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Numbnuts Newsom Intends to maintain absolute rule

Good day all. Now that the whole scheme to panic America into surrendering their constitutional rights is falling apart, many states are ending their use of emergency powers. (Or in some cases, having them stripped away by the courts) There are a couple of exceptions to this. Covno Gruesome Gavin Newsom has no intention of giving up his powers.

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Twitler declares access to them is a human right, Conservatives laugh at them

Good day all. Over the last year we have seen just how bad Big Tech has become, and a true threat to the American way of life. They banned the President of the United States because he said things they didn’t like, yet continue to allow real terrorists on their platforms.

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Washington ComPost: Birds are RACIST!!

Good day all. Did you know that birds are racist? Apparently, so. If you also like to watch birds, (Or paint dry), that is also racist. Even the names of birds is racist according to one Darryl Fears.

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First he screwed the pipeline workers, now Biden sticks it to the Miners

Good day all. During the 2020 election, most of the unions came out in support of the senile pedophile, in many cases, going against the wishes of their own union members. No sooner had the Fake President been sworn in, then he killed 10,000+ jobs, many of them union jobs when he stopped construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

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