloud, which contaminates clothing and the surrounding area. Aesthetically it's not pleasing to look at either, with the clear canister giving a clear view of all the filth that has been vacuumed. I feel so angry I feel like smashing it to smithereens, but it was so expensive that I can't afford to.

Vacuum cleaners 2

These things are so awful and so loud. Any time somebody uses one it drowns out all sound from everything, including the TV show I was watching. I can't believe nobody invented a quiet vacuum cleaner because these loud ones suck!

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