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New York Slimes refers to the word “Freedom” as anti-Government slogan

Good day all. For over 60 years, Cuba has been under the thumb of a Communist dictatorship. With few exceptions, Progressive Liberal Democrats have backed the Communists and Fidel Castro as he crushed any and all freedom in Cuba.

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Cubans rioting against Communism. Democrats nowhere to be found

Good day all. Now that Fidel Castro is safely dead and his brother is all but out of the picture, the Cuban people are growing rather restless Sunday, July 11th, They made their restlessness known rather loudly. They started rioting.

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Fake President appoints anti-American Racists to State Dept.

Good day all. The disaster known as the Biden Maladministration continues. With the competent administration of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo concluded, the Progressive. Globalist elites in the State Department are back in charge and making up for lost time in selling out the United States to our enemies.

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Alexandria Occasional-Cortex complains GOP using facts against her

Good day all. Alexandria Occasional-Cortex is one of the dumber members of the house of Representatives. She is also a spoiled, underprivileged brat who wants to force communism on Americans. She is once again pushing her “Green New Deal” of Socialist Totalitarianism claiming it’s for the “Common Good.”

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