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Democrats plan to cut taxes for the rich, soak everyone else

Good day all. The Democrats have always claimed they wanted to “Soak the rich” and “Tax them into oblivion.” Several of them actually want to do this of course. What usually happens is that the Communazis cut taxes for their wealthy benefactors and raise them on everyone else.

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CBS recommend hors d’oeurves in the garage

Good day all. As we gather together to devour assorted meats and vegetables, we should remember those who are to stupid to breathe unassisted, such as the morons at CBS.

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Moonbat Professor wants Biden to declare war on GOP

Good day all. I was perusing Faceplant when one of my favorite, bestest authors, Tom Kratman, posted something about how he was now ashamed that he attended Boston College. Why would such a Noted Author of such tomes as the Romanov Rescue say this?

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Yes, Covid-19 does kill. Not the actual virus though, just the idiocy surrounding it

Good day all. This tragic story is coming out of the People’s Republic of Seattle. A 13 year old boy had to watch his father die, even though he called 911 because the city’s idiotic vaccination policies have caused a massive shortage of trained personnel.

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