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Hoovernose’s Art Dealer working for the Chinese Communists?

Good day all. A few months ago, we learned that the Fake President’s crackhead of a son, Hoovernose Biden, was selling his Paint by Numbers “art” for major money to undisclosed buyers. There have been accusations that this was just another “Pay to play” scheme by the Bidens and was being used by the People’s Republic of China to buy influence.

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It doesn’t just rain, it pours for Kim Gardner

Good day all. When we last heard about the St. Louis City Attorney, Kim Gardner, she had just been removed from the case she brought against the McCloskeys. There are several investigations into her activities and now she’s being accused of Dereliction of Duty.

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Cuban people to be free! Not according to the Democrats

Good day all. A couple of weeks ago, the Cuban people began protesting the communist government, demanding an end to the tyranny they have been living under for three generations. Most people in the United States began cheering them on. One group didn’t.

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Trump: I Stand with the Cuban People

Good day all. A couple of weeks ago, the people of Cuba finally had enough of their rulers and took to the streets. They were met with the usual tools of any communist regime when dealing with unhappy serfs. Beatings and automatic weapons fire. We also have been watching the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis tie themselves into knots trying to not criticize the Cuban Regime.

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