Kalifornistan County announces they will no longer do daytime patrols

Good day all. Kalifornistan is arguably, the worst run state in the Union. People and businesses that can flee are leaving in droves. So many have left, Kalifornistan lost a house seat.

One of the problems is crime. It’s out of control and getting worse. Now for one county, the police have announced that the citizens are basically on their own. Here are the details from the Post Millennial:

“Beginning November 20, 2022, the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office will suspend day-time patrol services to its designated areas of responsibility within Tehama County. This added reduction of services is necessary to manage a catastrophic staffing shortage throughout the agency.”

A county in California with one of the highest crime rates in the United States is suspending all its daytime patrols due to a “catastrophic staffing shortage.”

Tehama County, approximately 120 miles north of the state capital Sacramento, is ending the patrols because staff keep leaving and because salaries are comparatively low, according to a press release from the county Sheriff’s Office.

I’m sure the salary problem is real, but you also have all the state garbage coming down that basically strips the police of the tools they need to protect their citizens from the criminal element.

There are concerns that this move could exacerbate the county’s already massive crime rate, which is already significantly higher than the national average.

According to the article, Tehama County’s violent crime rate is 97% higher then the national average, and that average also includes cities like Chicago and New York. One of the major reasons for the shortage of officers is pay. It’s significantly lower then what officer make in other counties. The other problem is that they have to staff the courts and jails.

In recent years, deputies have been needed to fill vacancies in county courts and jails. According to the sheriff’s office, “this unfortunate, but necessary restructuring has left the operations division with insufficient staff to sustain 24-hour patrol services.”

The county is talking with the Kalifornistan Highway Patrol, (Their state police) to provide coverage, but lets face it. It won’t be enough. I don’t know what the crime situation is in the county, or how things work there. However, with the State government doing everything it can to protect criminals and punish the average citizen, I don’t see how anything will get better.

The answer is making sure the average citizen has the means to defend him/herself, their families, their neighbors and their businesses. This is something the ruling elites Sacramento will not permit. I don’t know how the people of that county vote, but if they supported the Democrats, then they are reaping the results. The day may be coming when Kalifornistan just flat out implodes completely. Tehama County my be the first spark.


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