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Dementia Joe actually DOES have egg on his face

Good day all. If this is a day with the letter “D” in it, the Fake President has once again made a complete fool of himself. He has a habit of doing something that, figuratively speaking, leaves him with egg on his face. This time, he was handed a note during a zoom meeting informing His Senileness that he actually DID have Egg on his face.

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Trump: I Stand with the Cuban People

Good day all. A couple of weeks ago, the people of Cuba finally had enough of their rulers and took to the streets. They were met with the usual tools of any communist regime when dealing with unhappy serfs. Beatings and automatic weapons fire. We also have been watching the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis tie themselves into knots trying to not criticize the Cuban Regime.

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Dementia Joe announces he had his butt wiped

Good day all. I was rather surprised when I saw this little gem running around without supervision on the Internet. It appears that Dementia Joe, demonstrating his rapidly declining mental state, announced that he had his butt wiped.

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Surprising no one, Dementia Joe’s DoJ drops investigations into Covid murders

Good day all When the Great Panicdemic of 2020 began, there were a few groups of people who were at real risk if they caught the China Virus. Those with weakened immune systems or other preexisting conditions that made them more susceptible to a virus. Another group that was at risk were the elderly.

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