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Iran plotting to assassinate John Bolton

Good day all. President Bumbles Dementia and the entire maladministration is desperate to make a deal with Iran. Any deal will do, even one that give Iran everything they want and more. However, Iran is still enraged over President Trump and his administration blowing away Qassem Soleimani, and they want revenge.

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Iran fires on United States consulate

Good day all. This is a breaking story, so, as usual, the 72 hour rule is in effect. As the Worst President in American History is preparing to hand the Iranians everything they could possibly want, and more, someone in Iran decided that this would be a great time to fire missiles into Iraq, targeting the American consulate.

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Pooftah Lindsey Graham wants to assassinate Putin

Good day all. As the war in the Ukraine grinds on, many companies and nations have started sanctioning Russia to punish them for being thuggish invaders. Senator Lindsey Graham, (RINO-Squish) trying to show that really, he is very manly, announced that Putin should be assassinated.

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Biden not really interested in Sanctions on Russia it seems

Good day all. Since Vladimir Putin invaded the Ukraine, people around the world have been demanding that their governments enact economic sanctions on Russia, Putin and the Russian oligarchs. The Bumbles Dementia maladministration has been rather reticent in enacting sanctions that would really hit Russia, namely ending imports of Russian oil.

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