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The CDC LIED! LIED!! about masks outside

Good day all. Well, well, well, it looks like the CDC has been caught with their gloved hands in the cookie jar. It seems that their claim that the odds of catching the Kung Flu while outside at about 10% is not entirely…accurate.

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Democrats idea of bipartisanship? Ignore Republicans

Good day all. The Democrat Party, know more accurately called the Democratic CommuNazi party, or just the CommuNazis, have always demanded that the Republicans confer with them when the CommuNazis were in the minority. Now that they are in the majority? Not so much.

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Fake President blames Great President for not planning for illegal stampede

Good day all. The Fake President’s border disaster continues. His “Hand Picked, well equipped to handle this” choice to fix the issues he caused, Vice president Blow Job, is no where to be found. With the mobs storming the border, facilities to hold them have filled up. Being the typical Progressive Liberal Swamp creature that he, Dementia Joe is saying this is President Trump’s fault.

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Are Ketchup Boi Kerry’s political days numbered?

Good day all. With everything else that’s been going on, Iran’s chief source of intelligence, John Forbes “Ketchup Boi” Kerry’s spying for them as slipped off the news. Of course, that is the plan, send anything negative about Ketchup Boi down the memory hole.

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