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Surprising no one, 9th Circus bans 2nd Amendment…Again

Good day all about a month ago, US District Court judge Roger Benitez overturned Kalifornistan’s 30 year ban on rifles and other firearms stating that the law was flat out unconstitutional. He also knew that Kalifornistan would appeal to the 9th Circus and stayed his ruling for 30 days. He also knew what the 9th Circus would do.

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Fake President targets Conservatives, others as terrorists

Good day all. Dementia Joe’s handlers have started taking steps to make anyone that disagrees with “The Government” an enemy of the state and a domestic terrorist. This will include Caucasians, Constitutionalists, Trump Supporters and anyone who dislikes government control.

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States moving to strip power away from Health Agencies

Good day all. One of the things that the Great Panicdemic of 2020 showed people was just how much power that state and federal health departments had assumed. On the federal level, the Centers for Disease Control issued an order blocking evictions for nonpayment of rent.

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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse accuses Constitutionalist Justices of being evil

Good day all. Most people haven’t heard of the Hard left progressive Democratic CommuNazi senator allegedly representing Rhode Island, Sheldon Whitehouse. No surprise there, since he is a small mind from the smallest state in the union.

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