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What the Heck is this “Replacement Theory” nonsense?

Good day all. A couple of weeks ago, some two legged walking piece of debris shot up a supermarket and murdered about a dozen innocent people. One retired police officer moonlighting as a security guard returned fire, however the scumbag was wearing plate armor and the bullet never penetrated. The guard was one of the casualties sadly.

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Biden sending troops back to Somolia

Good day all. Dementia Joe Biden knows, or at least his handlers know, that everything is quickly turning into a complete pile of manure. President* Bumbles Dementia’s poll numbers have cratered and even the reliable Progressive base is turning on him. So what is an incompetent corrupt fool to do? Start a war of course.

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Lindsey Graham once again showed his true colors. Chatreuse

Good day all. Lindsey Graham is a disgrace to the Senate, to the State of South Carolina, The United States and to the Republican Party. I’ve written before regarding what a two faced slimeball he is I wrote about how he wanted the capitol police to fire on unarmed protesters during the January 6th demonstration.

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Once Again, San Fran Nan shows her inner tyrant

Good day all. Nancy Pelosi is on her second tour as Speaker of the House and it’s about to come to an end just like the last time. With a massive blowout in the midterm elections. Pelosi, has a pretty good idea that she’s done come January 2023, so she is trying to destroy as many of her enemies as she can.

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