Ash my manager

I'm pissed at Ash that foreign SOB that thinks he can tell everyone how to do their job ,because he thinks that he's God. He doesn't know the most efficient way to do ANYTHING! That Bipolar SOB sucks! Do what you were hired to do MANAGE! and if things are going fine there's no need to correct them now is there idiot! Then at the end of the night when i'm told that i've done a great job in your own frickin form of english it doesn't mean much after you've berated the entire staff with insults all night. You're just the bar manager! And don't you think everyone see's right through all your crap when you act entirely different when the general manager is around! Nobody likes you! We pretend we do because you rule with fear, kinda like Saddam Hussein and we all know what happened to him! You're a JACKASS!!!

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