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Supreme Court upholds 2nd Amendment. Liberals go insane

Good day all. The long awaited decision regarding New York’s outright ban of the 2nd Amendment, (Only slightly hyperbole here), has been released, and it has ruled in favor of the Constitution and the American people and against the leftist progressives Democrats. In response, they are going absolutely nuts.

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Obama flack claims that Conservative media outguns Liberal media

Good day all. Recently one of the Obama minions published a new book extolling the virtues of one of the worst president in American history, Barack Obama.

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After devastating the oil industry, Biden threatens them if they don’t produce more oil

Good day all. Now that gas prices have hit $5 a gallon, President Bumbles Dementia is beginning to realize that the midterm elections might not go in the way he expected. This is hardly surprising, considering that Joe Dementia has been working to shut down oil production in the United States.

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The SS Biden is slowly sinking. Now underwater in Massachusetts

Good day all. President* Joe Bumbles Dementia Biden has surpassed Jimmy Carter as the worst President in the last 150 years. He’s passed Obama as the worst president. He is rapidly closing in on James Buchanan, who’s actions helped bring about the Civil War. Still, he does have some support, mostly along the east and left coasts.

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