I can never just VENT. Every time I just try to vent someone always has to try to give advice or say well maybe if you didn't do that... WELL I DID YOU FUCKER IM VENTING. ALL I WANT TO DO IS VENT AND THINK THINGS THROUGH!!! IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK REALLY IS THAT TO Much. Does everyone have to try to help. If you want to help let me vent and help myself. If i want help ill ask for it. GOD DAMN

Venting 2

I HATE it when people won't let me vent. Just who am I supposed to talk to about this shit if my mom, my sister, my husband, my friends, everybody I am close to at all cannot simply shut the fuck up and hear me out? I can't even finish a story or get to my point most of the time, because somebody starts telling me what I did wrong or what I could do differently. You know what? There is no one who knows how to just listen anymore.

*Note from Anger Central
That's why we're here dude. :)

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