backstabbing bitches

I work with this boss that is such a bitch! If you don't kiss her ass or cater to her she treats you like crap. Lets also add she has these cronies who follow her around just so they can get what ever they want. I was made assistant manager and a month later, I quit. Why? According to her, she stated that my co-workers said I would go in the office when they were busy. Supposedly I was also waving money bags around, while on my way to get change or make a deposit. Oh please!!! I do more work in that shop than everyone else, the register doesn't lie! It keeps track of everyone's' transactions. Apparently one of the bosses cronies wanted my job. She is going to think about taking over as asst. manager. Why doesn't she just say she's going to do it? I've worked in that shop for four years...I'm tired of being so damn dependable and get treated like s***, yet the others who take days off, come in late, and get mouthy with the boss are treated fair! What kind of crap is that??? Gosh! It aggravates me to no end! One day they'll ALL get their payback. What comes around goes around...and theirs is going to be a big one!

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