Goodbye to Harry’s Razors

Good day all. Like most men, I shave every day. I’ve used both regular razors and electric shavers. My beard is on the tough side and I tend to chew through electric razors rather quickly, so I’ve been using the old fashioned manual razors for quite a while now.

Many years ago I heard about Harry’s Razors. I looked them over and they were reasonably priced, so I joined the service. I never gave much thought about them or their corporate stance on things, until recently. Last week, I was on YouTube watching something when I found out about a new service coming online called Jeremy’s Razors. Being curious, I watched the announcement. I left, I cried, I laughed some more and then I got angry. Here is what I saw.

I detest woke businesses. They are a boil on the butt of humanity. When I want to purchase goods or services, I want those goods and/or services. I don’t want to be slammed in the face with Politically Correct Woke crap. I just received my usual subscription of razors from Harry’s. I won’t be receiving any more. I’ve canceled my subscription after nearly 2 decades and have signed up with Jeremy’s Razors instead. If you’re just as tired as I am with all this corporate woke crap, and you have a membership with Harry’s, consider dumping them and going with Jeremy’s Razors instead. (Anger Central does NOT receive any remuneration from Jeremy’s Razors…darn it!)


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