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Biden says “We can avoid a recession.” People think we’re already in one

Good day all. If you’re like everyone else with four functioning brain cells, (Which lets out all liberals, they only have 2 functioning brain cells), then you know that the economy has imploded since Bumbles Dementia Biden usurped the office of President of the United States. President* Dementia is now saying “Don’t worry! We aren’t going to have a recession.”

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Biden’s War on Women

Good day all. Up until recently, people have been blaming Biden and his maladministration for all the problems we’re now experiencing as his being utterly incompetent. While there is little doubt that they are incompetent, there are things that now look like plain old fashioned malice.

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Biden finally makes it to the top of the charts!

Good day all. Joe Bumbles Dementia Biden has finally made it to number one! It took a couple of years and hard work, but he has succeeded in becoming The Most Unpopular President EVER!

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After devastating the oil industry, Biden threatens them if they don’t produce more oil

Good day all. Now that gas prices have hit $5 a gallon, President Bumbles Dementia is beginning to realize that the midterm elections might not go in the way he expected. This is hardly surprising, considering that Joe Dementia has been working to shut down oil production in the United States.

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