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CDC admits that natural immunity is superior to Vaxx

Good day all. When the Omicron variant of the Fauci paid for China Virus was identified in South Africa, the usual suspects began preparing to lock down the planet again. Then information came out again from South Africa that the variant was so mild, a lot of people didn’t even know they were sick.

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The National School Boards Association is rapidly disassociating

Good day all. A few months ago, the story broke regarding a letter sent to the Department of (In)Justice asking for federal agents to investigate the terroristic actions of parents at School board meetings. That fiasco detonated in the faces of the Maladministration, and is continuing to detonate to this day.

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Schumer Admits the truth on ending the filibuster

Good day all. Senator Charles “UpChuck” Schumer has been trying to pass the “Democrat Single Party State Act” to strip control of elections from the States and hand it to the Progressive Washington Bureaucrats. (Never mind the constitutional issues with this thing). Schumer has been stopped by the Republicans who see this for what it is. A straight forward power grab by the Democrat Party. They have been using the filibuster to keep this disaster from passing.

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Corrupt former Deputy FBI director wants all conservatives rounded up

Good day all. When the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump, took office in 2017, a cabal of Deep State operatives began what amounted to a coup attempt against him. One of these criminals was the Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe.

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