I have to expel my vast amount of anger somewhere, preferably where no one can read it, but anyone can read it anywhere so why not throw it in the obnoxiously overcrowded internet where any Stupid with no life can read it. Tried a journal. Anyone can keep a journal/diary/notebook/thing. But no. All my thoughts and opinions must be monitored and clean. CLEAN! I wrote it backwards BACKWARDS! All i wanted to do was make it so my little sister couldn't read from it and pick up my bad attitude. My bad attitude which was a beast I ALMOST successfully attempted to tie down WITHIN the journal. It actually worked for a few days and some people actually noticed. But then my mom found it. She read it and started screaming about me writing "bullshit." Okay, it wasn't meant for anybody to read. YOU STICK YOUR NOSE IN IT YOU GET TO SMELL THE INK! She was almost as infuriated as I was while writing it. This did NOT help me in any way at all whatsoever to overcome my fear and dread of writing. NOTHING!!!

In high school, you must write. Whether you like to admit it or not, everything a high school student writes sounds stupid. Therefore, you must do the equivalent of running around campus sporting a DUNCE CAP! And in college, you have to write more and more and NO ONE, no one excluding the professor will ever read or enjoy your labors. And supposedly, writing is ABSOLUTELY VITAL for the rest of your miserable human life. AFTER you escape all forms of school, after you've wasted a portion of your non-wrinkled & non-helpless lifespan, you must write more. Why don't we all just surgically attach a typewriter to our obesely expanding guts. Human beings did NOT evolve to be jammed in a chair, overloaded with processed food, and, while being a pathetic other-worldly fatass, also be equipped with a DECENTLY INTELLIGENT BRAIN!!! Some of us get bored easy and cannot think while sitting constantly scarfing down Ho-Hos and cannot spew out a college essay while the mind is numbed with chronically fatal boredom. I could go on forever but would drift too far off-topic.

Writer's Block 2

To be short and sweet about it, I can't seem to write a damned thing except for the reason of why I am angry. There are many things I need to write for many different people, and all of which must be a few paragraphs long in length. Also, I am rather pissed off that some certain individuals think it is quite amusing to wait until I go on a vacation, then do their part of the typing, just so I must type it all on my mother's iphone. That also makes me look like an uneducated dumbass who cannot type faster than an old woman with extreme punctuation errors. I really do wish to do my part, but because my mind and said individuals are not cooperating, I am stuck here, writing this message about my frustrations. Lovely.

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