You know what pisses me off? Courtesy in forums. While I understand that Children get on forums who are going to cry to mommy, I think we've gotten a little bit over-fucking-protective about forums just because one guy happened to commit suicide.

First, I hate how I can't be frank because "insults aren't allowed", so you mean to tell me I can't tell someone the truth about how FUCKING STUPID they are?

Second I hate how moderators catch on to memes and 'net abbreviations. Namely GTFO (get the fuck out) because it's considered "trolling"

That's another thing, people misuse that fucking word too much. Especially when in an argument, acting as though their ideals should never be challenged.

Not saying this should apply for ALL forums but as a man who generally hates people, I say forums should be about honesty, not pretending to live in Sunshine Land where everyone's shit smells like daisies and retard's drool on your head is like a trickle of honey.


Forum Members 2

Alright, so this rant is aimed at a particular forum I I'm gonna start it off real quick-like.

You fucking people on this forum, and if you happen to stumble across this, you know who you fucking are. You guys need to get over yourselves. You're no better than anyone, I'm no better than anyone, nobody is better than anyone else. Everybody's contribution is equal, and therefore, you have NO FUCKING RIGHT to talk down to others.

The mods have an EXTREME fucking superiority complex, they're constantly on a power trip. They ban and mute, ban and mute, all the time. You never get applauded for doing something good, but you can damn well bet if you step out of line for even a second, your ass is getting banned. Fuck the mods, they never come to discuss or actually CONTRIBUTE to the fucking community, they only come to terrorize the members and ban those who they don't like for the smallest infraction. Fuck that shit, I'm sick of it.

With all the elitist bullshit, straight out dumbassery, power-tripping mods who make Hitler look like a fair leader, and the worst drama problem I think I've ever seen on a forum...

Fuck that. Just being around these assholes brings my piss to a boil, and I fear I may lose the few braincells I still have if I frequent their bullshit forum any longer.

Thanks to for letting everyone rant, not only does it get frustrations out, but it also brings me some laughs when I see that others are going through the same shit

*Note from Anger Central
You're welcome.
We do have forums, but they're over on the blog, not that anyone actually has signed up or posted over there. Since no one posts, we haven't really looked into how we would moderate anything.

Forum dumbasses 3

I belong to an internet forum. Conversations are great, until three of these members get around to condemning everybody and disapproving of everybody's posts. They are really annoying. Everybody gets along and conversations are great until the three forum assholes derail the threads with their disapproving comments. Replying with these losers causes them to complain about your character for a day or two, until they go back to inactivity for a while until they decide to bitch about somebody else's post. Fuck them for being losers. If I were a moderator, I'd ban all three of them immediately.

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